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5 Life Hacks: How to Become an Instagram Brand

In the first place, people use Instagram for viewing beautiful photos and vibrant events. This network is very sensitive to all changes in followers' mood and makes them “happy” with the innovations every day. In fact, the user has to become an Instagram post generator to stay afloat and receive their likes and views. As practice shows, Instagram post ideas can be found everywhere if the account is devoted to a specific topic.


  • Subject of the account
  • Stability is a sign of mastery
  • Relevance is everything
  • A photographer for yourself
  • Follow me

5 Life Hacks: How to Become an Instagram Brand

Subject of the account

Two categories of people hang out on Instagram: bloggers and their “viewers”. The former actively work on their pages, attracting new followers and earning, the latter monitor them closely.

Any blogger, no matter, having either 1.5 thousand people on his page or 25 thousand, has their own theme, that they bite into like the captain Barbossa into the apple. Most often, it is their offline occupation or hobby. Like, for example, the page of the thirty-three-year-old composer, performer, dancer and producer Bruno Mars @brunomars with 22 million followers.

The trick is that any "viewer" can easily become a cool blogger, as soon as they start telling about their hobby boldly and maintain an account competently.

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Stability is a sign of mastery

The main rule of a real blogger is “one day - one post”; more is possible, but less no way. You cannot lose the attention of followers for a minute, because there are many interesting profiles, and followers are starving for news.

  • Rule № 1

Make it a rule to upload one post every day at the same time. If there are a lot of interesting events happening during the day, then 2-3 posts. However, do not overzealous. The result of dozens of photos with the “new arrival of clothes” or tons of manicured nails will receive mass unfollowing.

  • Rule № 2

The success of the post depends on the chosen time. You need to constantly monitor the activity of followers, watch when they visit the page most often, put likes and leave comments. If the activity is higher in the morning, then the news should appear in the morning. Some people stay on Instagram later in the evening, then the posting time should be moved to the evening.

Relevance is everything

Gathering the interested audience, you should constantly warm it up with "hot" news on a specific topic. On the page on healthy nutrition, the topic of nutrition should be there in 50-70% posts: recipes of healthy dishes, stories of famous people, comments of doctors, your own observations. And 30% should be given to yourself, so that the audience knows the owner of the page "in person" and likes them.

It is great if your information is unique in content. If there is plagiarism from other people's accounts, then it is better to retell it in your own words. Reposts are good for the "viewers", while a real blogger takes good money for advertising other people's pages.

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5 Life Hacks: How to Become an Instagram Brand

A photographer for yourself

In the first years of its existence, Instagram basically managed to do without texts, because it was conceived as a network of visual images. Then the restriction was removed, but Instagram still remains a gallery with gorgeous photos in the minds of followers.

While undertaking an activity on Instagram, it is worth learning how to hold a camera in your hands, or a phone at least. Recently, videos and “live” pictures (gifs) have been trending, so this simple art has to be mastered. For the processing of photo materials, the network offers a set of free filters. If they are not enough, the simple photo editors like InShot or Snapseed can help.

Follow me

The newbie bloggers inevitably have two questions: where to get Instagram followers from and how to earn Instagram likes? Well, you have to work on it yourself or invest into it.

  • Option № 1

Diligently, day after day visit other people's accounts, follow, put likes and write comments. Attract attention without forgetting about the Instagram limits: 30 follows / likes / comments per hour. For the reliability, when following, it is better to immediately put 5-6 likes on the last posts; then the owner of the page will definitely pay attention to you in return out of gratitude. It is rather tedious, and the long-awaited activity will not appear soon.

  • Option № 2

Not everyone is ready to be waiting for months until the number of follows is rounded up to a thousand, and the first ten likes are gained within 5 minutes. That is why reliable and inexpensive services like MyInstaPromotion exist there on the Internet. This service provides a hundred or two hundreds of live followers and likes for various social networks for a very reasonable price. It also allows to avoid bans and other troubles.

Many successful Instagram profiles were unknown yesterday. Today, their posts are in the top, and crowds of followers come to their like-times, because it's cool. You will not believe, but they have passed the path you have just learned about. Go for it!

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