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9 Things to Learn from Instamodels

For sure, you have seen photos of the half-naked beauties in the Instagram feed collecting a lot of likes and comments. Many of them are negative, believing that in addition to their attractive appearance, the girls have nothing else. However, if you think about it, a person is a good marketer, because they managed to create a community around themselves thanks to photos only. Therefore, instamodels have a lot to learn from, especially if there is a desire to become one of them and get more likes on Instagram.


  • Who are Instagram models?
  • Marketing tips from instamodels
  • Interacting with other accounts
  • Cross-promotion on other social networks
  • Posting time
  • Posting several times a day
  • Love your followers
  • Communication with the audience
  • Statistics is the main thing
  • Have fun
  • Solve conflicts smartly

9 Things to Learn from Instamodels

Who are Instagram models?

What is an Instagram model? If you are not familiar with this term yet, let’s first explain who they are. The Instagram model is a girl with an attractive appearance and a slim figure who has a page on Instagram. In the photos they appear in the role of a regular model, posing in front of the camera nicely dressed or half-naked. They also show their ordinary life. Most beauties are actually professional models, only you can watch them via your mobile phone and find out what they wear, where they go, etc.

As for their popularity and how do Instagram models make money, it is simple. Firstly, they can work for an agency or the agency can notice them thanks to their high-quality photos. Further, the most popular is clothing advertising. With good content, they don’t have to wait for popularity, but the right approach is also necessary here.

Marketing tips from instamodels

Interacting with other accounts

There is such a thing as cross-promotion. You can offer your followers to follow someone else’s account and ask that person to do the same for your audience. Instagram models use this method of promotion quite often. If you post such post once a week, you can significantly increase the number of Instagram followers.

Similar is true about the tags for likes Instagram. This is done like on Twitter, where the popular hashtag "#followfriday" exists. Bloggers use it, offering the people they like to follow them.

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Cross-promotion on other social networks

Most likely you have profiles in other social networks with a certain audience. So why not redirect it, for example, to Instagram? You might have noticed that instamodels have links to other sites or social networks in their profiles. They usually make reposts of the new posts on Instagram. You can act on the same principle.

On other profiles, you may have completely different people who would never have thought of following you on Instagram. Thus, making reposts at other sites, you can redirect the audience where you need to.

Posting time

Instamodels don’t post randomly, because they know that their audience is the least active. Timing is especially important here.

However, you should not use general statistics, you have to use your special tools to analyze your page, choosing the optimal time for posting.

Posting several times a day

It will be difficult to get good engagement with only 1 photo per week is published on the page. Models post 1-3 photos per day, fueling the interest of users. Posts should not be annoying or of poor quality. The main thing is to know what your audience likes and provide the appropriate material.

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9 Things to Learn from Instamodels

Love your followers

Instamodels constantly say that they love their audience and thank for the likes, comments, etc. Often, you can watch contests held by the girls with the gifts, personal meetings, mentions on the account, etc. The condition can be mentioning of the model’s page in the reader’s account. Thanks to this, the beauty will get new followers. The only thing, she needs to offer something valuable to the users - only this will attract to participate in the competition.

Communication with the audience

Most users forget about it, especially after the popularity arrives. Communication with the followers in the comments will delight readers. Mentioning the commentator, for example, on Twitter will cause a lot of emotions and will make him feel more important. Thus, other users will strive to get in his place, will become more active in order to reach the "star".

Statistics is the main thing

You may notice that popular Instagram models do not post their nude photos, as this can cause negative feedback from the followers, who will start unsubscribing. Also, Instagram has the right to block such an account.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to conduct a small analysis of the posts, identifying the best of them. After analyzing the photo, we can see what people like more. Accordingly, in the future to focus on similar material.

Have fun

It sounds weird, but this approach helps girls become more popular. Most people may consider maintaining a page as a duty, but instamodels enjoy it. They mostly do this as a hobby. They like to be on social networks.

Content will become even better if you do it on the principle of "want" rather than "need." In this case, the followers will be drawn to you themselves.

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Solve conflicts smartly

In addition to their fans, Instagram models have no less haters. As a rule, they mostly express their opinion in the comments under the posts. However, this does not mean that one should reply in the same way - it will only kindle the conflict. If the criticism is constructive, it is better to accept these words as admonishing and learn something. In the case of direct insults, just keep silent, so that the fans will be able to intervene for you.

Based on all the described above, we can conclude that Instagram models make quite a big effort to become popular. However, with the right approach, this can be done in a short time. Try using the suggested tips during a month and you will see that the situation on your account changes to the best.

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