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A New Trend on Instagram: How Bloggers Become Ambassadors

When scrolling the Instagram feed, you probably came across the so-called “advertising” posts where the local influencers promote a particular product. If until recently, brands preferred to order advertising from several accounts at once, then today ambassadors are trending in the network. Let’s find out who they are and what they do.


1. Who are ambassadors?

2. Who can become an ambassador?

3. How to choose ambassadors?

3.1. The target audience

3.2. Creative

3.3. Working on criticism

A New Trend on Instagram: How Bloggers Become Ambassadors

Who are ambassadors?

For sure, scrolling the Instagram feed, you saw bright and colorful posts of ladies involved in the promotion of various goods and services: from designer clothes to beauty salons. Having tens (or even hundreds!) of thousands of followers, they share information about brands, share opinions and recommendations about the products. Who are these beauties from the social network? These are brand ambassadors.

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Before we figure out how to become a brand ambassador on Instagram, let’s learn in more detail what is meant by this term. In fact, this is a person selected by a certain organization to promote a brand or a specific product. In some cases, they are hired not only to advertise the product, but also to build a positive brand reputation in the media space. Their key responsibilities include increasing recognition and sales.

If a couple of years ago, only celebrities (actresses, singers, etc.) had a chance to become ambassadors, today ordinary girls from Instagram can easily get this title. Read about the requirements for a potential ambassador below!

Who can become an ambassador?

Working with ambassadors is one of the most relevant advertising formats for working with bloggers today. Among the obvious benefits are:

• the ability to quickly collect an extensive and solvent customer base (in fact, it becomes the target audience of the selected opinion leader);

• increasing trust and loyalty to the branded goods and services;

• growing interest in the products offered;

• big coverage;

• having objective feedback.

Who can become a brand ambassador on Instagram? As practice shows, the preference is given to:

• active and purposeful people who are not used to standing still, are in constant motion (most likely, their life is full of events, and therefore they will be interesting to watch for the ordinary users);

• those who are initially loyal to the brand and are ready to become a part of it;

• those who actively maintain an account, know current trends and trends in SMM, can remain interesting without losing followers;

• those who know how to attract additional traffic (and this does not mean the ability to use specialized services and buy Instagram followers).

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Note that many medium-sized domestic brands are constantly looking for the potential ambassadors. They publish offers for such cooperation at the official sites or in their accounts. Thus, you are free to write to them and offer yourself. The possible pleasant bonuses from such interaction are free gifts in exchange for posts, barter relationship, participation in conferences and exhibitions, and much more.

A New Trend on Instagram: How Bloggers Become Ambassadors

How to choose ambassadors?

The western companies and corporations have been attracting ambassadors for cooperation for more than ten years. Domestic entrepreneurs, however, are just beginning to master such marketing strategies, sometimes making certain mistakes and inaccuracies. However, despite the differences and contradictions, they are united by one very specific task - “How to grow Instagram followers for business with the help of ambassadors?”. For its implementation, all the potential candidates for the title are subjected to rigorous selection, according to the results of which the best ones are selected. What exactly can the brand management pay attention to?

The target audience

Everything is extremely simple and obvious here - the company defines the framework and boundaries of its target audience, and then selects several bloggers who might be of interest to it. Then, through the variety of analytical and research manipulations, the most successful candidate is selected from the total number. An agreement is signed with them, and all the conditions and nuances of cooperation are specified in detail.


Creative concepts come down to choosing the most atypical and non-obvious character as the face of the company. If we are talking about foreign brands, we can give an example when transgender models or plus-size models become ambassadors of underwear.

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Working on criticism

The most obvious example of such a concept is Valentin Petukhov. Managing to establish himself as an objective and impartial observer of digital services, in December last year he became an official ambassador of Sberbank. What did this give to the company? Firstly, it eliminated the possible criticism from an influential opinion leader. Secondly, it allowed to get a certain percentage of viewers and followers as customers. In other words, cooperation has been fruitful in every sense.

Summing up all of the said above, we can note that the trend on ambassadors on Instagram will be relevant for a long time to come. Therefore, if you want to increase the brand awareness and win the trust of potential customers, it's time to use it!

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