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Branded Instagram Content

When scrolling the Instagram feed, you probably came across posts with a tag of a certain brand in the upper right corner. This is the so-called branded advertising content that has captured the social network in recent months. In the article we are trying to understand whether it is effective for increasing recognition and sales.


1. What is branded content?

1.1. Main advantages

1.2. Key disadvantages

2. How to allow branded materials

3. How to tag brands in posts

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Branded Instagram Content: World’s Evil or a Tool for Increasing Sales

What is branded content?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, uniting both ordinary users and top celebrities. Characterized by the most loyal and sensitive audience, it acts as a powerful and effective platform for promotion. So, according to the latest statistics, in just a month of active targeting promotion, a new brand can gather an impressive customer base, increase recognition and gain trust.

A few months ago, most companies, interacting with bloggers, preferred to use native advertising - one that does not catch the eye, looks quite natural. Today, the policy has changed dramatically, and Instagram brand content is trending. What does it look like? In fact, these are the same integrations of opinion leaders and advertisers, but now the official ones. Created in 2017, they stayed in a test mode format for a long time and were available only to a limited number of users. Now, any owner of a business account of the "Author" category can use the option "Sponsorship tags".

Main advantages

Among the obvious advantages of the new features are:

• transparency of relationship (from now on, followers can distinguish the recommendations from advertising);

• increase the degree of trust (knowing that no one is trying to fool them, users become more loyal and perceptive to the targeted content);

• increase the brand awareness (thanks to the button "Paid by partner ...", the followers can easily go to the advertiser's account, follow, leave likes and comments);

• access to the real statistics (for example, data on advertising brand Instagram story ads are stored for fourteen days).

With regard to statistical information, there is one caveat to receive - you can get acquainted with them only through a Facebook page.

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Key disadvantages

If we discuss the minuses, here we can single out one, but a very significant one. A sponsorship tag helps you instantly recognize ads. And in social networks, not everyone is ready for the influence of targeting tools. In fact, by following the author’s account, a person wants to follow their life, get opinions on certain issues, and receive useful tips and advice. However, putting up with advertising is beyond their power. This can work against both the blogger and the advertiser. If the first one gets threatened by a decrease in audience activity and the loss of readers, then the second gets a drop of sales, bad results on the organized advertising campaign, low performance indicators.

The only exception where the sponsorship tags show amazing statistics is in the accounts of the millionaire bloggers. Perhaps the most obvious example is Daniel Wellington’s paid ad post on Kendall Jenner’s page.

However, if you prefer to work with micro influencers, you should say that the content is native and there are no branded buttons. Having understood the key advantages and disadvantages, we suggest moving on to a step-by-step guide on how to how to get brand deals on Instagram and how to gain more likes on Instagram.

How to allow branded materials

To launch sponsorship tags, a brand must perform a number of simple manipulations:

1. Open the settings (three dots in the upper corner).

2. Go to the section “Approval of branded content”.

3. Allow notes from the business partners.

What is noteworthy, if a blogger does not comply with any conditions or does not fulfill obligations, the brand can easily remove the mentioning of their account from the publication. In addition, the tag deviations are allowed.

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Branded Instagram Content: World’s Evil or a Tool for Increasing Sales

How to tag brands in posts

First of all, you need to prepare your own page. In particular, you should transfer it to the category of a business account, and then choose the direction "Author". It is noteworthy that these actions are not available to all users. In case of difficulties, we recommend to write to the management of the social network or simply wait for the next update.

What’s next? An important step is to coordinate the advertising post with the brand. The subsequent cooperation depends on how successfully this process is completed.

Once all formal questions have been settled, open a post or a Story. Tap on the advanced settings button (located in the lower right corner) and select the line “Tag a friend”. It remains only to find the desired brand in the list that opens and tap on it. When all the actions are completed, the advertiser will receive a notification about tagging.

Summing it up, we can conclude that branded content is a very interesting option that should be implemented in the SMM activities. However, one must be extremely careful and accurate with it to prevent any negative manifestations.

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