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Contests or Drawing Attention on Instagram

Contests on Instagram are becoming very popular among many bloggers. And there are no strict frameworks and rules for their creation. How to do a contest on Instagram? Remember, everything is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. These tips will be useful to anyone who wants to keep a blog or learn a little more about Instagram. But do not forget that the most faithful and win-win way to become popular is to cheat Instagram likes.


• Types of contests

• Instagram photo contest

• SFS - “shout out for shout out”

• Tagging a friend in the photo

• Giveaways

• How to advertise contest not only for the followers

• Selecting the winner and possible prizes

• How to avoid unfollowing

• Conclusion

Types of contests

Contests or Drawing Attention on Instagram

Instagram photo contest

Photos should be taken according to certain rules (for example: in your store, salon or cafe; selfie; with a pet, etc.) with a competitive hashtag for quick search. You can also ask the users participating in the competition to follow you.

As a prize, choose whatever is interesting to your target audience or whatever corresponds to the theme of the blog.

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SFS - “shout out for shout out”

SFS is a good way to share interesting profiles and for mutual advertising.

The person taking part in the contest reposts your photo with a small description in their feed. Then you can browse the profiles and publish the ones you like the most. Out of interest, people will follow links and follow you if they wish.

It is most convenient to publish collages with your favorite profiles on the day at the end of SFS or upload them to stories. Do not forget to tell what you like about them.

Tagging a friend in the photo

A condition that helps increase engagement. Requirements for the competition may be similar, but here the follower also notes friends who may also want to participate.


In this contest, but for you, there are other bloggers - sponsors also participate. You give the prize to the winner, and other sponsors do the same. The winner is selected randomly or after completing a task (for example: writing an interesting story, funny video, etc.).

Repost or like

Another possible condition: the participant must share your entry in their profile or just put like to the publication.

In addition, you can ask not to publish your photo, but to repost your post. This is convenient when the choice of the winner is determined randomly.

The list is incomplete, as every day there appears something new and original on the Internet, including Instagram.

If you have a lack of Instagram contest ideas, pay attention to other blogs: what is interesting to people, what gets to the top and attracts attention.

How to advertise contest not only for the followers

The most effective and common way is to order advertising from other bloggers. They will show you and tell nicely about you and your competition. Share the news about the contest in other social networks. If you have a database, you can do an e-mail newsletter. Another way is to write hashtags.

Selecting the winner and possible prizes

Remember that the value of the prize must meet your requirements. The person should want to complete the task or post what you ask in the feed. For a serious and growing business audience, such contests will not work.

The prize, as mentioned earlier, must correspond to the audience by age or interests. If your blog is in the field of “beauty”, then a discount coupon or a set of cosmetics will be an excellent choice.

If you give away something on your subject, you are likely to attract people interested in your company or blog as a whole.

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Options of notifying the winner:

- Writing them in private messages (at the same time, do not forget to warn others that the contest is completed).

- under the new post.

-live streaming.

-story or video with a choice.

To avoid manual calculations, use the services for determining the winner. This can be done for free. This way you can quickly and honestly hold a draw or calculate the results for the main functions of Instagram.

Contests or Drawing Attention on Instagram

How to avoid unfollowing

These are just a couple of tips that might be useful to you and help with blogging:

1. Be active to the maximum. Make a content plan with future posts, tell something about yourself. Try to interest a new audience.

2. Communicate. Respond to comments and questions addressed to direct. Your followers should receive feedback.

In order for the people to stay, they need to be "hooked", force tricks never succeed.


Do not abuse or conduct contests too often. The prize should be suitable to the theme of the blog and be useful to the participants. By attracting new people, you can risk losing everyone who has signed up for a valuable prize. Upon completion, users not interested in the subject of your blog will simply unfollow. A gift does not have to be expensive (for example, budget cosmetics is a nice gift for some people). Be honest with your audience. Specify how exactly a person will receive the prize. The rally must be real. You should not come up with a lot of difficult conditions, it can be a completely simple one-step rally.

There are no strict frameworks or Instagram contest rules, you can always do as it is convenient for you and come up with something new.

These tips will be useful to anyone who wants to have blog or learn a bit more about Instagram.

Upon completion, do not forget to analyze the work done.

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• Determine what percentage of people came to you and what unfollowed. If more people have unfollowed, try to figure it out what you could do wrong.

• Have more Instagram followers become more active after the contest? If not, then analyze why.

Learn from your mistakes, draw conclusions, observe the results. Perhaps you have done everything right and later you will prove this.

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