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Dreaming about a Big Business? Use Instagram!

Entrepreneurship today feels cramped in a limited space of offline locations, and it has confidently used the boundless expanses of the Internet. There is an opinion that if you do not have a business account, it means that you are hopelessly lagging behind, because it is there, in social networks and instant messengers, that the most active clients "live" and the most expensive deals are made. The possibilities are simply incredible here, the main thing is to understand how to use Instagram to promote your business.


• What, where and how (5 steps)

• How to sell here

• Secrets of a successful Instagram business

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Dreaming about a Big Business? Use Instagram!

What, where and how

Having a general idea of ​​the rules of working on Instagram, increasing the number of followers, starting with up to 200-300 people and reviving the page with a dozen photos, you can already think about using Instagram for business. No matter how weird this sounds, the commercial promotion has much in common with the ordinary page with the difference that all the actions are aimed at selling a product or service at the first place.

Let's say, you have a flower shop delivering bouquets around the city; or you sew unique portrait dolls to order; or are preparing students for the exam online. All these could be successful examples of entrepreneurial activity on the Internet. To find customers interested in buying a product / service, you need to work carefully on the visual image of your account.

Step 1

Before visit the page, users see its profile photo and nickname. In order to catch the target audience, the photo and nickname should carry brief basic information about the product: e.g. trucking - cars, needlework - accessories associated with it (needles, threads, hoop). Also, the name should contain information about the company or seller (for example, nickname your_lawyer would be a great idea for the legal services).

Step 2

Getting into the account of interest, visitors, as a rule, study the so-called “profile header”, where there is basic information about the company written in any language. This block consists of the expanded name and description. The main trick is to put key data in a limited number of characters.

Only 30 characters are given for the name, along with spaces, and 150 for the description. Everyone decides for themselves what to write in the header. It is important to remember that in the first minutes when a potential customer visits the page, it is this info that holds them and after the decision about the purchase is made, it helps to contact the seller.

Step 3

The profile photo gallery is, in fact, a showcase of a virtual store, so just “throwing” pictures there is a bad idea. In general, it is better to think over the design style in advance by arranging the photo layout. Since sales are of interest, it means that the product must be presented on the page. But do not forget that Instagram is a world of beautiful photos, and the public has long been used to it. Therefore, it is not enough to take a photo of a trendy bomber on a headless mannequin in the dark corner of the store. The product must be shown to the followers on a beautiful smiling model, so that everyone would like to order it.

Step 4

As many buyers will visit your virtual store as many followers there are on your page. In the best case. But Instagram settings are such that new posts are shown selectively, depending on the activity of the page. The layout is simple: if there are 100 followers on the page, 30 people will see the news. It is logical that with 3000 followers, there will be significantly more views. The question arises: how to get Instagram followers for business?

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Step 5

There are several ways to attract the audience. It is simple, free, and very slow to add followers manually. Frankly speaking, the procedure is tedious; it consists of visiting pages of strangers, following them and patiently waiting for the same in response. Or they might not follow you. And also there are limits on the "followers-hours", breaking them accidentally you can easily and permanently get into the ban. Therefore, many business pages prefer buying Instagram followers to the independent work. Reliable services such as Myinstapromotion are guaranteed to bring the right TA, and will do it quickly and inexpensively.

Dreaming about a Big Business? Use Instagram!

How to sell here?

It’s not the first year that Instagram has been interacting with business, during this time there appeared many interesting showcases that help to successfully sell almost any product. Like times, giveaways, Instagram stories for business play a huge role, as they increase views, attract new followers, and help advertise the page for free.

Setting up a full-fledged business account is done through Facebook, and although this is not for the faint of heart, it gives a good end result. In such an account, you can track statistics of visits, activity peaks and “dead” hours, run advertising campaigns. Analytics, in its turn, allows to objectively estimate whether a virtual business works well or not, to adjust the promotion.

The functionality of Instagram business allows to correspond with customers, do UTP mailings, and monitor requests. Its capabilities are so great that an increasing number of entrepreneurs prefer to conduct their business only on the Internet, leaving the high-cost niche of “live” sales.

Secrets of a successful Instagram business

Almost one third of all Instagram users are conducting, or at least trying to run their own business. There are many examples of successful accounts with dozens and hundreds of followers, and often sales are made in Direct or in comments under the fresh posts, orders for the new purchases are also formed there. And the best part is that anyone can do it.

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There are not so many secrets here. Patience, stability and skillful use of Instagram tools over time will turn a regular user page into a cool brand online store with the high activity of regular customers. The main idea is to understand that the promotion of an online business takes a lot of time and the result will be delayed. Therefore, do not give up if in the first week no one visits you; act, develop activity, introduce new ideas. The success of your business on Instagram is 100% dependent on how much you believe in it.

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