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Having a Microblog on Instagram

Microblogging is the best way to promote yourself online. To maintain it, it is enough to register an Instagram account and regularly post interesting material. How to do it right? Follow our tips.


  • Microblogging on Instagram
  • How to keep a personal blog
  • What to write in a microblog
  • What posts to use?
  • Conclusion

What is a microblog? Unlike a full-fledged blog, this format of material presentation has several advantages that can be used for your own purposes. Its main advantage is brevity and conciseness. Which makes it possible to save time and get better interaction with the readers. After all, they will be more likely to read your material, if it does not take them a lot of time. But the main advantage of microblogging is that it can be used with the help of the third-party services. For example, Instagram. There is no need to rent a hosting, upload a blog platform there and configure it for yourself.

Having a Microblog on Instagram

Microblogging on Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social network. But in addition to the entertaining content and chatting with friends, this platform makes it possible to create a microblog that can be used for the commercial purposes. For example, to send out information about their services and products. A personal blog on Instagram opens up the possibility of expressing thoughts and promoting one’s expertise on any topic. At the moment, the number of “live” Instagram audience has exceeded 1 billion people. They can become your partners or customers.

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Everyone who maintains their account on this social network for the general public, not just for their friends, is called a blogger. Bloggers create content interesting to the public. The more followers they have, the more benefits they can get. You can promote your account in order to promote your products or to create an advertising platform and make money on it.

How to keep a personal blog

We will share our Instagram blog tips about the proper blog design. A user who has decided to follow you should understand why they need it. Therefore, be sure to write what you are doing in the description of the page. Even if the blog is not commercial, pay attention to this anyway. After all, this way you can find friends by interests.

If you are planning a blog for promotion of your services or sell products, you can choose one of two account options:

• personal;

• business.

For a business account, it is more appropriate to create a second type of blog. This will expand the standard opportunities and will attract bigger target audience. Of the advantages of a commercial blog on Instagram, there are:

• There is a button for communication.

• Access to the advanced statistics.

It is also worth noting that the business profile is more credible.

What to write in a microblog

If you want to promote your blog on the social network Instagram, then you need to determine its content. Just by publishing beautiful photos, success does not work out. It is important to make a content plan and follow it.

Add new posts regularly. You need 1-2 posts per day. For example, in the morning and in the evening. If you publish posts more often, this will not bring the desired effect. To improve the visual appearance, you should keep your page in a single style.

If the account is created for the subsequent sale of advertising, then do not write about everything in the world. Such profiles are of little value. Find a topic close to you and create posts within it. But you need to really understand the subject, followers quickly recognize the lie.

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Popular Instagram topics:

• beauty;

• healthy lifestyle;

• sport;

• proper nutrition;

• travels.

But if you choose a popular theme, then you will have many competitors. Therefore, think twice before starting to work where there is high competition.

What posts to use?

All posts on Instagram can be divided into:

• Entertaining.

• Educational.

• Selling.

Depending on the subject of the account, the percentage of posts of one direction or another is selected. But in any case, the number of sellers should not be more than 50%. Most often, bloggers use 25% of the selling posts, and the rest is divided into entertainment and educational ones. If you have an entertainment account, then the percentage of such posts can be increased.

The most popular entertainment posts on Instagram are:

• Polls.

• Contests.

• Humor.

• Various collections.

• Quotes and aphorisms.

They will help you get the number of likes you need to promote.

For the business accounts, using the training content is a very good topic. If you are selling a service, show how to use it. On the one hand, you show it from the inside, and on the other, you prove that you are an expert in your field.

Having a Microblog on Instagram

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Another educational type of content is master classes. They work well if you sell goods. Make a series of training posts where your products will participate.

Great tips and instructions for the business accounts. Publish news from your business regularly and answer followers' questions. This will help you upgrade your profile and achieve the desired success.

Sales posts should be targeted to your target audience. If you don’t know what to write about, look at the accounts of competitors and it will become clear right away.


When blogging, you need to know how to get likes and followers on Instagram. If you want to succeed, you need original and interesting content. Put yourself in the place of your followers. Will they be interested in another post? If so, feel free to post and wait for the effect. Over time, it will be possible to do account promotion through advertising and special services.

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