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How to Become a Popular Instagram Blogger

Where to start after registering on Instagram? How to make an account well known for the hundreds of users? How to become a top blogger? If you think about these issues, then it's time to make your dream come true. In order to become a successful social network blogger you need not that much effort, just start. It is enough to have an idea for a start and understand the principle of work with the Internet platform, after which the likes for Instagram photos will be constantly growing alongside the popularity.


• Where to start;

• Business account and its advantages;

• The order of posts and their style;

• Mutual assistance;

• Extra-budgetary development;

• Contests for the followers;

• Targeted advertising;

• Paid advertising with bloggers;

• Conclusion.

How to Become a Popular Instagram Blogger

Where to start

For the first users of the network who have decided to try themselves as bloggers, it was difficult to determine the idea for their channels in order to attract regular followers. However, you can find it by analyzing your occupation and your environment.

Do you cross stitch beautifully? Do you sing or dance? Or do you read / write poetry well? Any activity can be made a basis for the initial work with the channel. Photos, video tutorials, or a story from your life with humor is a niche that will always be popular.

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Instagram offers accounts of personalities popular on the network, if they are often searched for in the search engine, there is a stream of followers and likes. When starting work, you need to rely on this rule and look at the flow of your followers. Fake followers Instagram are a great way to get to the top of the system, after which users will see the account on the network themselves and start joining it.

After the latest Instagram updates, you can follow the popular hashtags. For example: #cats. At this request there will be a selection of posts about cats, kittens and interesting stories with them. The platform itself allows to take no more than 30 references at a time, but using all 30 is not necessary. It is enough to select 3-10 hashtags most suitable for the style of the post. It is also advisable not to set Instagram hashtags for followers having less than 11 thousand and more than 1 million mentions.

Business account and its advantages

A business account on Instagram is an advanced opportunity for the bloggers. This feature allows to determine what stories are more popular, which gender put likes to posts, at what time more likes are put. This knowledge will improve the demand for the account and help achieve your goal.

To connect a business account, you need to go to the settings, tap "Account" and convert your account into a business one. It is also advisable to link your page to Facebook.

The order of posts and their style

After you have chosen a topic to start your blogging journey and a circle of fans is determined, you can start thinking about your behavior in your account.

The human eye is pleased to perceive colors matching each other or having the same tonality. If you decide to interest your users with a photo or video, think about its visual design.

It is recommended to use a gradient circle in posts using complementary colors (opposite to each other). If the account is designed in one style, then it will be perceived in a different way, more pleasantly. It is also better to use same filter and photo editing settings so that the posts do not differ in sharpness and contrast.

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How to Become a Popular Instagram Blogger

If sections and various topics have appeared in your account, then it's high time to watch their order. For the young projects, it’s best to start with 2-3 headings relevant to the channel’s theme and can be developed continuously. For example, the subject of family and kids can be supplemented with tips, stories or interesting texts.

In future, the old headings can be removed and replaced by the new ones. Be sure to put a hashtag under the heading so that followers can find the post they need faster.

Another very important criterion for the established work is the constantly updated information in the account. Millions of Instagram users update the news feed 4-5 times a day on average. If posts on the channel do not appear at least once during this period, then there is a risk of losing the regular audience.

If there is no topic for a new blog post, you can dilute the account with a photo of yourself, your animals, a daily story, or in any other way. The lifestyle bloggers are also accepted really great by the users.

Mutual assistance

For a newbie blogger, getting support from a colleague is a stepping stone to success. Typically, to maintain constant activity on the channel, bloggers look for people on the network who are also starting their career. The mutual PR allows to write each other mutual comments, put likes or recommend someone else’s account on your page. Initial assistance will be the starting point for regular site ranking.

Extra-budgetary development

Developing a channel for money is a risky but reliable way to gain activity in your account. The main condition for such investments may be the confidence that the posts will be interesting to the followers even after spending money.

Contests for the followers

A popular Instagram contest 2018-2019 from the bloggers was the one for a Gelandewagen. Users gained new fans and feedback on posts thanks to the active participation of followers in the competition.

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A prize might be not that expensive, but still it will be nice to win it. For example, gift baskets, cash prizes, movie tickets, coupons, or your personal work. The conditions for participation in the contest can be different: reposts, comments, likes on posts or the original story about a blogger in Stories.

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising allows users to find a blog account by queries on their interests. If you pay for the advertising of your channel, then it will appear in the recommendations, after this the number of followers will increase.

Paid advertising with bloggers

Mutual assistance in the media sphere is an important thing, but it does not always happen on the basis of enthusiasm and altruism. Popular bloggers who already have their own personal database of followers take to advertise the newbie users they see potential in. Of course, they have to pay for the help.

If you decide to try yourself as a blogger, then do not get scared of difficulties. The creative profession will allow to develop and put posts on the flow after a few months of work. For a novice blogger, it’s always important to find a topic for the posts, then start designing them correctly and adjust entries for the target audience. The hardest part is to start.

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