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How to Become a Popular Instagram Blogger and Earn Well

There are several ways to become a popular blogger. One of them is to have an Instagram account. It is enough to publish interesting posts regularly and increase your audience. Today, this method of communication with users allows to get a good income. The main thing is that your Instagram is interesting and attracts followers. The more of them, the more interesting your account will be for the advertisers. In this article we will explain how to get more Instagram followers.


  • Having a blog
  • Popular Instagram topics
  • Blog entries
  • Promotion of Instagram account
  • How to become popular
  • What to write in the blog
  • Interacting with your audience
  • Conclusion

How to Become a Popular Instagram Blogger and Earn Well

Having a blog

The first question to ask yourself before creating a blog is its topic. What will your account tell about? As the practice shows, blogs about everything do not have such popularity as narrow specialized accounts. This statement does not apply to those who are already famous on Instagram. Their fans will “forgive” any posts.

Popular Instagram topics

If you would like to become famous or promote your account in a commercial niche due to the Instagram blogging, you should be an expert in this field. Do you sell leather accessories? Tell about your production, post the creative process of inventing a design and turning it into a beautiful belt or purse by your own efforts. Your followers will be interested. Your blog will be promoted by means of "word of mouth".

Not engaged into the production of goods or services? It does not matter, here is a list of topics that will be very popular on Instagram for some time:

  • Fitness and healthy lifestyle
  • Cosmetics and skin care
  • Self-development and self-education
  • Internet business
  • Travel and lifestyle

Do not forget about the entertainment. Funny jokes, funny videos and photos will always be a success. And in order not to repeat what already exists in this social network, try to show the obvious things from a different angle.

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Blog entries

Come up with a few headings for your blog. This will help reach a large audience within the chosen subject. Do you write about self-education? Pay attention to the time management, learning English, copywriting or something else. It depends on you. Look at those who has the most followers on Instagram on your topic and examine their accounts. We do not urge you to be engaged in copying, but it is possible and even useful to spy on something interesting.

Promotion of Instagram account

When your account is filled with posts, you can try to promote it. The easiest option is mass-following. Subscribe to other people and put likes. Some will follow you back and put likes to your posts. This is not the best, but still an effective way to get free followers.

How to Become a Popular Instagram Blogger and Earn Well

How to become popular

Come up with viral content and follow the trends. Take a popular idea and play with it in your blog. Be sure to add the top Instagram hashtags. Be sure that the number of your followers will necessarily increase.

The Instagram social network is linked to the visual content. If you publish photos, they must be stylish and unique. To create beautiful photos there is no need in an expensive camera. Cameras in the contemporary smartphones take pretty good photos. Many successful bloggers take pictures with iPhone or Samsung, process them in special editors and upload to the network. To gain the most Instagram followers, it is enough to take interesting photos. Their technical characteristics fade into the background.

An excellent option would be processing of photos in the same style. Create an atmosphere by your pictures that will become your handwriting. Even if you tell about the relationship between the sexes or education - it is important to create beautiful illustrations for your posts. Be sure to read the tutorials on photography. You will find several techniques to adopt. They will help make your feed interesting and diverse.

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What to write in the blog

Any creative person and an Instagram blogger undoubtedly belongs to this category of people, there are productive days and those when the activity is at zero. In the first case, the brain generates many ideas that can be transformed into interesting posts. But what to do in the second case? There are many options for how to make yourself write something interesting. The easiest way is to follow the news.

Found an interesting news? Share it with your followers. Do not copy the word for word post from the news aggregator. Tell the news in your own words, add your comments and call your followers to the discussion. Be sure to add the trending hashtags on the topic.

Interacting with your audience

Even if your audience is serious people who follow your blog for the sake of getting useful information, you should not neglect emotional posts. Believe us, serious people are not devoid of feelings. And, as practice shows, emotional posts cause a lot of likes and comments.

Do not think that an interesting blog itself can attract users. This is true, but it will take a lot of time to promote it with the help of word of mouth. The audience of the social network is growing every day. And, to compete with other users, professional help is needed. The service MyInstaPromotion offers an integrated approach to the promotion of the Instagram account. Possessing great knowledge and our own experience, new followers from your target audience are guaranteed.


Often, one can hear the opinion that the times when it was easy to get promoted on Instagram and to “raise” big money was gone. This is not true. New bloggers appear regularly and become influencers and opinion leaders. If you would like to become popular in this social network, just do it! Nothing is impossible. And where there is popularity, advertisers will surely appear, ready to pay for placing their posts in your account. We hope you will succeed!

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