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How to Become an Instagram Influencer

The promotion of goods and services on Instagram is a developed field; companies are increasingly using the so-called influencers to achieve their goals. Influencer is an Instagram content creator that has a strong influence on their audience. Their services make it possible to ensure high advertising efficiency even when accessing a relatively small number of users. There are certain ways to become an Instagram influencer and achieve good results in a short time.


• Creating high quality content

• Consistent implementation of work

• Creating an active community

• Open for changes

• Using several social networks

• Why Instagram is in priority

• How to get started

• Selection of customers

• How to get connected with brands

• Conclusion

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Create high quality content

The high-quality content becomes the basis of a successful influencer activity. The profile should have beautiful photos, same as a pleasant and easy to read text underneath. Having seen the Insta bio, a potential follower should get interested in reading your materials regularly.

On Instagram, users primarily see photos. It is unlikely that they get interested in the text if they see a blurry photo in the feed, most likely the post will simply be scrolled and not noticed. If it is not possible to provide visual content for some reason, photos can be purchased at photo banks. At the same time, do not forget about your image. The user should trust you, and for this they need to know you in person.

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Consistent implementation of work

The activity of an influencer is their work where consistency is important. Before you start Instagram, you should decide what to write about. You cannot be a specialist in all areas. It is unlikely that users will like it if both cooking and reviews on computer hardware are combined in one account. Choose the direction you know best.

Consistency in work implies planned posting. It is necessary to write posts with strict timing. If the profile is beautifully designed, it contains high-quality content, but the posts are either published several times a day, or there is no single post during a month, it can alienate the potential follower. This also affects the number of advertising contracts, because companies value constancy and responsibility in influencers.

Creating an active community

Creating the high-quality content leads to the formation of a community of people who are constantly interested in updating the profile. They will monitor the release of posts, give a response. You can also gain Instagram followers free through the MyInsta service, where you can buy likes, followers and views if you want to speed up the promotion.

Advertisers primarily look at the followers’ activity. For this, in the post you can write questions for the users to answer in comments. Questions should be of interest to both the core of fans and the new followers.

Open for changes

An important feature of the influencer should be openness to the changes, the ability to make adjustments to their activity. The interests of people are changing, same as the algorithms of social networks. All this must be taken into account in order to stay afloat. Much of the influencer’s work depends on the external factors.

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Using several social networks

When wondering how to become an influencer on Instagram, do not forget about other social networks. Ideally, it should be balanced, the content duplicated, unique materials published. This will help to avoid problems (or at least reduce their number) if the Instagram account is unavailable for some reason. Maintaining multiple social networks helps to develop all profiles harmoniously, for example, making to visit your Instagram profile from other networks.

Why Instagram is in priority

Advertisers love Instagram for the higher engagement rate. It turns out to be 2-3 times higher compared to other social networks. Accordingly, you can demonstrate a product or service to a three times smaller audience, but get the same result.

If on Facebook or Twitter, according to general statistics, engagement ranges from 0.5 to 1%, then for Instagram this number is 3%. That is why Insta is so attractive for the influencers.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

How to get started

The Instagram content creator spends a lot of time and effort before they can monetize the account. One needs to be prepared for this, no need to rush, only systematic development will help achieve a good result. MyInsta service will accelerate the growth of the audience, but we must not forget about the support of high quality content and regular posts.

When the profile reaches the audience, you need to create a media set that contains basic information:

• short bio;

• what you can offer;

• methods of work used;

• number of followers;

• level of interaction;

• contact Information.

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Selection of customers

The Influencer is a brand itself, therefore, for cooperation, you should choose work with those companies that will bring mutual benefit. When writing posts, you build certain values, and the advertised brands should match them. The best option if you take this into account initially when filling out the profile.

How to get connected with brands

Contemporary companies take care of how they are mentioned in the social networks. You can start writing posts about certain brands long before you offer them cooperation. It is likely that the company representatives will offer you cooperation themselves. If this does not happen, send brief overview emails with a media set to those brands that might be interested in your services.


Becoming an Instagram influencer is not easy, but being determined and understanding what needs to be done will help achieve the goal. Using MyInsta will help gain the audience. Maintaining an account implies regular filling it with the high quality content. Be attentive to the details. Both photos and text should be of top quality, the involvement of the audience can be increased by the regular posting of Stories. Pay attention to your account, then it will be of interest both to the users and advertisers.

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