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How to Create a Personal Instagram Brand

How to create a personal brand on Instagram? This requires an understanding of how the branding works. It’s not enough just to create a page, come up with a great name for it, and then advertise it everywhere. An Instagram followers growth strategy personal brand, and, in general, creating a personal brand on Instagram is a difficult task. However, it is much simpler if you take advantage of well-known tips from the experienced marketers and SMM specialists. They will allow to get Instagram likes fast, promote your account and create your own brand with a big name.


• How to promote a business on Instagram

• Active advertising

• Posts design

• What can be promoted?

• What do you need for a brand?

• Name

• Logo

• Customer reviews

• Conclusion

How to Create a Personal Instagram Brand

How to promote a business on Instagram

To promote a business on Instagram, you need to understand how the promotion works. There are several key indicators that measure the success of any page on a social network: views, followers, likes, unique users. To assess the progress in a business, there is another indicator - the number of potential customers. It is directly linked to the key indicators of success in a social network. The more followers and likes you have, the higher is the likelihood that one of the followers will use your services.

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Active advertising

The easiest way, but it is also the most expensive one, is an active advertising campaign. You can do it using the built-in Instagram tools. Targeted advertising on a social network works fine and allows to achieve great success in the field of promoting your own brand. Those who want to save money can use the finer tools for setting up advertising campaigns. You can use professional help, significantly limiting the budget. In any case, it is with advertising that any strategic campaign starts promoting the brand or trademark.

Posts design

Equally important is the design of posts. These should not be boring and monotonous photos with a bulk of text underneath. Photos should attract the attention of potential customers, they should be interested in what is happening. If you are engaged in the manufacturing of crockery, try to show the process in the photos as interesting as possible. The same goes for text. Take the time to interest the customer.

What can be promoted?

There are some restrictions on product promotion on the side of Instagram itself. For example, you can’t promote certain categories of alcohol and drugs. Also, it is forbidden to advertise prohibited goods: drugs, weapons, etc. It is forbidden to advertise gambling, but there are ways to circumvent these prohibitions. Otherwise, you can advertise absolutely any product. However, please note that some product categories do not need widespread advertising. In some cases, it is better to be engaged in targeted advertising and try to contact your customers directly.

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What do you need for a brand?

Any marketer knows what it takes to create a brand. The most important thing is recognition. But there will be none without a beautiful “shell”. And creating a beautiful shell is always difficult. This is due to the fact that a huge number of companies are represented in the world with a bunch of interesting names, beautiful logos and more. However, only a few of them have achieved success. This is due to the highest competition. Let's take a closer look at what you need to pay attention to when promoting your brand.


The most important thing is the capacious and easy to understand name. Unfortunately, not everyone understands what is needed for this. People come up with complicated names, abbreviations, and more. There are three categories: company profile names, monosyllabic names, personal names. The first are the most common. For example, Microsoft or IBM. Based on these names, the client immediately understands what kind of service is represented by the company. The second type of names are not that widespread, but they are still common. For example, Apple or Google. The name does not refer to what the company is doing. However, it has long become a household name. Well, the third category is registered names: JPMorgan, Procter&Gamble and others. They are most common in the world.

How to Create a Personal Instagram Brand


Creating a logo is an equally important task at the stage of building your own brand. You need to choose the right image, which perfectly characterizes the idea and mission of the company. This will show customers that you are thorough in your endeavors and are ready for the market changes. Many logos of large companies have changed over time, but their main idea and color scheme did not change. This allows to increase the brand awareness.

Customer reviews

Another important step is positive customer reviews. They can be collected from all customers who buy your products or use your services. Then they must be provided for getting acquainted to your potential customers. This can be done through Instagram as well. For example, a post where a satisfied customer talks about their experiences of using certain products of your company. Do not post too flattering reviews, but do not advertise negative reviews either.

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Instagram is a perfect platform for creating and promoting the personal brand. It has all the necessary tools that are convenient to use. This is a great social network that will help to make your business successful.

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