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How to Create an Attractive Advertising Post

Instagram is a perfect platform for business. Often it turns out that your posts are rarely seen. In such cases, you need to know the methods for gaining followers on Instagram. For example, there is an option to boost Instagram followers. This will increase the target audience and record views quickly and reliably.


• Rules of creating advertising posts

• Writing advertising posts

• Possible structure

• Success formulas

• Efficient tactics for creating advertising posts

• Setting a goal

• Choosing information type

• Considering description and strategy

• Conclusion

How to Create an Attractive Advertising Post so that Instagram Followers Put Likes Immediately

Rules of creating advertising posts

There are many different possibilities allowing to build personal brand Instagram. You need to know some of the nuances that will help promote the brand through unobtrusive posts:

1. Beautiful picture. This is the most important component of success. Instagram is a social network that focuses on the visual component. That is why it is important to make photos of the highest quality. Use editors, filters, special graphic apps. This will help attract more Instagram followers.

2. Give specific information. Do not use vague and incomprehensible phrases. Show the benefits of your product or service. Give a detailed description, provide contact information - this is what interests the potential buyer.

3. Monitor the quality of the content. Read the written texts carefully. Write correctly and without errors. If any of the followers finds a problem, they will immediately lose confidence in you.

These simple tips will help to draw up an efficient Instagram followers growth strategy personal brand. Do not forget to plan each post and monitor its quality.

Writing advertising posts

Try to structure the texts. Divide them into blocks, make the most of lists. The advertising text should be short in order to fully reflect the essence of the issue. Highlight the merits of products. Try to use the minimum number of adjectives. Do not describe the number of different elements in the same text. Competently bring to the purchase of products. These simple recommendations will help increase the quality of your content, attract followers, but not to push them away with your persistence. There is no need to remind about the purchase at every step - it will only scare the customer off.

Possible structure

As it was previously said, the text must be structured. Think in advance what you want to write. The classical structure may speak of the following:

1. Attractive headline. It should force your followers to read the post. Briefly describe the essence and benefits of the offer. Allure from the first lines.

2. The list with the shootouts. Here you need to list all the advantages of a purchase. Highlight each item with a thematic emoticon. This will help dilute the atmosphere and attract attention.

3. The call to action. It must be allocated in a separate block. This way you highlight the advertising app and can focus on the value of the offer.

4. The footer. Here, add the contact information for the followers.

The listed structure can be remade depending on your needs. Try not to write long texts. Instagram is a visual platform in the first place.

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Success formulas

To achieve the desired result, you must follow the certain rules:

• attract the attention of users, write a short introduction, describe all the benefits so that the person would like to make a purchase;

• contact the target audience, describe the user's problem and the possibility of its solution, stimulate a decision;

• describe the problem, focus on its complexity, and then offer a solution.

To translate your ideas, use the rules listed. This will help attract buyers without the effect of imposing.

Efficient tactics for creating advertising posts

To make an advertising campaign effective, you need to create a clear tactics. To do this, highlight the main goals, select more information, draw up an effective plan.

Setting a goal

Before creating an account, decide whether it is necessary. To do this, ask yourself the main questions:

1. Decide if your target audience is on Instagram, if most active users are young people under the age of 35.

2. How interested are your customers in buying products on Instagram? Make the niche research. Study the main hashtags of your direction, activity, and then draw the appropriate conclusion.

3. Can you ensure the good picture quality? Instagram is a social network where the image is valued. You will need to make the high-quality images, deal with their processing, etc. You will have to hire a new employee for this or train someone.

If you can respond positively to each of the points, then you can proceed to creating of an account and writing posts for advertising products.

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Choosing information type

At the beginning, the best way to make yourself known is a picture. It should be of high quality and well processed. Take photos on a professional camera - followers will immediately notice the difference from the competitors.

You can use videos. By posting a video, you will definitely attract people's attention. This kind of content collects more views and responses. Think about how you can present your products beneficially.

How to Create an Attractive Advertising Post so that Instagram Followers Put Likes Immediately

Considering description and strategy

Carefully consider what you would like to write. To do this, follow our recommendations:

• prepare the initial information in draft copies;

• think about what you want to write - make a list of target phrases;

• mention a call to action;

• use emoticons - they diversify dry text and make it more attractive;

• add some individual characteristics.

Prepare each post. Plan your action. Post regularly, but don’t become intrusive for your followers.


Creating advertising posts is not an easy task. You must carefully examine the niche. After this, you need to draw up an action plan, think through the topics of each post

 and get started.

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