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How to Create an Instagram Retail Store Account

Instagram is not only a popular messaging platform. Many people use this social network as a platform for selling their goods. How to create a retail store on Instagram? The service does not provide maximum functionality for this. But our instructions will help create a powerful channel for selling your products in this social network. Below we will discuss how to create a real store in your Instagram profile.


  • Turning your Instagram account into a store of goods or services
  • Creating a business account
  • Tips on managing an Instagram store
  • Nuances of using an Instagram account for selling goods or services
  • Classifying goods and collecting them into albums
  • Using special services for data processing
  • Conclusion

How to Create an Instagram Retail Store Account

Turning your Instagram account into a store of goods or services

If you sell products produces by yourself or resell goods for the purpose of earning extra on their price, you can minimize the lack of tools for sales by connecting an Instagram business account. It will help:

• Get a block with contact details in your profile. Your users will see the contact info for making a call, sending an email or checking a map with the location of the store.

• Get advanced account statistics. Demographic and geographic sections provide an opportunity for better interaction with the followers. Based on such data, you can conduct free Instagram promotion.

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Creating a business account

To get a business account, go to the Instagram application on your smartphone. Tap the "Edit account" icon, find the "Tools for companies" subsection, and link Instagram to your Facebook account.

Now you can specify how to contact the account owner. When entering the phone number, you can specify the most convenient way of communication: text or call.

It’s important to note that statistics can only be viewed after more than 100 people follow your account.

In addition to the ability to view statistics and publish a block with contact information, a business account gives the opportunity to promote posts. For this, there will appear a special button in your account. With its help, you can create an advertising company, specify the time of posting your advertising posts and create a promotion budget. This will open the possibility of targeting an advertising company and finding the most suitable target audience for your products.

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Tips on managing an Instagram store

If you want your products to be sold really well on this social network, then use our tips:

• Order a professional photo shoot of your products. See how even the cheapest products are presented on Aliexpress. This approach is especially important for such products as clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, craft products, etc.

• Do not use filters that distort the appearance of products. Potential buyers should see the real look of your products.

• Provide photos of all the colors of your products. The social network Instagram offers visual content to its users. Show the variety of your products.

• Create photos aimed at the small screens. According to statistics, more than 86% of Instagram users access a social network via mobile devices. Your photos should look good on small screens of smartphones.

• Do not publish just selling posts. Users will not follow you if you publish only photos with goods. Order a photo shoot of your products, tell how to use them correctly.

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How to Create an Instagram Retail Store Account

Nuances of using an Instagram account for selling goods or services

A good way to engage your audience in your products is to use custom content. Encourage your customers to create posts with your products. This can be done for small bonuses or discounts on their next purchase. Do not forget that you need to get likes for Instagram. They will help promote your posts with goods.

Classifying goods and collecting them into albums

To make it interesting and comfortable for the followers to choose products, distribute them across different albums. Create categories and subcategories. Do not forget about hashtags and descriptions. They will help to find your products not only for your followers, but also to the rest of the Instagram audience.

How to come up with an Instagram post idea for retail store? See what your competitors are doing. An excellent solution would be to create contests or giveaways. They will increase the engagement of your audience. An interesting solution will be traveling of your goods (if they are suitable for that). Beautiful and original photos of followers can be encouraged.

Using special services for data processing

To create a retail store in this social network, use the third-party services that provide CRM features. For example, apmCRM. This platform has simple and quick integration with Instagram. It collects data not only from this social network, but also from the WhatsApp messenger. Up to 6 Instagram accounts can be added to one apmCRM profile.

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The platform allows to organize customer cards, monitor transaction histories, and opens up the possibility of creating a sales funnel. Two managers can work simultaneously on a project.


The social network Instagram does not have the ability to create a full online store. But you can use the large audience of this social network to promote your goods and services. And if you convert your profile to a business account, it will make it easy to contact you for those followers who want to buy your products or use the services.

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