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How to Find Your Niche on Instagram

Instagram is a relatively new project, which means that the competition there is much lower than in Vkontakte and Facebook. Consequently, it is much easier and more profitable to promote yourself there. It is not that simple, because you also need to work on your own niche, find it and launch a unique project, an Instagram personal blog, which will immediately attract the attention of potential users. It is the search for a niche that is the very first and most difficult stage of work.


• Personal interests as a business

• What if there are no ideas

• How to monetize your knowledge

• Why not to be greedy for customers

• Target audience search

• What niche is better

How to Find Your Niche on Instagram

Personal interests as a business

First you need to decide what business niche is within your personal interest, and if it can be monetized. For example, create your own fitness blog if you feel that it is your calling or promote a store for kids. Do you have knowledge in the field of organizing and conducting business? Then you should definitely become a business coach and try yourself in this niche. Find a niche, schedule posts on Instagram and earn on your hobbies. Why is it important to monetize your interests? This is a great solution in order to prepare new content much more willingly and then simply develop your business.

Attention! Do not do business online if you are not interested in it yourself. Choosing a niche for the interests of acquaintances or friends is a failing strategy. Follow these Instagram blog tips.

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What if there are no ideas

It may turn out that there are no ideas for creating a business at all. In fact, it looks like this, but it's worth considering, because there are still some interests, so why not turn them into a business? For example, if you are a young mother, why not take care of kid care advice? To do this, it will be enough just to find people ready to become your customers, as well as those who have already achieved success by trying to monetize the same idea.

Attention! To decide, just take a piece of paper, write all the options for ideas that you are really ready to deal with, even if it is for free. Among them, for sure, there is something that can bring a solid income. You will quickly get more Instagram followers.

How to monetize your knowledge

Actually, any enterprise should bring income to its owner. In this respect, the niche in the Instagram network is not an exception. Check if the segment is relevant is easy. You will need to look at what your competitors have achieved. For this, it can be quite simple to enter the name of your niche in Yandex and analyze whether an advertisement similar to yours will appear in the search results. Now try to enter the name of another niche in the same search, look there. Where there is more advertising, there is higher competition, but this means that everything works and you can start there as well.

But it is worth considering one more thing - the more advertising, the higher is the competition in this segment. It will take a lot of effort to ensure that marketing justifies itself. And it will be necessary to invest money. It is important to consider that at this stage your main task is not to analyze the competitors themselves, but whether there is any demand in this segment at all. If you could find advertisements in Google, then people things and it’s worth trying.

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How to Find Your Niche on Instagram

Why not to be greedy for customers

Do not attempt to sell everything you can to everyone. There is no need to open your own store on Instagram, which will sell clothing for adults, kids, for various events. The same large brands of clothing can quite afford to create many different lines, but if you are a beginner, you can quickly get promoted and become famous if you sell only one thing. Then you can try to introduce new products. And on the first stages - the narrower is your niche for doing business, the better.

Attention! It is important to choose a narrow niche within which you know exactly the interests of your customers and their problems. This will provide an opportunity to sell them the best products or services.

Target audience search

Actually, it is important to think over initially how to search for the target audience and who it will be in practice. To do this, determine the gender, income level, age, place of residence, as well as age and other data.

The best option is when your future customers are ideally similar in status to yourself. It is in this case that you can better understand what your potential customers want and how to give them this. This is very important for the development of the business, because you will know what they consider to be a really relevant product, and from which they simply turn their nose. You can easily know and understand who is considered an idol in your market segment, and who is to order advertising from.

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What niche is better

Suppose you decide to open your own store. Then one thing remains - to determine not only the direction of the niche, but also the level. For example, there are two strategies for developing your own business:

• Introducing yourself, products, services to the market. To do this, you need to make a relatively inexpensive, cheap and high-quality product. The vast majority of potential buyers are not distinguished by large financial savings, they will easily choose your offer. After that, you can gradually improve the quality, sell goods to the more affluent customers. But you can no longer enter the "elite category."

• Introducing yourself as an “exclusive”. This option can bring you more money from the start. With such a strategy, more investment will be required in the business itself, so that it brings tangible results. For example, you still need to use the services of professional bloggers, photographers, designers. In the long run, this will bring bigger income and recognition.

As you can see, the basic rules for creating a business are relevant everywhere, the social network Instagram is no exception. And you can see for yourself if you only deal with the issue of finding a relevant and free niche.

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