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How to Keep a Funny Instagram Blog

The laughter prolongs life. Entertaining topics are very popular. Would you like to become a famous blogger? Then generate interesting and funny content. Create jokes that will wander across the Internet. Everyone can improve their sense of humor.

An Instagram blog can be kept for a variety of purposes. Someone just writes it for their friends and acquaintances. Brands use this platform to promote their products and services. Bloggers create content to attract new followers. Thanks to an increasing audience, they attract advertisers and earn a lot of money on it. Entertainment is the most popular on Instagram. On this page you will learn how to blog on this social network with humor.


  • How to start an Instagram blog
  • The nuances of a funny blog
  • How to come up with jokes for an Instagram blog?
  • The nuances of keeping an Instagram blog
  • How to blog smartly
  • Features of writing Instagram posts
  • Conclusion

How to Keep a Funny Instagram Blog

How to start an Instagram blog

The idea is the first thing that an Instagram profile owner should pay attention to in order to promote it over time. If you have a company or you work as a content manager for a brand, the idea is clear. But, if you want to do your own personal profile promotion, then you need to think about the topics of your blog. Do you like travelling or a healthy lifestyle? Create a blog on one of these topics. If your followers will trust the content, then it will not be difficult to gain Instagram likes for free.

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The nuances of a funny blog

So, we have found out that the entertaining topics are trendy today. Of course, you can always create content based on the old jokes or add jokes from the Internet to your feed. But there are hundreds of thousands of such blogs. Therefore, it is better to create authors content.

As for the sense of humor, don’t think that funny writing is a talent. A sense of humor is there in everyone. The main thing is to reveal this potential in yourself. Humor helps to talk about the most complicated things in an easy language. See how Andrey Kurpatov (@kurpatov_official) talks about brain thinking and functioning on his blog. His interesting lectures are easy to understand even for those who are far away from the neurophysiology. By the way, telling about complicated things in a simple and funny language is one of great Instagram promotion ideas.

How to come up with jokes for an Instagram blog?

Everyone can come up with jokes. Well, almost everyone... If you are open-minded, then you will succeed. Jokes are built on paradoxes, facts, and various situations from life. Have you faced some situation? Write a note for yourself not to forget it. For this purpose, you can use special smartphone apps. Use this example to create your own joke. Let the situation you see become the basis for your blog post. What to post on Instagram to get likes? Anything interesting to your public.

A few tips to help you come up with funny content:

• Write jokes every day. Do you want to become a popular entertaining blog host talking funny about important things? Spend your free time writing jokes. Your task is to generate 5-10 jokes per day. Read them three hours later, after writing the last one, and delete everything except for the 1-2 most interesting ones. Create a post based on them and continue creating.

• Write about the topics close to your audience. Your laughter stream should focus on topics that will affect most of your audience. Talking about geopolitics and economics is not a good idea for teenagers. And vice a versa, “kids’” jokes will not appeal to an adult audience.

• Work in a group. If you have the opportunity to work in a team, use this. Sit altogether and use the technology of "brainstorming" to come up with the jokes and the basics for the posts on your blog. You don't have to meet your friends daily for such a job. This can be done weekly. For example, on Fridays or Saturdays. By the way, it’s a good reason to meet and spend time together.

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• Look for inspiration. Want to really "pump" your humorous vein? Check out funny shows, interesting comedies, or stand-up comedian performances regularly. No, copying their jokes is unnecessary. Remember that your blog must be copyrighted. Even if you can borrow an interesting joke, try to play with it in your blog.

• Read the classics. Classical literature is called so, because it is relevant at any times. The novels of Zoshchenko, Ilf and Petrov, and even Chekhov are a storehouse of jokes that will be relevant for a very long time. Take advantage of them. See how great writers have built their humoresque and use them to get likes.

How to Keep a Funny Instagram Blog

The nuances of keeping an Instagram blog

You need to understand that by blogging in a popular social network on your own behalf, you will expose some part of your life. There will certainly be haters who will write all sorts of nasty things in Direct. If you are too sensitive, such messages can have negative psychological effect on you. But you need to understand that the more haters write you, the better. This is a measure of success. So you are doing it right.

How to blog smartly

By the way, the disgusting in Direct often becomes the basis for an interesting joke. This has been tested by many bloggers.

Do not forget to design a blog in a single style. This will emphasize your professionalism. Followers will highlight your topics in the feed and immediately see that you write something new and interesting. An Instagram post size should not be too long. Today, few followers like long reads.

Features of writing Instagram posts

Do not forget about the regularity of posts. Do not chase the quantity. It is better to produce 3-4 high quality posts per week than several posts per day not interesting to the audience.

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Remember that Instagram is aimed at visual content. Choose the right pictures, but rather make them yourself. Edit photos using special editors or online services. Remember that not only the post, but also the picture can be comic. Moreover, it should encourage the followers to read the text.


Keeping a humorous blog on Instagram is not as difficult as it seems. Everyone can come up with an interesting joke. But you must take this issue seriously. There is no formula for a quality joke, but there is an opportunity to peep at a funny moment in life and show it in your blog.

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