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How to Raise Sales on Instagram. Part 3

The most important components of any business or personal account are the followers. They clearly let one know if everything is OK with the blog or something is to be changed.

How to Raise Sales on Instagram. Interacting with the Audience. Part 3


  • Interactivity with the audience
  • Life hack #1. Logo on the photo
  • Life hack #2. Workflow, before and after
  • Life hack #3. Communication with the followers
  • Life hack #4. LikeTime
  • Life hack #5. Polls
  • Life hack #6. Reviews
  • Life hack #7. Shooting video
  • Life hack #8. Contests
  • Life hack #9. Encouraging participation
  • Life hack #10. Giveaway contests
  • Life hack #11. Mutual PR

Interactivity with the audience

Instagram is a great way to make money by promoting one’s business or personal blog. To make your page a success, give it some efforts - all the posts on the page should look stylish and match by color.

If there are no high-quality beautiful photos yet, hire a photographer. Describe him all the tasks and provide all your products for a photoshoot, if necessary. If your page doesn’t look very attractive, a designer will help you by creating a page design in the colors you like.

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If you cannot or do not want to involve the professional help, you can study Photoshop yourself. This knowledge will be useful at all stages of communication on Instagram. You will learn adjusting photos, making them brighter, more saturated (these are in high demand on Instagram). You can independently work on your page’s design. If you master all this yourself, you will save significantly on the designer services.

We will explain how you can move towards your goal quickly and in the right direction. 11 life hacks from myinstapromotion service:

How to Raise Sales on Instagram. Interacting with the Audience. Part 3

Life hack #1. Logo on the photo

Put a logo on each photo of your page. First of all, this way you will protect yourself against theft, it is more difficult to steal photos with your logo and pretend these are their own. Secondly, a potential client seeing your photos with the logo will subconsciously remember it and differentiate photos with your logo from all other plain ones.

Life hack #2. Workflow, before and after

Your client should not only see the final result, but also the process of doing the work. If you bake cakes, for example, show the cake without decoration – how you bake it or how you make cream, and then show the result - what it looks like when ready for sale. If you work in the field of cosmetology, the pictures ‘before / after’ work great. The procedure itself can be shown, for example, live or by shooting Stories.

Life hack #3. Communication with the followers

Feedback is very important for the customers, so try to respond to all the comments under your posts. If someone writes you negative comments, you can just delete them. If there’s a question bothering you in the comments, write to the follower that you will answer within two hours, for example. During this time, you will figure out what to answer, even to the trickiest question.

Life hack #4. LikeTime

Behave reciprocally towards your followers. From time to time make LikeTime: like their interesting photos. Come up with all sorts of contests with nice gifts. It is not necessary to have a large prize fund, your target audience will be glad to get a post card or a magnet from their favorite blogger. Any tiny thing, basically.

Life hack #5. Polls

Encourage followers to respond. Frequently create polls in Stories or posts, offer bold answers. In general, provoke your potential customers to the dialogue. They should feel really important on your page.

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Life hack #6. Reviews

If you have successfully sold your product or service, do not hesitate to ask the customer to write a comment about it. Even if he sends feedback about your work to direct, you can take a screenshot and add this text as a picture. People will be interested in reading what other customers think about your work.

Do not be too lazy to shoot Stories. According to statistics, Stories are watched by 50% of all Instagram users.

Life hack #7. Shooting video

Shoot stunning videos that people will want to like and comment.

Life hack #8. Contests

Contests will help to raise sales and attract audience to your page. For example, arrange a contest where one needs to take a picture of himself with your product. This way you kill two birds with one stone

Life hack #9. Encouraging participation

Be sure to reward your followers for their attention to your page. Start all sorts of contests more often or simply advertise them in Stories, marking feedbacks on the screenshots. People will be pleased and you will get loyal customers.

How to Raise Sales on Instagram. Interacting with the Audience. Part 3

Life hack #10. Giveaway contests

Take part in Giveaways. Giveaway is kind of competition where several bloggers gather together (about 100 people), buy several gifts for the participants and give them away. But for taking part in such Giveaways, a person should follow all the 100 bloggers. This way bloggers advertise themselves and get new followers.

Life hack #11.Mutual PR

If you do not have the opportunity to participate in Giveaways, use mutual PR. Find a blogger with a similar topic of the page, advertise him and ask him to advertise yourself. The flow of new followers will not take long.

If you have no time for publishing posts daily, a postponed posting will help. You will be able to create postponed posts with the dates chosen in advance. Let’s say today you write a post that will appear on your page in a week, by timer. You will easily find this type of service on the Internet.

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