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How to Restore Access to Your Instagram Account

To restore a deleted Instagram account, you must perform a series of actions. The procedure for returning access may vary from case to case.


1. Forgot your password to Instagram

2. If an account gets stolen

3. Recovering a deleted profile

4. If a profile gets blocked by moderation

5. List of documents and data that might be required for the account recovery

6. How to protect your personal Instagram page

7. Conclusion

How to Restore Access to Your Instagram Account

Forgot your password to Instagram

If you do not remember the login details on your personal page, you should change the password on Instagram. This is done using the email address, or a cell phone number associated with the account. If you plan to recover the password on Instagram from your smartphone, the procedure will be as follows:

1. Open the Instagram app. An authorization window will appear on the screen, tap on the “Help with Login” button.

2. Next, specify one of the data types with the help of which you are going to have your access returned (Email, phone number).

3. An email with instructions will be sent, open it.

4. The email will contain a link, tapping on which you will need to create a new password.

5. Re-open the Instagram app and go through the authorization process with a new password already.

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If you use the desktop version, the password recovery process will be approximately the same, but you can only specify email as the source.

If an account gets stolen

At risk are the owners of the promoted accounts, since they are of particular value to scammers. If the profile is hacked, you cannot restore it according to the instructions described in the previous way. Fraudsters immediately change the password, phone number and email address.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not be fooled by provocations and pay for returning the page. There is another way that only works if the page is linked to a Facebook account.

Launch the app on your smartphone and tap on the “Help with logging in” button. After this you will be prompted to enter a username, good email or phone number. It remains to click on the “log in via Facebook” button and log in to this social network.

If your Facebook account is not linked, you can try sending a request to the service department. The response from Instagram staff may be delayed, here you should be patient. To return your personal page, you will probably be asked additional questions, answers to which only the account owner can know.

Recovering a deleted profile

Some Instagram users decide to delete their profile themselves, but after some time they want to return it. Recovering an account in this case does not present any difficulties. It is enough for users of the mobile version to open the app and enter their personal data (username and password), after which it will be unlocked automatically.

A similar recovery method is also available on the desktop version. It is enough to open the Web version of the site, specify personal data, and the lock will be deactivated.

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If a profile gets blocked by moderation

Instagram has strict requirements for moderation. The account may be blocked due to the publication of inappropriate content, cheated likes, followers, etc. To prevent the page from being blocked by the administration, it is recommended to get acquainted with the official requirements for maintaining the page and publishing posts.

If you published a post that received complaints from other users, you should expect sanctions from moderation. You will be notified of this by an email stating the reasons for the blocking and methods of returning access. To restore your account, just follow the instructions.

How to Restore Access to Your Instagram Account

List of documents and data that might be required for the account recovery

• Personal account - your photo with a passport in your hand, the cell phone model used to enter the app, email address, from which the account was registered.

• Business account - registration certificate, tax invoice, license granting the right for this activity, tax return.

The list of requested documents depends on whether your personal photos are in the profile stream. Therefore, it does not hurt to put a couple of photos with you, even if this is a professional account used for growing your business. If the business does not have official registration, it is better to write a request to Instagram to restore the account, designating it as personal.

There are no specific deadlines for the account recovery. This procedure may take a day, a week or a month. Recovery may be refused, so it is important to write them several times. Apps are processed by different people, one of them can help you.

How to protect your personal Instagram page

1. Access your page only from trusted devices. It is not recommended to open a profile on another PC.

2. Link the account to your phone number and Facebook page.

3. Save several photos published on your Instagram profile on your phone. This will help prove to Instagram that you are the owner.

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4. Do not violate the requirements for the published content.

5. Use a complex password containing numbers, signs, and letters. This applies not only to the Instagram account, but also to the attached email and Facebook account.

6. Remember the email to which the profile was registered.


Take care of personal data security in advance. Support can be responding to requests for a long time and ultimately refuse to restore the profile. Follow the rules and keep your credentials in a safe place.

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