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How to Start Collaboration on Instagram

Instagram today is one of the most popular social networks in the world, especially in Europe, Russia and USA. Such a platform could not stay as just millions of accounts with photos for a long time. It was necessary to add something else. That is why a huge number of companies doing business on this site have appeared on Instagram. They find customers and partners engaged in promotion of their ideas. Some unite on the basis of common Instagram collaboration ideas. There are some requirements and Instagram collaboration template that will be discussed below. The most common types of business are online stores. Managing them is quite simple: one account, many photos. Additionally, you can set up an advertising campaign to have additional traffic of potential customers. Thanks to the built-in targeting system, doing business on Instagram has become much easier.


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How to Start Collaboration on Instagram

Instagram collaboration

Inexperienced users will most likely say that in order to start an Instagram collaboration with the owners of other accounts, it is enough to simply send them an Instagram collaboration email. However, in practice this is not true at all. No businessman will do business just because someone writes them a nice email. It is necessary to prove to the person that such cooperation is beneficial for them and they will receive their profit. In addition, the partner must understand that by his actions they will not grow a competitor for themselves. Meanwhile, you can count on a positive outcome of such cooperation.

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Before starting collaboration with someone, it is very important to understand why you specifically need it. Does such collaboration make sense? You need to carefully study the statistics of a potential partner to determine what you can count on. In individual accounts, the number of unique users can be huge, while followers and likes are few. Most often this is found on various entertainment pages. Sometimes the situation is opposite: there are many followers, there are many likes, and there are as many unique users as there are followers. This is typical for personal accounts and cooperation with them is possible only in certain situations. For example, if the user is a bright representative of the related industry.

Minimum requirements

Before contacting potential partners with an offer for collaboration, you need to take care of the minimum indicators for your account. You must have likes, views and followers. You should be famous - otherwise you will have to pay for the collaboration. If people know you, you have many followers, and your posts collect likes and live comments, then consider that the minimum requirements are met. With such an account, you can safely contact popular personalities and try to conclude collaboration agreements.

Proper design

It is also important to properly arrange all stages of interaction with a potential partner. Try to stipulate all the steps in advance so that there are no unpleasant situations when the partner has to do something, but this has not been taken into account in advance. Ideally, signing the tough agreements. In practice, however, ninety-nine percent of such partnerships are concluded solely by emails.

How to Start Collaboration on Instagram

Search for partners

So, the main question of all entrepreneurs starting on Instagram is where to find partners for collaboration? The answer is simple – in the areas related to your business. If you are engaged in fishing gear, contact the sellers of hunting gear, or the manufacturers of specialized off-road tires. This audience will gladly accept your product and you will receive a large number of potential customers. And vice versa: your partner will also receive potential customers from you and will be satisfied with the results of cooperation.

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Popular accounts

Sometimes you can contact the owners of popular accounts. Their number of followers is more than five hundred thousand. Such accounts rarely collaborate with little-known personalities. However, you may be lucky and they will notice you. In this case, you can also count on free advertising: they will talk about you not only within your sphere, but also in front of a huge audience of the owner of a popular Instagram account.

Communication with companies

The most difficult task is collaboration with corporate accounts. The problem is that they are bound by many obligations. If a blogger can simply send money to his wallet, then in the case of companies everything should be official. You will have to pay a big sum of money so that the partner is satisfied and continues working with you. Otherwise, an unpleasant situation may occur when the money is spent, and the results of the cooperation are not visible.


Collaboration on Instagram is no less difficult than any other collaboration on advertising offers. It’s easier to do for those who already have a promoted account. Therefore, if you are the owner of such an account, it is best to promote new projects through your main profile. This will not allow to get a large number of unique users, but you will get statistics. And it can be demonstrated to the potential partners when discussing the new agreements.

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