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How to Upload a GIF to Instagram

GIF is a special image format that allows to convey emotions or feelings through the social network. Often, users do not know how to upload a gif to Instagram. Below are the most popular methods for solving this problem.


• What methods exist there

• GIF Maker

• Giphy.com

• Convertio.co

• Step-by-step instruction

• Verification

• Uploading stickers

• Testing and publishing

• Findings

How to Upload a GIF to Instagram

What methods exist there

You will not be able to share the gif on Instagram unless you process it first. In this case, you get a static picture. There were invented ways how to make a GIF for Instagram. To do this, use one of the services described below.

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GIF Maker

To convert Instagram video to GIF, you need to download special software. One such tool is GIF Maker for Instagram. It should be noted that you can use the program on the iOS platform.

The procedure for converting video to the desired format is as follows:

1. Download and install the app. Launch the software tool by tapping it. Go to the view gallery files. Select the video you would like to process. Tap it, then proceed to the next step.

2. Now you have to create GIF for Instagram. Be sure to specify the length of the video. It is important to mention its size, indicate the soundtrack and data transfer speed via the screen.

3. After the end of the processing procedure, you can save the file to the device’s permanent memory. For this, just tap the appropriate key. Wait until the document is saved.

4. Now you can safely start publishing content. The gif looks like a looped movie.

There are many alternative types of Android apps. Just study user reviews to choose one.


On this resource there are many ready-made solutions that will suit everyone. This is the largest repository, where there are many copies of finished images. To use the opportunities, you should adhere to the following rules:

1. Go to the official website of the developer. Use the search. Type the name of the desired topic of the image. Since the service is in English, all requests should be executed in English.

2. Upload the resulting file to the gallery. You can also immediately share GIF on Instagram using the appropriate settings.

This method is quite simple and the least expensive.


If you already have a gif, the task is greatly simplified. To get the right document, you need to convert the files. Follow this algorithm:

1. Go to the official website of the service. Indicate what device you use. In the explorer, specify the image that you want to convert to the desired format.

2. If you need to use more files, specify them in the app list. For this, tap the appropriate button.

3. The program will start the conversion. Wait for the process to be completed. Save the result.

4. After the download is completed, you can start publishing.

There are many different methods and tools for downloading GIFs. Use one that you consider the most simple and understandable for yourself.

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Step-by-step instruction

To upload a GIF to Instagram, follow the certain rules. Below is the most simple and understandable instruction.

How to Upload a GIF to Instagram


All GIFs work via a special service called Giphy. To create your own videos, you should go through the registration procedure, and then create your own channel. This is a fairly simple task. Please note that creating a channel is quite difficult, but for the small companies and amateurs there are some nuances.

You need to register your brand by following a special link. After that, you need to provide detailed information about the brand. Fill in the registration form. Wait for confirmation. You can create GIFs without it, but they will not be displayed in the news feed.

You can view statistics for all your files and take advantage of other features. Statistics help determine how many followers liked the stickers.

Uploading stickers

After confirmation, you can start creating and uploading your own stickers. In order for the information to be correctly displayed in the feed of other Instagram users, you should download data as stickers.

You can create a unique and attractive sticker with any data. The main difference of this particular service is its absolutely transparent background, which provides a wide scope for creativity.

It is important to make the sticker beautiful, clear and understandable. It takes up a lot of space, so it must carry a certain semantic load. Be sure to consider whether you would like your followers to use such GIFs. Think over the file requirements. Observe the following conditions:

• the file extension must be in GIF format;

• there should be about 20% of the transparent pixels of the image;

• height and width must match;

• be sure to comply with the RGB palette;

• the image must be looped before saving.

Be sure to include hashtags. They can greatly simplify the search for your image to make it popular. Carry out the analysis that will reveal the most popular stickers.

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Testing and publishing

After the downloading is complete, you can find pictures on the subject of your brand. Check their search for hashtags. To do this, type all the names in the search bar.


Now you know how to create GIFs. This task requires certain time, as well as the use of special services. The methods described above will help to cope with the task. Your stickers will be available to users from all over the world.

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