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How to Upload Photos and Videos on Instagram from PC

Can you post on Instagram from Mac? The developers of Instagram have still not created a full-fledged client for MacOS and Windows operating systems, so that users could download content from a PC. Therefore, craftsmen and third-party developers are trying to invent all sorts of tricks to use the social network on the PC with comfort. Fortunately, the options how to post on Instagram from Mac and Windows have already been invented.


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  • How to upload photos and videos using the Uplet program o First run o Uploading images
  • Photo upload via Safari

How to Upload Photos and Videos on Instagram from PC (Windows and Mac)

How to install Instagram on your PC

Unfortunately, the owners of the Instagram network have not yet created the app for PC, but this does not mean that you cannot use it on the computer. When you post to Instagram from Mac, it will be similar to the normal posting from the phone.

View content via browser

The browser version of the popular social network appeared in May 2017 and at that time it had the feature of uploading photos and videos directly from computer, without installing the app on a mobile device. However, in a while, the developers decided to limit the features and removed the method of downloading content via browser, except for Safari on MacOS (but let's talk about this below).

Programs for posting on a PC

Now it is officially possible to upload photos only via a mobile application, i.e., pictures taken on the phone and edited there. But many users of the social network like to shoot and take pictures on professional equipment, edit them on a PC, and then upload photos to Instagram. Quality content helps to get more Instagram followers. But, resorting to such actions, it is necessary to do additional manipulations, throwing off the processed images on the phone - it is rather inconvenient and takes too much time.

Fortunately, there were created applications allowing not to waste precious time. The most popular ones are “Windowed” and “Uplet”. Let's discuss them in more detail.

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Windowed for posting content on Instagram from PC

The idea of ​​creating this client is very straightforward. The photographer, who was a part-time programmer, was outraged by the fact that he could not upload photos to Instagram from a PC, and this prompted him to create this app.

The program is disguised as a mobile browser, that is why it resembles the Instagram interface. You can upload photos, write texts using the most popular Instagram hashtags.

The Windowed user will have access to almost all the functions present in the application, except for downloading videos.

However, now a global update has taken place on Instagram - IGTV has been added. You can upload videos from any device with the length up to 10 minutes. Developers say, that time limits will soon be removed, which will create higher competition for YouTube.

A useful feature in the client is the ability to manage multiple accounts (up to 5). You can switch between profiles in the profile tab located at the top of the screen.

Software security

The developer of the application says that his app is perfectly safe, because it does not have access to logins and passwords. To confirm his words, the creator even posted the program code on the GitHub website.

How to upload photos and videos using the Uplet program

This application is created by a team from Eltima LLC. They did not bother much with the interface and squeezed it as much as possible, leaving only the basic settings.

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First run

Working with the program starts from logging into your account, specifying the username and password in the appropriate fields. And immediately after completing the "login" you can see an opportunity to manage multiple accounts. This feature is useful for people promoting several profiles, or for a family that uses 1 account on a PC.

How to Upload Photos and Videos on Instagram from PC (Windows and Mac)

Uploading images

Logging into your account will display a small window with a “+” sign. Clicking on it will open the window of "Explorer", where you will need to select the files for downloading. It will be much easier to drag the desired photo to the application window that is allowed by the program's functionality.

After the image is loaded, the "Clear" and "Send All" buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen. After clicking on the latest photo, it will be uploaded to the network. However, you can perform several additional actions:

  1. Write a text to the picture using smiles, etc;
  2. Resize image either in a square or original format.

A disadvantage of the software is the lack of zoom - in the photo you cannot select a specific area. Although, if you are engaged in editing material on a computer, it will be not a big deal.

Besides, published materials cannot be edited or deleted, which is another drawback. Well, the price of the application also cannot be written in the pros.

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Photo upload via Safari

Many browsers are equipped with a function of informing the site from what device there is login to the server. In Safari, this feature is referred to as the “User Agent.” In simple words, if you enter the site from a computer, you can make it think that the input was from a tablet or molar device.

To implement similar in the Safari browser, you will not need to spend much effort:

  1. First, turn on the developer menu. Go to the "Settings", then to "Add-ons" and put a tick in the column "Show the developer menu" in the menu bar
  2. Next, open the private access menu and select the line “Development”
  3. In the drop-down tab, hover the mouse on the column "User Agent"
  4. Another tab will appear, click on “Safari - iPhone” here

Instagram will be shown in the mobile version. By clicking the "+" at the bottom of the page you can add photos.

While the developers of a popular social network keep ignoring requests to create an official PC version, users themselves have found a solution to this problem. However, such software will not be superfluous and will attract more visitors.

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