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How to Use Instagram


With every year Instagram becomes more popular. In this application one can publish photos and videos, live stream and also earn in various ways. Many users are eager to get likes on Instagram to their posts. With their help there will be an increase in the rating of a personal page. Someone decides to buy followers Instagram to quickly increase the popularity of a personal page. Although there are more efficient and safer ways to increase the account rating.


  • How to use Instagram
  • About hashtags
  • Photo filters
  • How to write interesting texts under photos
  • Why to use Instagram
  • Instagram is a bonanza
  • Way to increase self-esteem

How to Use Instagram

How to use Instagram

In the Instagram application there are various settings and tools. With their help, one can develop their account. Many users would like to buy Instagram followers cheap in order to promote their account quickly. But in addition to the number of online readers, it is important to use other application tools, as well as to correctly maintain a profile on a social network.

  • Photos and videos should be of excellent quality. Pictures should attract attention of new followers. One can use the services of professional photographers
  • Texts must be written correctly
  • It is important to keep feedback with followers. You can ask them questions and leave answers to their comments
  • Posts should not annoy followers. It is recommended to post 2-3 times during the day, but with the sufficient intervals. You can also shoot short video clips called “Stories”.

About hashtags

With the help of popular hashtags on Instagram, one can find a lot of useful information. Hashtags are words or phrases that serve as search queries. Users can find the desired posts. You can also leave a geolocation tag for each post. This allows to see where a video or photo was made. By hashtags and geolocation tags, one can easily find all posts that have been tagged with certain words or phrases. But one needs to post hashtags correctly. And do not use too popular ones, as this may reduce the profile rating.

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Photo filters

Before publishing a photo, the user must go through a few simple steps. Select a photo, although there may be several ones (tap the corresponding icon). Then the application will offer to use the filter. With the filter, you can change the brightness and illumination of the photo. On Instagram there are several filters, and the author chooses the one he likes. You can also crop photos, create interesting collages.

How to write interesting texts under photos

To attract new followers and keep the existing ones, write good texts under a photo or video. They can be either short or long. But the main thing is that it would be interesting for followers and written correctly. It might be personal thoughts or an interesting story. If a published photo is advertising, tell about the advantages of the purchase in the description. To make the text “alive”, many Instagrammers use emoticons. But do not use too many, it is also important to use them appropriately.

How to Use Instagram

Why to use Instagram

Users register in the popular social network for various reasons. Not only personal photos and videos can be published here, but also humorous or promotional pictures. Instagram allows to improve the inner state, as getting likes and nice comments brings pleasure and increases self-esteem. Besides, one can earn through Instagram, and there are several methods. But regardless of the method, it is important to have a large number of followers.

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Instagram is a bonanza

On Instagram one can make good money. In this social network one can get a steady income in several ways. One of the popular ways of earning money is advertising other people's goods and services. It will be easy to find an advertiser who will pay well for the order after the number of followers is significant. The more followers, the higher is the price for advertising. For example, the cost of one advertising post by Olga Buzova, costs from 6,000 to 10,000 $. Therefore, many users strive to increase the number of online audience by all means.

Besides, an Instagram account can be turned into a store or advertising platform. In the settings of a personal page, change the profile into a business account. Sales on Instagram can be various: exclusive products, handmade, cosmetics, clothing, services, etc.

A way to increase self-esteem

Users who do not want or doubt earnings through the Internet, upload photos and videos to Instagram for another reason. Many people want to show their friends their lives. Someone shares impressions about traveling and cultural events with their followers. According to psychologists, showing off one’s life helps to increase self-esteem. After receiving a large number of likes and comments to photos and videos, one sees interest in themselves from friends and strangers. And in order to receive a lot of likes and comments, it is necessary to have a large online audience.

Some girls and boys start dating through Instagram. In addition, the available photo filters allow to make posts more attractive than they actually are.

Regardless of the purpose of creating an Instagram account, the number of followers matters more. The more followers, the more popular is the account. In addition, account rating affects earnings a lot.

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