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IGTV Likes

In June 2018 Instagram developers launched a service for smartphones called IGTV. It allows users to share videos lasting up to 60 minutes. The application is already extremely popular, but only a few bloggers succeeded in having their videos at the TOP. If the task is to promote the channel and occupy a profitable niche at the innovative platform quickly, IGTV likes boost is the fastest and most effective way for this.

IGTV Likes

IGTV likes

The principle of promotion in the new service is similar to Instagram itself - popularity of the post is determined by how many people liked it. The more of them, the more often the videos will appear in the recommendations for other users. In its turn, this will lead to an increase in the views number and acquiring new active audience quickly.

IGTV likes are an important criterion for success which could not be neglected. Especially by those who have just registered at the service and do not want to spend time on the channel’s promotion taking long time. Instagram TV videos likes are the main source of live followers who quickly make videos popular and leave their comments underneath.

Who and why needs IGTV likes

IGTV likes show how interesting the content is. Due to them it is easier for the users to navigate in the ocean of information available on Instagram TV. The likelihood that poor-quality and uninformative posts get into TOP is almost zero.

IGTV Likes

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Very soon IGTV will be able to compete with YouTube, that’s why the new platform is so popular among those who want to advertise their products, sell services and just be popular, including:

  • professional bloggers and newbies who are starting to try themselves;
  • creative users with high-quality content who do not have enough time and knowledge for promoting their channels;
  • modern advertising agencies that understand how effective popular social networks are for promoting brands;
  • newly starting entrepreneurs who are looking for their customers database;
  • ordinary users who want to become popular.

How to boost up IGTV likes at our service

Instagram IGTV likes is an opportunity to get followers who will not stay away from your posts. That is why we use the services of people with live accounts who use the social network actively. Due to the high professionalism one can be sure that the chances of your video to get into the block ‘Popular’ will increase significantly, as well as the views number.

Video promotion on Insta TV contributes to the integrated development of the channel. Likes show the popularity of the video to the audience and can be called the best recommendation for viewing it. In order not to miss the opportunity of promoting your content and get lots of likes, it’s enough to go through the following steps:

IGTV Likes

1. Register at myinstapromotion.com. The registration process will not take much of your time and literally in a minute you will become a user of our service.

2. Select the service and click ‘Buy now’ button.

3. Enter your current Instagram nickname and click ‘Get’.

4.  Choose the most convenient payment method and enter the required details.

After a successful payment, you will get a notification to your email address, and we will immediately provide the service. Thus, you can trust your videos promotion to professionals, while you will devote time to creating high-quality content that will definitely be watched and appreciated.

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