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Increasing Instagram Engagement

Today, almost anyone using the Internet has an Instagram account. Someone uses the social network more actively, while others are not that active. However, any user wants to know how to get Instagram followers as quickly as possible. One of the key indicators in this case is engagement. But even professionals still do not fully understand how to increase engagement on Instagram. First you need to figure out what kind of concept it is, then check Instagram engagement on your account, and only then begin work to increase it. Many experts say that the high user engagement is the main indicator of a profile’s success. And this means that one of the main ways how to improve your Instagram is to work with the engagement of followers.


  • What is engagement?
  • How to increase engagement
  • Work with followers
  • Post topics
  • More followers
  • Development prospects
  •  Conclusion

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Increasing Instagram Engagement

What is engagement?

So, traditionally, there are several key quantitative indicators that the social network researchers refer to: the number of followers, likes, comments, views. So the engagement is a ratio between the gained likes, comments, views and the number of followers. If there are a lot of followers, but a few comments, views and likes, then this means low engagement. If we see that the number of comments is much higher than followers, then this indicates the high engagement. The ideal situation is when all followers leave comments, and we should strive to it. It makes no sense to cheat tens of thousands of followers if they are all silent. Likewise, there is little point in a large number of comments if the number of followers remains low. This will testify exclusively to the provocativeness of your content, but not to its quality.

How to increase engagement

There are several ways to work with engagement. It is worth noting that it’s worth starting with an analysis of the account problems: which posts resonate more, which less. Which actions of the profile owner affect the activity positively, and which negatively. It is also important to determine for yourself what kind of audience you want to have among your followers. Attracting a more gullible audience is easier, but it's easy to lose it. A thoughtful audience rarely goes to the promoted accounts, but if it does, it usually stays there for a long time.

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Work with followers

In any case, you need to start from working with followers. If your posts collect a lot of comments, but the number of followers is not growing, then you should politely ask about it in the next post. You should not force to issue follows by a deceit - nobody will like it. However, competent and polite presentation always attracts enough attention.

Increasing Instagram Engagement

Topic posts

If the posts do not collect comments, then you need to work on the content. Try to write a little reasoning in the description of the post. Your task is to raise some important topic, to express your opinion. This should be done carefully to simultaneously draw attention to the problem, but at the same time not to hurt anyone's feelings. Very often among the followers you can find many caring people. It is towards them that your posts should be directed. You can also draw attention to the posts by publishing stories: encourage them to go to a new post and participate in a discussion.

More followers

Today, there are many ways to ensure your account grows followers-wise. You can try to work thoughtfully with the audience - this method is the most reliable and attracts the best followers. They will actively participate in discussions, offer some ideas for the new posts, and communicate. Another way is to buy ads. Simple enough, but expensive. Plus, you will need to choose the right platform where you plan to advertise your account. The most effective way is to buy followers directly. To do this, you need to contact the professionals from the Myinstapromotion service. They offer comprehensive promotion in a social network and provide an account with stable growth.

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Development prospects

Many users are trying to find out what Instagram will look like in five to ten to twenty years. Making such forecasts in a century when the Internet is developing at the speed of light is incredibly difficult. However, the right approach allows to do this almost flawlessly. Firstly, it’s worth noting that Instagram has no serious competitors. Secondly, the social network has shown steady growth in the recent years, and so far this growth is still happening. And most importantly, new features appear on the social network that allow to create a new type of content. For example, tools for selling goods are growing, and this immediately attracts the attention of small online stores.


So what can be said as a conclusion? Without the high engagement, any account will look like a dummy. Even if the key indicators grow, you need to carefully monitor the engagement of your followers, stimulate their growth. Try to find an approach to your audience so that it becomes as loyal, friendly and active as possible. Otherwise, you can forget about popularity on Instagram.

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