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Instagram Account. Design and Managing

Instagram is of vital importance for a successful business. It is probably the most popular among other social networks. It is important not only to create a page and get the maximum number of followers, but also to maintain interest to the account. For this follow a certain algorithm for creating your page. 

Instagram Account. Design and Managing


  • Instagram account design
  • How to choose a nickname
  • Naming an account
  • Account description
  • How to write a vivid description in the header
  • Instagram Stories archives

Instagram account design

The main information should be reflected in the header for several reasons:

  • This is your account’s face. The more data, the more interested users you have.
  • It contains keywords required for being found by search queries;
  • The number of people from the total followers number who will actually purchase goods and services depends on it.

Adding information will take not more than half an hour, while the entered details will help you to acquire a bigger number of followers. Do not forget to update Instagram as the new versions contain functions making managing of the personal account easier.

Instagram Account. Design and Managing

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How to choose a nickname

Which name is easier to remember, the one consisting of several letters, bright and simple at the same time, or a difficult one? Of course, the first one will be a success. When hearing it from friends or seeing in an advertisement, potential clients will remember it and easily find it in a search engine. In addition, when seeing a long nickname, the user will not even try to read it and will not remember.

Naming an account

In this social network there is a limit in the maximum number of letters used for the nickname. It should be about 30 characters. You have to choose a name based on potential keywords used for searching for a page. It should include brief and concise information about the account and its purpose.

E.g. the user with the nickname @tatu_74. The name of the page is ‘Chelyabinsk Tattoos’. It is logical to assume that this particular search query will appear from potentially interested customers, and therefore lead them to this profile.

For Instagram users who use their pages for promoting their own products, it is better to specify their own name as a name. This will help followers to find the person they like in other social networks. You can also add a profession or occupation to the name. For example, the page ‘Stylist Darya Selivanova’ could be easily found not only by name, but also by profession added to the search query.

Account description

You can fully describe the occupation of the page’s owner in the section ‘About Me’. Information must fit into 150 characters. It will help to get the interest of potential followers visiting the account for the first time. Try to follow the tips below for filling in this field:

  • If you promote your services in Russia it is worth to refuse from using foreign words. Not all people will understand you, and this will distract a few percent of the total number of your potential followers.
  • Specify the maximum number of contacts that the customer can use. Write not only your phone number and e-mail, but also your instant messengers. If there is not enough space for contact information, then just leave a link to the mssg.me service, users will be able to see all your info there.
  • People love good bargains. Tell more about the discounts, promos, offer your customers to use free advice about the ways of using a promoted product.
  • If you have your own website, do not forget to specify its address. To make users follow the link, lure their attention with the phrases ‘Only Today!’ or ‘New catalogue!’
  • If you have several accounts, either personal pages or a business accounts, add hashtags in them mentioning the second resource.

How to write a vivid description in the header

Everyone is used to see the same design in the description. But what if you make it different by color or font? There are several sites created for this purpose, including lingojam.com/FontsForInstagram.

Instagram Account. Design and Managing

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Instagram Stories archives

The feature called ‘Highlights’ implies Stories saved for a long time, not only for a day. For them not to get mixed in one file, Instagram functionality allows to separate them into folders and themes. You can watch them by tapping the links below the general page information. Viewing is possible only from a mobile application, for the PC version the function is not available.

For adding Highlights you should add regular Stories first. Afterwards go to the Stories and mark a file with a heart confirming your intention to send it to the saved ones.

It is convenient to use Stories archives in the following cases:

  • Dividing the published material into categories and topics. Suitable for bloggers having discussions on various topics. You can use several basic hashtags after specifying them in the information field. So that it's easier for followers to find posts interesting for them.
  • Adding information about the goods or services being sold. With their help, customers will quickly choose what they like and place the order.
  • Information about events in which you offer the followers to take part.
  • The list of bonus programs, contests, etc. that will be interesting for the client.
  • A bright presentation of your personality and the sold goods. Post some videos about who you are and what you do. Tell how to use your products, and why they are the best.
  • The opinion of people who already took advantage of your goods and were pleased with them.
  • Clarification on the most popular issues. Provide information on how to choose the goods easily, how to make a payment and how to receive it.

So the potential customers will be informed about your service’s opportunities and will not experience any difficulties while making a purchase.

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