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Instagram Account Recovery: if It is Possible

For someone, a personal Instagram account is not just a repository of memories in the form of photos or videos, but also a resource for earning. And if an Instagram account was hacked, getting further income becomes difficult. You can recover hacked Instagram account, but this does not always work. But if the profile could not be returned, you need to think about how to quickly get followers for a new page.


• Account recovery on Instagram

• Reasons for hacking account on Instagram

• How to recover an Instagram account

• How to secure your Instagram account

• What to do if you failed to restore your Instagram account?

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Instagram Account Recovery: if It is Possible

Account recovery on Instagram

Often the support service receives questions about how to recover hacked Instagram account. Instagram is a popular social network and stealing a profile here has long been commonplace. The reasons why passwords to other people's profiles are selected are different. But regardless of this, account recovery procedures are the same. Experienced bloggers recommend to think in advance about the profile’s security in order not to ask questions later on how to get a hacked Instagram account back.

Reasons for hacking an Instagram account

Hacking other people's accounts could happen for various reasons, but most often this is done with popular accounts that have a large number of followers. Such accounts are of great value to the scammers. Highly rated profiles are successfully sold to the live readers, as the promotion of such accounts is no longer required. But sometimes profiles are hacked for turning the page into an automatic bot. And also, users do not need to confuse the hacking of an account with blocking by the administration of the social network Instagram. In this case, the page will never be restored.

How to recover an Instagram account

Restoring access to your personal profile can occur using different methods. And the later actions will be taken to return the account, the more chances to say goodbye to it forever.

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• First of all, you should try to restore access by phone number and email address, which are specified in the profile settings. But sometimes scammers manage to change their personal data, and then recovery codes will never arrive.

• In the same way, password recovery via Facebook is performed.

• If the restoration of access to your Instagram account did not work out using the above methods, you should contact the support service. In the "support" section, select the "complain about hacking account" option.

• After that, the application form will appear, which should be filled out as accurately as possible. It is necessary to answer all questions correctly. Instagram administration may require sending a personal photo. And if in the hacked profile there is no photo with a clear image of the face, they may be denied access to the page. But in most cases, if the user knows their Instagram account perfectly well, it is possible to get the personal page back.

How to secure your Instagram account

In order not to encounter such an unpleasant situation as hacking an Instagram account, you need to take care of its safety in advance. Experienced bloggers advise to follow simple tips:

• The password for entering your personal account must be secure. You need to come up with a password using letters and numbers, and also use upper and lower case. Many users change their password every month, coming up with a complicated key to enter each time.

• In the settings of your personal account, you need to fill in the fields indicating the email address and mobile phone, to which one has a regular access.

• It is recommended to “link” your Instagram account with Facebook or Twitter accounts.

• It is better not to use public Internet networks, as the risk of hacking an Instagram account increases. Outside, it is recommended to use mobile Internet, and at home to connect via Wi-fi.

• You can’t give anyone personal information about logging Instagram and not enter the application from electronic devices of unauthorized people, since all the login data can stay in memory.

• It is recommended to install an antivirus to your smartphone and computer.

• In your personal profile, you must necessarily post your own pictures. And similar photos must be added to the accounts of other social networks. In order to prove the Instagram administration that this page is yours in case of hacking.

• Never follow links sent by unfamiliar users. Even when the link comes from a friend, you need to make sure in advance that their page is not hacked, and that this is not a distribution of a malicious virus.

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Instagram Account Recovery: if It is Possible

What to do if you failed to restore your Instagram account?

If you can’t restore access to your Instagram account, don’t despair. You should create a new account, write detailed information about yourself in your account and choose the fast development of your account. In order to promote your personal page on Instagram as soon as possible, you need to use the most effective methods. For example, Myinstapromotion service specialists quickly increase the number of active followers, likes and comments. The cost of the service is favorable, especially since all the financial costs spent on promotion of the account will pay off very soon. Of course, you can use other ways to promote your Instagram account, but it either takes a lot of time or is very expensive.

Of course, it’s better to take care of your Instagram account safety in advance. Social networks pages get hacked very often. But if hacking has already happened, start the recovery procedure as soon as possible.

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