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Instagram Advertising: Sponsored Post

According to the latest marketing and sociological research, Instagram is one of the most effective platforms for promotion and advertising. For a long time, advertising in this social network was not regulated in any way, however, in early 2017, the management issued an official statement on the introduction of specialized sponsorship tags. Read on to learn what they are for and what benefits there are!


1. More about the innovation

1.1. Functions of sponsored posts

1.2. Interesting facts about sponsorship tags

2. How to set up sponsored ads

Instagram Advertising: Sponsored Post

More about the innovation

Instagram is a popular mobile app with elements of a social network, originally conceived as a platform for exchanging photos and videos. Since its creation, it has been significantly modernized and transformed, supplemented by various features and options.

Today Instagram is one of the most effective and efficient platforms for promotion and advertising. It is used by both very young and yet unknown brands, and large brands that have already won international recognition. The demand for advertising within the social network is explained by the high sensitivity of its audience – the app users are especially active in marketing posts, influenced easily. According to experts, in 2017 alone, Instagram managed to make $ 2.8 billion revenue from worldwide ad.

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The key figures of the app are bloggers with thousands of followers (they are also called influencers). Large advertisers request them to place mentioning of a particular product on their page. It is noteworthy that for a long time the management of the social network did not regulate the process of posting commercial posts in any way, allowing users to advertise literally anything in their blogs. The situation changed in 2017, when a new tool was introduced into use, designed to tag the advertiser company in the post. Now, any sponsored Instagram post is supplemented with the text "Post Sponsored by ... (and reference to the partner account)" located in the upper right corner.

Functions of sponsored posts

What is the essence of sponsored ads Instagram and why are they needed? Everything is simple: for a long time, bloggers advertised services or products in the format of banal recommendations. In other words, they acted as specialists who previously tested a specific product and then shared their impressions with followers. Such advertising was native in nature and did not distinguish the commercial publications from the total mass of posts.

Despite all the effectiveness, such commercial cooperation between bloggers and advertisers had one significant drawback – it was misleading users. And this went against the Instagram policy, because one of the key goals of the app is to ensure absolute transparency. Thus, sponsored posts have become a necessary measure designed to protect ordinary users from unauthorized advertising exposure and suggestion.

To summarize it, we can distinguish the following functions of sponsorship tags:

• simplifying the communication solving commercial issues;

• legal regulation of the native advertising.

Note that the new tool is useful for advertisers as it provides access to the post statistics. If promoting their blog, the user resorted to the services of automatic boost Instagram followers, the customer will be able to detect this by tracking the number of interactions with the commercial post. Having identified a blogger cheating, they have the right to terminate the cooperation.

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Interesting facts about sponsorship tags

The introduction of sponsorship tags is largely due to the tough US policy regarding the advertising posts. In attempt to protect ordinary users from manipulative influence, the country's trade commission sent letters to the ninety most popular and influential bloggers informing them of the need to put specialized notes from sponsored advertisers. It is interesting, that according to statistics, the sponsored Instagram post cost has slightly increased.

Note that in the CIS countries such a practice has not yet received widespread distribution. This is largely due to the fact that local regulatory authorities are only keeping their eye on the illegal trade in the social networks, without taking serious measures.

Instagram Advertising: Sponsored Post

How to set up sponsored ads

The first step is to set up an account. To be able to tag an advertiser in posts, you must turn your user page into the status of a business account. This manipulation will allow not only to establish partnerships, but also to:

• track statistics;

• monitor targeted reach;

• timely identify the interests and requests of the audience (for example, by the number of retained posts).

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To transfer an account to the “Business” category, open Settings, tap the line “Account” and switch to the business account. Important: you cannot do this without having a Facebook page.

Then it’s up to you to find the advertiser who wants to order the promotion from you. To create branded content, you need to get their approval, and then make a tag when posting it.

As a rule, pages with more than 100 thousand followers are used for advertising. That is why many users wisely resort to the services that help to gain followers on Instagram in advance.

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