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Instagram: Becoming a Fashion Blogger

How to become a fashion blogger on Instagram and make money on your blog? For this, you have to be not just a content creator, but also a producer, a photographer, a model and a journalist – “all in one”. Yes, gaining Instagram followers is not an easy task. But many Instagram fashion bloggers

have already achieved success using the well proven methods.


• Reasons to start a fashion blog

• How to become a fashion blogger. What can help?

• Content is essential

• Advertising and moving forward is important

• Professional approach

Instagram: Becoming a Fashion Blogger

Reasons to start a fashion blog

Fashion blogs are started with different goals, for example:

• models create content to increase their popularity and attract the attention of world famous designers;

• stylists advertise their services and expand the circle of potential customers;

• photographers demonstrate their work on shows and photo shoots;

• the authors plan making the blog a means of earning, which requires more followers.

There are many ways to make money on a fashion blogging. For example, in real life, a well-known brand can sign a contract with a blogger. Also, many well-known authors write books - this is a new trend that will be at the peak of popularity for several more years, because people like motivating success stories. Some bloggers are not limited only to the field of literature, but launch their brand of clothes, perfumes or cosmetics.

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If we talk about stylists, then in addition to work with their customers offline, you can always have paid consultations on the analysis of the wardrobe, as well as receive requests for advertising. The number of followers plays an essential role. Millionaire bloggers can earn several thousand dollars on one post. Although practice shows that today advertisers prefer accounts having about 10,000 followers. It is believed that such an audience is more active and has confidence in the author, who communicates with them more closely than a busy millionaire blogger.

Brands can pay a commission to the blogger for all the attracted customers. In blogs, the authors advertise the store, leave an affiliate link, each click on it gives the opportunity to receive a commission.

Finally, a modern tool for earning is marathons and master classes. Today they are highly valued, and there are plenty of interested users. Nowadays, the world is focused on fashion and style, you can understand why sharing knowledge in this area is very popular. The main thing is that people should see an authoritative specialist in the blogger, and only then they will join them for knowledge. The competent fashion blog will help achieve this status.

How to become a fashion blogger. What can help?

Today, just publishing beautiful photos in a new account and hoping that they users will immediately start following is not a good idea. There are enough high-quality images on the Internet. People do not join for them, but for inspiration, charisma and motivation. Therefore, a fashion blog should become a personal brand. And how to get more Instagram likes? For this, you have to work on your page.

Content is essential

The first thing to think about is the short name for the blog. Numbers or foreign words that are difficult to understand are not welcome. It is also important to ensure that the nickname does not overlap with the existing profiles. The user should remember the name of the blog almost immediately, and then sooner or later they will become its followers.

Instagram: Becoming a Fashion Blogger

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The second important issue is content. The mistake of many newbie fashion bloggers is taking photos without text. Only millionaires and very popular personalities can afford this. In other cases, this will be regarded as narcissism.

It is important to work on the textual component, alternating topics. Quotes of famous people are not welcome, because they look like a leftover from the 2000s. It’s much better to make a post plan. There should be topics with useful tips, stories from life. The posts, where the author asks their followers’ opinion or asks a question, work really well.

For a fashion blog you need beautiful and high-quality photos. Therefore, you cannot do without professional help. At the beginning, you can ask friends to make photos, but in the future it is important to find a photographer with whom you will create unique interesting content.

Advertising and moving forward is important

It is worth using all Instagram features: live streams, arrange a day of answers to questions, shoot interesting stories with the author’s voice heard, face seen. It is important to personalize the brand, because people are interested in people today, not a soulless photo.

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To stay at the peak, you will need to constantly learn something new, guess trends and share the latest and most unique information. You can do this yourself or hire an assistant. But stagnating is the most dangerous thing a blogger can do.

Sometimes a fashion blogger takes off in the ratings instantly just because they have been successfully advertised by a famous person. So get ready to invest time, effort and money into the efficient advertising. You can find a more popular blogger who will mention your account in their post or story, or negotiate mutual PR with the brands. At first, it’s worth buying advertising on the well-known sites and even on Instagram itself, which will display the promoted post in the feed of other users.

Professional approach

Do not neglect the chance provided by the specialized services to attract followers. For example, Myinstapromotion  will be a great addition to the work already done on the account. The service allows to attract followers, taking into consideration their age, interests, country.

Proper selection of the target audience is a guarantee that the blog author will have live followers, and their activity will positively affect the reach and rating of the account. You can be developing your Instagram for years or do it several times faster, being ahead of many newbie authors and starting to make money on a fashion blog right now.

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