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Instagram Direct Messages on Computer

Many users are sure that the Instagram app can be used exclusively on a mobile phone. Fortunately, this is not so. Of course, not all features of a social network are available in a computer browser. Therefore, the question often arises: how to check direct messages on Instagram on computer.


• Features of using Direct

• Limitations of Direct

• What can be sent

• How to find Direct on a PC

• Installation of an app

• Using emulator

• Online services

• Conclusion

Instagram Direct Messages on Computer

Features of using Direct

When Instagram became popular, many people noticed its significant drawback - the inability to conduct personal messages. For a long time, this feature was ignored by the developers, but nevertheless, the Direct feature appeared in the app:

1. It allows to publish photos and videos not in public, but for a narrow circle of people.

2. The number of followers receiving media information should not exceed 15 people.

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3. To create each post, you will need to re-select the audience from among the followers.

4. You can conduct personal correspondence with a specific user of the social network.

Making a post through Direct is quite simple:

1. Select or take the desired photo.

2. Apply filters.

3. Tap the Direct button in the upper right corner.

4. Select recipients.

Recipients can also send a response, tap likes.

Limitations of Direct

Restrictions in the app can be divided into 2 types:

1. Restriction on sending messages. You can restrict this in your account settings. The function allows to limit the list of people who want to contact the user or completely prohibit all users from sending private messages.

2. In the second group, several different restrictions can be distinguished. The first one is a request to send private messages. If another user has restricted access to their account, then first you need to ask for permission to send something.

In addition, there are quantitative limits. No more than a hundred messages to followers and 50 messages to other users can be sent per day. Otherwise, the account will simply be blocked. By the way, if you want to increase the number of followers, you can use the Myinstapromotion service. In addition, a single text message should not exceed 500 characters.

What can be sent

The following content is available for sending to direct:

1. Text is the simplest and most common type of messages.

2. Photo. It can be attached with a special icon in the typing field.

3. Video. A video call feature is also available.

4. Disappearing messages. This is the answer to the question: how to delete direct messages on Instagram. After the message has been viewed by the recipient, it will disappear.

5. Links to other accounts.

6. Posts.

In the mobile version, everything is as simple as possible, but many users are interested in how to send an Instagram direct message on computer. In fact, you can enter the social network from any browser, but the functionality will be limited. You can only view other people's photos, comment, and edit your personal profile.

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Instagram Direct Messages on Computer

How to find Direct on a PC

Can you send a direct message on Instagram on the computer? Yes, of course. Let’s consider the methods available for opening personal messages on Instagram on a PC:

1. The official app for the Windows 10 operating system. This is the only version that supports this program. Moreover, the user may have to update the system for the app to work correctly.

2. Software on the global Internet.

3. Emulator. This is how a special software for launching mobile apps on computer is called. It can be selected and downloaded on the Internet. It is worth considering that not all computers will "bear" such an extension

Each of the methods is worth considering in detail.

Installation of an app

It is easier to enter Direct from a PC through the official application. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. This can be done as follows:

1. In the search bar, enter the name of the desired software. The app will be automatically installed on the PC, and most likely, the corresponding shortcut will appear on the panel.

2. Next, you need to log in to your account. The program interface looks similar both for Android and iOS. Going to Direct is not difficult.

But this method is not relevant for users of Windows operating systems below the version 10.

Using emulator

For any operating system, the right emulator can be found. The most popular ones can be considered BlueStacks, GenyMotion. Before downloading, be sure to get acquainted with the system requirements and select the appropriate version.

The program is a copy of the Android operating system. After downloading, you can also use the Play Market and find the Instagram app. To sign in, a username and password are entered.

When using the emulator, there will be practically no differences between the installed program and the official app. Direct opens similarly. And the system will display the user's location on the network from a mobile device.

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Online services

If the above services are not suitable, then a good way out could be online services on the Internet. Some of them are paid. When choosing, you need to be careful, as there are quite a lot of scammers on the network who can gain access to the user's personal account.

Verified and popular services include:

• Directbulksender;

• Okogram;

• Idirect.

They have convenient interfaces. Using Direct can be intuitive even for the inexperienced users.


The interface of the social network Instagram is simple and straightforward. Any user will be able to understand the features both on the phone and on PC. To use the full functionality of the app on a PC, just use any of the methods described above.

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