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Instagram Face Masks: Why They are Needed

An Instagram face mask is a special art filter in the Instagram photo service. Special masks are called up by tapping a special button located in the lower right corner of the screen in the camera mode. To improve the attendance and popularity of your account, you can create and launch your own copyright masks for the general use. If you like someone’s filter, you can also use it, since the Instagram project provides such an opportunity.


1. Why use and create Instagram masks?

2. Useful information for the mask makers.

• 1. How to create your own mask?

• 2. Approval of the created mask.

3. The most interesting Instagram masks.

Instagram Face Masks: Why They are Needed, How to Create Them and Use

Why use and create Instagram masks?

The Instagram face mask filter that became available a couple of years ago in the software version № 10.21 allows to diversify the photos taken and uploaded by users, add interesting elements to them or create new images.

In addition, it is convenient to use hashtag stickers that are suitable for the topic to mark masks and quickly search for them in the Stories section by adding them to your Instagram photo or video. By tapping the photos / videos marked in this way, the user of the social photo network Instagram can quickly find posts with the same hashtags.

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Accordingly, when creating your own unique mask, you have a chance to appeal to more people than when posting boring photos without any special effects. When viewing interesting masks, you can add your favorite mask to your set in just one tap. When a similar special author’s filter is used, everyone viewing a photo using a mask can see its author. Who knows, maybe a successful new mask could bring new friends and followers?

Useful information for the mask makers

How to make Instagram masks? The answer depends on what particular effects or images are included in the mask and are displayed on top of the photo. For some mask filters you may need 3D objects and programs for drawing them, for others it will be enough to add a one-dimensional simple image.

How to create your own mask?

To create your own masks for Instagram photos, follow this algorithm:

• come up with an idea (concept) of the mask so that users of the social network would like it;

• draw (create) a mask in any graphic editor;

• go to the special section of Facebook, where the application for creating the mask is submitted: https://www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/manage/;

• export the mask from the program;

• create a preview, i.e. the so-called icon that would display the brief version of the mask, sized 480 pixels by 480 pixels;

• write a short text description of the mask;

• upload a preview and description to the site, specifying, if necessary, the duration of the mask (suitable for seasonal filters) and the region of use.

Approval of the created mask

In order for the mask to be approved by the administration of the social network, first of all, it shoulf violate the rules of Facebook. Besides, try to create a great mask with an original idea and a beautiful artistic expression. There are several more conditions required when approving the Instagram mask.

Remember that before sending a request for creating a mask, you should take care of getting the status of an authorized partner or beta tester of the social network. Having applied for the status of a beta tester, do not despair if you get a refusal for the first time. This request should be repeated in a few days and the best is yet to come!

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Instagram Face Masks: Why They are Needed, How to Create Them and Use

The most interesting Instagram masks

Among the best face masks Instagram are the following:

• Vertumn: fruit and vegetable extravaganza from the Russian designer Alena Geyzer (geyzerrr); By the way, when the user’s mouth is opened, the fruits fly apart;

• Luminous and Awakening: fluorescent masks for those who would like to feel like an avatar, from wardyworks;

• Pickle Сat: flying cucumbers and a surprised cat from Luke Hurd (LUKEHURD);

• Donut Ears: this playful Insta-mask will slap an ice cream into your forehead, turning you into a weird unicorn (from wrld.space);

• Google Eyes: surprised Google eyes from Enrique Desfa (ENRIQUEDESFA);

• Cry Me A River: a sad romance with a crying face is provided by this mask from Matt (mate_steinforth);

• Dark Friend: a mask that will help you feel like a dark lord (author: rustamate);

• Desktop 96: analogy of the old active desktop of the old computer from D. Kedenburg (GK3);

• Woop: adds cool tattoos to the photo (created by tokyyto);

• Self Help: steel hands covering your head in the photo (fvckrender);

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• Zoufriya: a multi-colored plastic mask for a glamorous look from the designer Joana Jaskowska (johwska);

• Snegurka: makes you a Snow Maiden by adding the classic blue Russian crown (creator - geyzerrr);

• Revolution: helps to clone yourself (your image) into millions of copies (chrispelk);

• Square Wave Knight: acidic black and blue stripes from the media artist from Buenos Aires (VSYNTH74).

Whatever mask you choose to improve the mood of your Instagram readers (followers), any will make them smile. If you don’t like the mask filters by other network users, just come up with your own ones!

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