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Instagram Features: Everything about Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular applications around the world. Here people share their videos and photos, develop their creativity, learn new useful information and earn successfully. Someone decides to buy Instagram followers to increase the profile rating. Growing popularity of the account gives many benefits. But to increase the rating of a personal page, use various service tools, like Instagram hashtags, Stories and live broadcasts. Also, the Instagrammer needs to know the best time to post on Instagram.


  • Instagram Stories
  • Why Stories are needed
  • How to use Stories
  • Live streams on Instagram
  • How long is live streaming
  • Live stream settings on Instagram

Instagram Features: Everything about Stories

Instagram Stories

To understand how to post on Instagram, learn all options for posting. The service allows to create not only simple posts stored in your account for an unlimited time, but also Stories visible in the profile for no more than 24 hours. This feature appeared on Instagram in 2016, but is still popular among many users. Stories feature is useful for those who post to the social network every hour of their life.

Why Stories are needed

The “Stories” feature allows to upload a video or photo, but not to the news feed. Video duration will not exceed 15 seconds. But you can post many Stories. In the settings it is allowed to add text and emojis to a video or photo. This feature was invented by Instagram developers for exchanging not very significant information. Business account holders use Stories to inform customers about special offers and promotions. In addition, the advantage of Stories is that they do not appear in the news feed of followers, but are displayed at the top of the page. Every follower decides whether they want to watch a Story or not.

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How to use Stories

Viewing your friend’s recorded Story is easy. You can see that a new photo or video appeared by the user profile picture above the news feed. If the profile picture is circled in red, then you haven’t watched this user’s Story yet. The gray circle shows that a published video or photo has been viewed. One can view as many Stories as they like. To stop the Story, tap and hold the screen. To watch the next one, tap on the left or right side of the screen. While viewing the Story, you can write a comment, but only its author will see it in personal messages.

One can create Stories using various tools: use the existing photo or video, or take a new picture with the Instagram camera. It is allowed to use different filters, emojis, text overlay. One of the advantages of Stories is that the author can see everyone who has watched it. Stories are open for all Instagram users, even if the profile is closed. But if there is a desire to protect Stories from certain people, this can be done in the privacy settings.

Live streams on Instagram

In addition to Instagram Stories, one can record live broadcasts. Users prefer this feature when traveling, visiting cultural events. Some conduct giveaways and reposts contests on air, so that there is no doubt about the honesty of the organizers. Unlike Stories, live broadcasts can last up to 60 minutes. But one can shoot an unlimited number of live broadcasts.

Instagram Features: Everything about Stories

How long is live streaming

Instagram newbies do not know all the tricks of how to improve account rating in a social network. But every little thing is important to gain popularity in the virtual world. Despite the fact that the service allows to film 1 hour live broadcasts, this is not as easy as it seems. It is especially difficult to keep the attention of followers for the inexperienced Instagram users. Experienced bloggers advise beginners to go on air for no more than 30 min. All followers will learn about the start of the live broadcast and will be able to join in time. It is also important to think about where a mobile device will be set during the shooting. It is quite difficult to hold a smartphone in your hand for 20-30 minutes.

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Live stream settings on Instagram

This function in the social network can be configured at will. The developers have come up with many tools and properties so that users can attract the attention of new followers using live broadcasts.

  • Use the effects and masks during shooting. They are on the right side of the screen
  • Communication with viewers in comments. If there is no desire to communicate with followers, disable this feature
  • It happens that different viewers ask the same question many times. In order not to repeat the same followers every time, fix your answer. Then all viewers will see it
  • The comments one likes, might be marked with likes. Moreover, all viewers will be able to see the like
  • Chat can be scrolled back and forth. This allows to return to the unread comments
  • In the privacy settings, one can restrict access for certain users
  • Every live author will be able to see the number of viewers

Using live broadcasts and Stories helps to increase the Instagram account rating. But there are faster ways to increase popularity. Methods can be both paid and free. Each user chooses a way to increase the rating of the account. But experienced bloggers advise to contact SMM specialists. For example, the MyInstaPromotion service. With the help of the SMM professionals, one can quickly promote the Instagram account page. The prices are very low and the job is done super quickly. Of course, one can use free methods. But some of them are forbidden by the administration of Instagram, and others will take long to get a result. Therefore, contacting the SMM professionals is the most profitable method.

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