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Instagram Hashtags as a Way of Attracting Followers

To promote your account on Instagram, use various tools. For example, hashtags for Instagram are one of the methods of increasing popularity, as well as attracting followers. You can use popular hashtags and leave them under each post. But it is important to follow the rules for compiling and placing Instagram tags. Some users invent their own original hashtags, and also place them under each post. Various words and phrases are used as hashtags. And the best time to post Instagram is morning or evening.


  • Why hashtags are needed
  • Benefits of using hashtags
  • About hashtags
  • How to create hashtags

Instagram Hashtags as a Way of Attracting Followers

Why hashtags are needed

With the help of hashtags, users find the necessary information through the search queries. And also, if you tap a hashtag under the post, Instagram will offer to see all published posts with similar hashtags. You can write both words and long phrases. These marks are a conductor on Instagram. In addition, many social networks have begun to use this tool for the convenience of readers and authors of posts.

Benefits of using hashtags

The new user of the world-famous social network does not know how to increase Instagram followers, and also do not understand the need for hashtags. These signatures have several advantages:

  • Getting likes to posts and attracting new followers
  • Some bloggers use hashtags to attract the attention of large advertisers and increase their revenue
  • Creating unique hashtags allows to promote your brand, as this signature becomes a memorable and distinctive feature of a certain profile
  • Hashtags are often used in various contests of reposts, marathons, promotions. This allows to track all the necessary and relevant information
  • Business account holders use hashtags for their sales. In addition, finding the right product or service will be much easier when similar tags are left under the posts
  • Many experienced bloggers advice how to gain followers on Instagram do not recommend using the most common social network hashtags. Otherwise it may reduce the number of views of the account

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About hashtags

Instagram tags are keywords when searching for information. Therefore, hashtags are usually divided according to the frequency of requests. But the Instagram service does not allow to view the frequency of a particular label. If you tap any hashtag, you can see the number of posts with it. Therefore, the following types of key hashtags are separated:

  • up to 500 – rare ones;
  • from 500 to 10 000 - low-frequency ones;
  • from 10,000 to 100,000 - mid-frequency ones;
  • from 100,000 - high frequency ones.

Instagram Hashtags as a Way of Attracting Followers

In addition to the separation of types of hashtags in terms of frequency of reference, as well as requests, they may vary in purpose:

  • When hashtags are created to increase the number of followers and ratings for posts used spam hashtags. But they must be used very rarely, and besides, they are ineffective
  • Geo-tags are intended to indicate the location of a photo or video. They are recommended to be used for business promotion
  • To attract targeted followers, you must use content hashtags
  • To increase profile activity on Instagram, you need to use trending hashtags. But mentions should be about trends corresponding to the page theme
  • The use of branded hashtags helps in the promotion of a product or service in the social network
  • For the convenience of using the account rubricators are used. They are also used during various contests and lotteries
  • Experienced bloggers do not recommend using the “best” hashtags found in search engines. They belong to spam, which means it will not work to get “live” pages of real people.

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How to create hashtags

It would seem that coming up with a hashtag and writing it in your publication is very easy. But in order to increase the rating of your Instagram account, you need to know some tricks.

  • To write hashtags, you must use the Latin alphabet or use Cyrillic letters. And if the author of the post writes English words, it is necessary to remember that not only Russian-speaking, but also people from other countries can view his posts
  • Write a phrase of several words can be merged or through the underscore. For example, #accountrating or #account_rating
  • In addition to the underscore when creating hashtags cannot use other characters and symbols. Even the space is forbidden to use, otherwise the Instagram label will become incomplete. Sometimes you can use numbers, as well as emojis
  • If several hashtags are used, they must be separated by spaces. In this case, the Instagram service will not perceive the label as spam, and such a signature looks more aesthetic
  • Instagram permits to publish no more than 30 hashtags to one publication. If the author decides to write more, then there is a chance that these phrases will break, or the service will completely remove all hashtags
  • Hashtags can be left not only in the text for the Instagram publication, but also in the first comment. Moreover, tags to the posts are considered separately from the hashtags in the comments

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