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Instagram Life: The Kingdom of Trick Mirrors

You admire bright photos and trust to Instagram blogger tips about how to become more successful and achieve the same standard of living? But how can one doubt that? Here is a young beauty with a dazzling smile demonstrating new brand clothes and a newly bought car. She travels the world, films Instagram makeup tutorials, she is bombarded with likes and compliments.


  • Superman or superwoman?
  • Lady perfection
  • Costumes, decorations...
  • Destiny’s favorite?
  • Simulating the dynamic activity
  • Travels of Baron von Munchausen
  • Illusory activities
  • Cute charity and hype

Instagram Life: The Kingdom of Trick Mirrors

Superman or superwoman?

You can’t even imagine that all this can be an illusion: beauty, clothes, cars. And gaining followers on Instagram is often not a question of the popularity of a particular blogger, but the use of apps and services that allow purchasing both likes and followers. What makes people believe in the exceptional success of Instagram bloggers?

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Lady perfection

Instagram is populated by creatures of heavenly beauty: perfectly even skin, impeccable radiance of smiles, harmonious bodies - girls with slim model figures and courageous trained guys. Generously endowed by nature? Or do these guys spend half their lives maintaining a dazzling appearance: beauticians, fitness, gym?

Most often, all the beauty is created by the tools in graphic editors and photo correction. Download them to your smartphone, take a couple of hours to master them, in a week you will learn how to work with them, and you're done: no wrinkles, acnes, cellulite, no belly, bigger boobs... Yes, and Photoshop is still there. Instagram bloggers also know that the angle and lighting can change a person in a photo beyond recognition and take advantage of this.

Yes, all these elves and princesses exist only in pictures. In life, they are like everyone else: more or less attractive or just ordinary.

Costumes, decorations...

Instagram bloggers in branded clothes pose against the fashionable cars and relax in the luxurious apartments, expensive nightclubs and restaurants. Envy, losers!

But most often there is nothing to envy: all this is just costumes and scenery, and not the real life of a blogger. The owners of promoted accounts can be sent clothes by barter, others find it where they can: borrow dresses, rent shoes, accessories, find newbie designers who can provide their collections for the brand advertising on Instagram. Well, the most ridiculous cases are pictures taken in fitting rooms of shopping centers and boutiques, or just buying ... branded boxes and bags. And what is inside cannot be visible in the photo!

The same story about the expensive cars - bloggers ask the car dealerships about the barter (photo shoot for advertising), take pictures next to other people's cars and even take selfies with luxury taxi cars!

Luxury apartments can be rented for an hour (for several people) for the sake of a photo shoot, and a cup of coffee can be ordered in an expensive restaurant for making a hundred of  selfies.

Destiny’s favorite?

Followers envy not only a beautiful life, but also too elegant everyday life. Bloggers with a beautiful love story or an ideal family with lovely, well raised and developed kids. In addition, Instagram stars have time for everything! They cook amazing dishes, take care of themselves, do fitness, attend social events...

Offline romantic love story could be a vague coexistence on the verge of a divorce. Kids are tortured by their parents who endlessly take photos of them for the sake of successful, beautiful pictures!

Culinary masterpieces may also consist not of expensive ingredients, but simply look spectacular (or photos can just be stolen from other Internet resources). Selfies with the exercise equipment on the background and fitness are two different things. And taking a picture next to a pathos institution, pretending that you are about to enter there, is not difficult.

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Simulating the dynamic activity

Nobody is interested in a person not busy with anything - so Instagram bloggers try to create the impression of an active and interesting life. Look, I’m developing: I travel, do business, do art!

Travels of Baron von Munchausen

Do you have to save a whole year for a vacation abroad, and bloggers are always on vacation? Someone basks at the beach in Nice, the second one conquers the ski slopes in Chamonix. A month later, she is in Paris, he is in Thailand.

Of course, today trips abroad are not exotic, and people with good income can afford relaxing in foreign resorts several times a year. They upload genuine travel photos to Instagram. But many bloggers who want to become popular do not have funds for such a frequent and expensive vacation. And again they add their imagination. Who will guess that a beach in “Nice” with white sand is in the Crimea, and the French Chamonix has opened a branch in Chelyabinsk?

Almighty Photoshop often comes to the rescue of such "travelers" if they want a picture with the Eiffel Tower on the background.

Instagram Life: The Kingdom of Trick Mirrors

Illusory activities

In order to show their activity and success, bloggers post photos on Instagram showing that they have a wonderful job or a great hobby (and they, of course, cope with both with brilliant results!). The audience of their followers, who do not know these talented and successful individuals in person, willingly believe that a guy in a suit with a tie, photographed with a microphone, conducts business training. And a charming girl watering a flower in a pot is an expert in cultivating ornamental plants.

But even in these photos, they still remain a guy with a microphone and a girl watering geraniums! The first one does not turn to a business coach, the second one does not turn to a florist. Did you get how it works?

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Cute charity and hype

Photos with animals are a win-win move. Lovely animals gain likes. But really unusual photos with animals (for example, with the famous bear Stepan) cost a lot. And what if a blogger doesn’t have a pet for “cute pictures”? Oh no! Another tricky idea and a blogger kills two birds with one stone, appearing at a charity event organized by animal activists. And there appear cute photos, and the blogger gets a reputation of a caring person!

And in fact, they are caring. Caring for likes and followers! Not for the homeless animals. For exactly the same reasons, an Instagram blogger takes part in any resonant events - they will go to a scandalous rally, take part in a defiant flash mob, do anything - the goal of all these actions is not important, but the hype will add them likes and followers!

Honesty is unpopular in Instagram. Is it not worth starting an account? If you are an interesting person engaged in this business, you will have your own audience. You can even start your account by using a reliable service for promoting your account, for example, Myinstapromotion. It’s hard to start with no likes and followers, and the service will help attract attention to a new Instagram blog. And then it is your turn to work: post interesting photos, communicate, comment - and your account will certainly be liked by people close to you in spirit. But would you need a thousand audience obsessed exclusively with “beautiful life”?

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