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Instagram: Rookie Mistakes

Have you tried everything, but do not know how to gain Instagram followers? Well, let's analyze the main mistakes.


  • Registration features
  • Choosing a nickname
  • Design of the account
  • Account management
  • Dead bots
  • Integrated promotion
  • Summary

Instagram: Rookie Mistakes

Registration features

When registering on Instagram, many users ignore the importance of choosing a nickname. It should correspond to the brand name, because it is rather weird to see a random account of the service center with the nickname repair_well_777. This could cause difficulties, for example, for the service center:

  • It is almost impossible to find. Looking for millions of accounts with ‘repair’, ‘well” and no popular Instagram hashtags will not help find you;
  • You will not be recommended. It is difficult to imagine that someone will remember such an inconvenient and long nickname. And it will be a shame to tell about repair_well_777;
  • You cause wrong associations. Looking at this nickname, it is difficult to understand what the company is doing - repairing equipment, cars or furniture.

Choosing a nickname

Traditionally, it is recommended to use the name of the brand or link it to the occupation. This is a great opportunity for mutual promotion, when the Instagram advertises the brand and the brand account. But here we must bear in mind that the nickname should be short and easy to remember. ‘The name of the brand_epithet_team is located in the city’ is informative, but absolutely wrong.

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Design of the account

When a person visits someone’s profile, they want to quickly find out what kind of person they are or what the company does. For this you need:

  • Use the brand logo as a profile picture for business. Put your photo as a profile picture if you are a newbie blogger. Thus, all visitors will visually remember the account from the first glance;
  • Indicate the main activity and services provided. From the logo and name it is sometimes difficult to understand to whom they belong;
  • Leave the address if it is a local business, contact details - phone number, work email address, links to other social networks.

Account management

The most common questions from the newbies are what popular hashtags to use, when to post on Instagram, how to lure followers. But you can easily find answers to them in other articles, and today we will look at other, equally significant mistakes.

At first glance, what difficulties may arise when maintaining an account. Add photos and follow the comments. Yes, if you want not to attract, but to lose followers - this is the best way. In order to create a desire for a visitor to follow, it takes a little more effort:

  • Publish photos in good quality. Even the most beautiful and informative image will not look good if it is broken in pixels, smeared;
  • Do not litter a photo with a long text. When more than 25-30% of the image is occupied by the text, it loses its appeal;
  • Reply to the comments. Every question, even the most stupid one, should be answered as quickly as possible;
  • You cannot use cheating mindlessly. Buying Instagram followers is a complicated process that requires an understanding of the Instagram algorithms.

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Instagram: Rookie Mistakes

Dead bots

Recently, various methods of cheating are gaining popularity: scripts, programs, buying followers, and even accounts. They fully perform their task - they boost the required number of followers. But this does not affect the visits and popularity of the account. And it is not the performer to be blamed, but the customer who has set the wrong goal.

The more followers you have, the more they should view, put likes, comment. Also, boosted accounts must be real, with profile photos. This is how social network algorithms work, determining cheating and boost up. If there are many followers, but they are all ‘dead’ and there is no activity, it means that the posts do not cause interest. Therefore, they will not be in the feed - you can forget about the new followers.

In addition to cheating, many people advise mass-following when you start following thousands of accounts and they follow you in response. This method also does nothing, but it can bring a lot of problems, even the ban. From January 2019, Instagram began to monitor the use of third-party software carefully, immediately punishing users. If you connect an old script or program that is shared, the account will be banned in 5-10 minutes.

To protect yourself and get rid of the inefficient expenditure of money, you need to use only the well-proven services that can bypass those algorithms. Even 1000 followers from MyInstaPromotion will replace ten thousands of empty bots.

Integrated promotion

Imagine a mental experiment - an experienced Insta-blogger and a beginner are offered a choice: either 10 thousand followers, or 100 followers, 20 likes, 60 views. A new user, having seen a big number, will take 10,000 followers without hesitation, and an experienced one will prefer the second option with likes and views. The conclusion from the experiment is simple - quality is more important than quantity. That is why it is recommended to order a comprehensive promotion on Instagram, which offers not only followers, but also other useful options: likes, views of Stories and IGTV, saves.


The main task of any promotion is to attract new users to the page, they will see your photos in the feed. But to keep them and make them subscribe is your only task. A sloppy, boring profile without design and interesting posts is not needed by anyone. Put your effort, order promotion, develop your account, and you will achieve your goals.

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