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Instagram: Secrets of Promotion

Users use natural ways of promotion to get more followers on Instagram: put the most popular hashtags on Instagram, try to post in prime time, analyze trends and try to stick to them. But such promotion, although it allows to get 1000 free followers on Instagram, require a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, you can use MyInstaPromotion, the best site to buy Instagram followers and order them there. Which way is better?


  • Natural methods of promotion
  • Hashtags
  • Special offers
  • Mutual following and likes
  • Artificial attraction of visitors
  • Software promotion
  • Advertising placement
  • Services for cheating
  • MyInstaPromotion on guard of ER
  • Conclusion

Instagram: Secrets of Promotion

Natural methods of promotion

Natural promotion means a situation when a user uses only those methods offered by the social network itself. Such methods do not require financial expenses, but are completely dependent on the time invested, experience and knowledge.


Why do bloggers use the most popular hashtags on Instagram? They know that searching for hashtags gives a phenomenal result, since almost all followers use it. When publishing new content, you should specify the hashtag, which is in the top 5 most popular ones. This simple way can significantly increase the reach of your audience, gain likes and followers.

But this method has one major drawback. For its optimal use, you will need to take into account constant changes in the top results. Today, for example, #savepanda is in the top 3, and tomorrow it isn’t even in the top 20. Only a systematic analysis will provide an opportunity to get the maximum profit (benefit) from hashtags.

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Special offers

Holding promotions, contests and issuing bonuses are considered to be quite effective. Thanks to them, you can get more followers on Instagram, because it is difficult to find a person who refuses a free gift.

The best way to do this:

  • Come up with a special hashtag for the contestants. They can put it underneath their photos, write it in comments, share it with friends;
  • Always state what will be the prize. Otherwise, the majority of potential participants will ignore it the prize is not known;
  • Tasks should be extremely simple and quick. Of course, everything depends on the expected gain, but hardly anyone will spend a few hours of their time for the sake of participation. Optimal options for tasks are repost, posting photos with a hashtag, comment, following the profile.

In addition to contests, you can announce goals – follows-goal, likes-goal, etc. In simple words, this is an announcement that the contest will start only when the number of followers or likes reaches a certain point. For example: “When there are 200 likes under this photo, the prize for those who have put likes will be an iPhone”. The goal should be achievable, but not easy. So, if the average value of likes under a publication is 400, then 500-600 should be indicated for the competition.

Mutual following and likes

With all respect to the above methods, you can get 1000 free followers on Instagram thanks to mass-following and mass-likes quickly. These concepts mean actions when you follow a large number of people in order to have following you back. This is how it works:

  • A person sees that someone has followed them;
  • Visits to your page to find out who you are;
  • Follows you if they like the content. In some cases, due to courtesy.

Mass-likes work in a similar way, same about likes to other people's photos. Even if it seems that it is too much effort, think about the positive consequences that will definitely be there. Personalized advertising is a good technique, so at least 60-70% will come to see who follow them.

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Instagram: Secrets of Promotion

Artificial attraction of visitors

In addition to the ordinary ones, there are easier ways to get more followers on Instagram. You do not need to spend your time for this, they add followers faster and more efficiently. But there are many pitfalls.

Software promotion

These are scripts and programs that promise 1000 free followers on Instagram quickly and reliably. Do not be overexcited, because they work with banal mass-following, just automating the process. The script uses your account according to this scheme:

  1. Following of many users (approximately 600 in ten minutes).
  2. After a certain period of time (30-40 minutes) they start unfollowing, the number of your follows drops to the original number.

The problem with this method is that the engagement rate (ER) suffers a lot. Let’s talk about it later.

Advertising placement

You pay to the owner of a popular Instagram profile, they write a post where they advertise your account. In fact, it is the most common way to artificially promote on Instagram. Although, it does not work for everyone. For its effectiveness, you need to create ‘reason’: a story, a product, an interesting photo.

Services for cheating

MyInstaPromotion not only allows to make followers, but also allows to comprehensively promote your account. You can get the desired number of likes, views, save your posts - it is much more important than just the number of followers.

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MyInstaPromotion on guard of ER

The engagement ratio shows how interesting your content is to the followers. If there are more than a thousand followers, and 50-60 likes and views, the content is of no interest - it will not be shown in the feed. Consequently, it is necessary to raise not only the total number of followers, but also views and likes. Therefore, an integrated approach of MyInstaPromotion, among other methods, offers the most correct and quick promotion of an Instagram profile.


Your account is a platform that allows to advertise a service, sell products, earn popularity. But for this you need to prioritize properly. Any methods and secrets mentioned in this article will not be able to bring the desired result if you do not understand what goal you are facing.

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