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Instagram Stories as a Way of Gaining Popularity

Instagram stories are a modern tool for the account promotion. They can be used for sharing videos or photos, but the published story disappears in 24 hours. Stories allow not to clog the news feed, but to effectively increase the number of followers. You can even download Instagram story from the page of any user, if their privacy settings allow this. You can publish a large number of stories per day. It’s enough to know how to add multiple photos to Instagram story to attract the attention of new followers.

Contents: Instagram Stories as a Way of Gaining Popularity

• Instagram stories

• Use of stories for contests

• Instagram stories privacy settings

• Live streaming on Instagram

• Benefits of publishing stories

• Other methods of gaining popularity on Instagram

Instagram stories

The feature of “stories” was created for sharing moments from personal life not in ordinary posts beyond the news feed. Followers can watch stories at will. But, as a rule, stories are viewed much more often than regular posts. Those who want to promote their Instagram account use this option to increase the number of followers. One can advertise an online store or a personal page in another social network. To do this, you need to know how to add links to Instagram story. Typically, stories are stored for no more than 24 hours, but you can add them to the "Highlights" section on your page. And then any user can watch stories again and again.

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Instagram Stories as a Way of Gaining Popularity

Use of stories for contests

Some account holders who need promotion use the stories option for the contests. One can publish both the announcement about the contest with the dates, rules and details, as well as the number of prizes and winners. And to participate, the user must take a screenshot Instagram story and publish it on their page. Thus, there is a larger reach of new followers. In addition to reposting the conditions for participation in the contest, users usually have to follow certain profiles. Therefore, several Instagram profiles can be promoted simultaneously.

Instagram stories privacy settings

After publishing the Instagram story, you can change the privacy settings. The menu allows to hide the published story from certain users. Also, when viewing your own story, you can see the number of viewers and their nicknames. After viewing, users can comment the published post through this option, but all comments will arrive to the author’s Direct. Accounts with a large number of followers are popular among the advertisers. In this case, one can get a profitable financial offer for collaboration. Therefore, many users are trying to increase the number of Instagram followers.

Live streaming on Instagram

For the first time, the idea of ​​publishing short video stories came to Snapchat users. At this point, the popularity of Instagram started to decline. The developers of Instagram decided not to give up their positions and added this option to the app. And then it became possible to record live streams. This feature was borrowed from Periscope. Live stream is a story that can last up to 60 minutes without a break, not just 15 seconds. But one can shoot an unlimited number of live streams. After the recording is finished, it can also be watched during the day, after that the video gets hidden from prying eyes. The advantage of live streaming is that one can chat and answer questions from users in real time. Many people conduct prize contests precisely through this feature, so that there is no doubt about the honesty of the contest participants.

Instagram Stories as a Way of Gaining Popularity

Benefits of publishing stories

Publishing short videos in the news feed is very beneficial for those who would like to get a large number of followers. A large number of followers helps to earn on Instagram. For this reason, bloggers continue developing their accounts and attract new followers. Many businessmen increase their earnings thanks to this simple option. The benefits of Instagram stories include:

• drawing attention to the main posts of the user;

• gaining a large number of followers, since many users do not scroll the news feed, but only watch stories;

• use of stories as an advertisement of goods or services, as well as announcing a contest or other event;

• posting stories takes very little time, unlike a regular post where one has to pick up a photo, write a unique text and interest the reader;

• the ability to conduct contests and giveaways among followers in stories.

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The last point allows to actively communicate with the followers. It’s important for the followers that the blogger is eager to know their opinion. Therefore, the online audience continues growing, while older followers stay.

Other methods of gaining popularity on Instagram

Stories are a great option for promoting your Instagram account. But there are other ways of attracting new online audience. For example, using Myinstapromotion service. It helps promote social network profiles professionally without breaking the rules. Many owners of Instagram accounts have been able to gain popularity in the virtual world quickly precisely due to the help of the qualified specialists.

Each owner of an Instagram account can choose the most convenient way for promoting their page. Stories are a successful and affordable method to increase the number of followers. But the use of paid services specializing on promotion of social network accounts is no less effective way. Instagram is a platform not only for posting personal photos and videos, but also for stable earnings. Owners of popular profiles successfully earn and continue increasing their income using the world-famous social network.

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