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Instagram Travel Blogger as a Way of Self-Realization

With the Internet, new words and concepts constantly appear in our lives. For example, travel bloggers. Who are they? It immediately becomes clear that a travel blogger is a kind of “Travel Gnome” telling about his adventures.

The popularity of this direction is very high, and it’s not without a reason that the best travel Instagram accounts are very popular. Such pages can be either just a hobby or a site for monetization. But what to do to stand out among millions of others? This will be discussed below.


  • Determining the strategy
  • Telling your story
  • No financial doubts
  • Coloring the reality
  • Creating anonymity
  • Making contacts
  • No classics
  • Linking to Pinterest
  • Squeezing maximum from the history
  • Showing inside
  • Conclusion

Instagram Travel Blogger as a Way of Self-Realization

Determining the strategy

Standing out from other travel bloggers on Instagram is not a trivial task. In order to raise your account on Instagram, it should be interesting to followers. As a maximum, catch the visitors from the first glance. To do this, first of all, you need to find your niche and keep tightly to it.

Having chosen the style of travels and the manner of presentation of the material, you can start filling your page with the interesting content. Traveling and collecting material for the blog - this activity should be given special attention. More content, more choice. Of course, you can go the simple way, such as buying followers on Instagram.

Telling your story

Instagram gaining followers directly depends on how interesting is the “report” on the journey. Photography is very important, of course, but it is equally important to come up with an interesting and, possibly, cautionary story.

The gallery of photos taken during the trip must be connected to the meaningful posts that turn into a single story. Promotion on a smart Instagram feed will be guaranteed, especially if the story will carry information useful to the readers. It is with such stories that experienced travel bloggers are gaining new followers, likes and reposts.

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No financial doubts

Sadly, not everyone has a millionaire dad, because at first glance it would seem that only a rich person can become a travel blogger. But this is not so, and you can start your activity where you live. If you add a little imagination, you can find interesting, beautiful or mysterious places even in a small village.

Of course, after raising your account and recruiting a sufficient number of followers, think about monetization. Afterwards, it will become much easier to travel, using the affiliate services.

Before, it will be useful to take a walk in the local museum. Local workers, hungry for visitors, will tell the stories that you will only have to write them down. Adding local legends to this, it’s quite possible to raise an account without leaving your home. The main thing is to work and be creative.

Instagram Travel Blogger as a Way of Self-Realization

Coloring the reality

The next step is learning the graphic editors. You must be able to process your photos not only on a PC, but also directly on a tablet or a smartphone. This does not mean that the time has come to fake the travels. Photo processing, as a rule, is necessary to obtain a better image and emphasize the details.

Instagram is primarily a place where photos are shared. For this reason, mastering the graphical software is vital. Otherwise, self-promotion of the account will be extremely difficult.

Creating anonymity

For a number of reasons, a travel blogger may not want to show their face in the pictures. But the story without the main character will be inferior, and therefore it is necessary to come up with something. Anything can be used: from a felt boot to a photo of a grandmother that decided to travel around the world.

Experienced travel bloggers from Instagram give the unmistakable choice - an animal. True, this is associated with certain difficulties associated with transportation, providing comfort and obtaining appropriate permits. It is clear that the more exotic is the animal, the more difficult it is to travel with it.

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Making contacts

If the trip takes place in a fairly remote area from home, then establishing contact with the "Aborigines" would be very helpful. It doesn’t matter if the inhabitants are from a neighboring region or country. Locals know about the local realities much more than any guide.

You can make good money on this knowledge by playing fully, immersed in the atmosphere of the area along which the journey takes place. If the traveler has psychological problems with establishing new contacts, choose the other way - choose some small area and examine it carefully. For example, a street where you can probably find a lot of interesting material, unnoticed by local people, because they live there.

No classics

Portraits of people and architecture is classics, of course. But on Instagram there are a lot of such stuff. In order for people to be interested in your photos, they need their own “zest”. Yes, in order to take really stunning photos in the classical style, you need talent and certain professional knowledge.

However, you can go in an unconventional way and take unusual pictures. To do this, you can use mirrors and their reflections. To shoot through something, for example, water or find another solution. Here again, the creativity and personal imagination come first.

Instagram Travel Blogger as a Way of Self-Realization

Linking to Pinterest

For those who don’t know, Pinterest is a social network where they share boards with a variety of visual content. From there, it’s very convenient to direct traffic right to Instagram. But this network can also be a great source of inspiration. It is enough to find the most picturesque corners in the selected country, and the route for travel is ready.

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Squeezing maximum from the history

Having come up with a story, you need to try to squeeze all the potential out of it. To do this, you can organize voting among the followers to choose the next travel destination or a travel method. You can set any conditions that you can bear. The active participation of followers not only increases their interest, but also attracts new ones.

IGTV is gaining popularity, and those who do not know what it is are already lagging behind. Soon it will be possible to upload long videos to the Instagram profile. It’s better to prepare high-quality video content in advance to have it at hand.

When traveling abroad, an important rule should be the purchase of a local SIM card. This is necessary for lively involvement and the ability to live stream right from the scene.

Showing inside

Any trip, even to a neighboring city, is always associated with the unforeseen incidents. It can be a trifle - a lighter forgotten at home, or serious problems - stolen money and a ticket. In any case, you should not hide it.

Truth in this story attracts people much more than a polished refined product. This creates mutual trust between the traveler and their followers devoted to their idol.


Of course, becoming a travel blogger is an interesting but difficult task. However, it's worth it. In any business, even in a hobby, it is necessary to make some efforts to obtain a result. In this regard, travel bloggers are no different from other people.

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