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Instagram: Secrets of Fashion Blogging

If you are interested in fashion, keen on creating spectacular looks and love to be photographed in the hype clothes, start a fashion blog. How to do it right, how to get Instagram likes and become a popular fashion blogger? Let’s discuss it!


  • Fashion blog from inside…
  • Finding your topic
  • Creating beautiful visual content
  • The main thing is personality: texts are important!
  • ...and outside
  • Communicating with the audience
  • Collaboration with designers
  • Making friends with colleagues
  • Promotion

Instagram: Secrets of Fashion Blogging

Fashion blog from the inside

How to start a fashion blog Instagram and immediately get on the right track? After all, the information on the Internet remains there for a long time, sometimes forever. And if you start with a ridiculous, comical attempt, it will be remembered and it will be difficult to save the reputation.

Finding your topic

The main mistake of a newbie fashion bloggers is imitation, copying the successful bloggers. Copied content and other people's ideas are always noticeable and look pathetic, sometimes very funny. Be sure to find your own topic - it should captivate you, you must understand it perfectly well, live with it. Fashion for teens? Fashion shows of modern designers? Fashion trends in the world of accessories? Streetwear? Funny criticism of too extravagant and tasteless looks? Find your "zest"! Do not follow the tastes of the audience, they may change. Try to offer something unexpected and unique.

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Creating beautiful visual content

Instagram is a service with beautiful pictures. Create your own images and show the high-quality photos. Learn to pose favorably and work with photographers (it’s better, of course, to find someone who wants to work specifically with you). Selfies without an atmosphere will “kill” the most wonderful look and the most attractive appearance, be sure to follow the quality and variety of photos. Do them in different locations (no, not at home, not in your kitchen!). At different times of the year and day, in different clothes. Hairstyles, makeup, accessories should also change.

If you cannot hire a professional photographer for now, find a beginner collecting a portfolio. The unknown doesn’t mean unsophisticated, a newbie photographer might not be promoted yet, be just as new as you are. You will get the high-quality pictures and give the an advertisement for his work by mentioning his name when posting photos.

Be careful with Stories: sometimes people look charmingly in photos, in static poses, and ugly - in videos, in dynamics. If you don’t know how to expressively speak and move beautifully, study it - or temporarily do not show videos to the followers.

The main thing is personality: texts are important!

An Instagram blog consisting of only photos and extremely careless, meaningless texts is of little interest. Successful fashion bloggers say that good looks, smiles and the fashion look in not enough: people want to see the personality. Talk about your looks, new ideas, projects, share thoughts and feelings - then you will be read.

...and outside

A fashion blog lives on with the attention of people reading it. How to make your fashion blog interesting for a wide audience? Start with the name: come up with something catchy, without the words “fashion” and “style” (this is boring). Let the name reflect the theme or slightly reveal your personality. What would you call your personal brand? Let the blog name become your brand name!

And do not disappear for too long - if the blog is not updated, it will not be visited. Make a content plan and follow it: for example, a new post every 2 or 3 days.

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Instagram: Secrets of Fashion Blogging

Communicating with the audience

Define the composition of your target audience and communicate with them, and not with the abstract “world”. Ideally, a fashion blogger should not only be interesting (the nightmarish freaks are also interesting - but they are looked at as clowns). You have to become useful to your followers. They should see a person well versed in the topic. Your good achievement will be if people start asking your advice as a stylist, image maker, model, and photographer. If you gain such a reputation, you can make good money on your blog over time! Tell about trends, new products, how to choose the right fashion look, make detailed analysis of mistakes in the selection of clothes and anti-trends.

Do not neglect readers, actively communicate with them, call for contact, organize polls and contests, add as many possible future followers to friends as possible, ask your friends to make reposts.

Collaborating with designers

The logical question for a beginner fashion blogger is: where, in fact, to get clothes for the looks from, if you are just starting a blog and have not yet made friends with hundreds of fashion designers who are ready to give you their creations?

Find young brands that are in the process of development and promotion (there are plenty of them today). Contact the brand owner or PR and advertising specialist. Write them that you offer cooperation. Conditions: you get clothes from the brand, they get a free ready-made look-book of 20-30 photos in their clothes. Thus, the brand will be able to use these photo material to advertise products, but you will gain invaluable experience and portfolio. It’s only necessary to have a good photographer, a make-up artist is also desirable (you can find another promising newcomer who is ready to work with you for an idea or advertisement). Probably, you will only have to rent a studio. Or maybe it’s not necessary, you can do a photo shoot both in the street and in nature... The main thing is not to deceive the brand’s trust and provide really cool photos.

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Making friends with colleagues

Chat with other fashion bloggers - beginners, middle ones, and advanced. Be active on Instagram not only on your blog: comment other people's posts, photos, videos, images. Ask questions, praise their achievements and interesting findings, constructively criticize, express your personal opinion - you need to have it in order to be listened to. If colleagues will be interesting to you, you will be interesting for them. Share links with them, ask to repost.


At the initial stage, try to get likes on Instagram - you can even buy some on a well-trusted service (for example, MyInstaPromotion). Likes inspire confidence among the potential followers. When many people start following you, do not save money on search engine optimization and advertising. Be active in other social networks - and invite people interested in the subject to visit your fashion blog.

Fashion blogging is a promising direction for the development of your creative potential and the path to creating your own brand. Give it a try!

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