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Instagram: How to Make Money on the Instagram Blog

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world that gives great opportunities for making money. Create your own personal blog, an online store or offer a service, the application is open to everyone. But to achieve this, you need to figure out how to start an Instagram blog.


  • The benefits of Instagram.
  • How to create an Instagram blog from scratch.
  • How to design Instagram.
  • Useful Instagram features.
  • Photo editor.
  • Traffic consumption
  • Using multiple accounts.
  • How to create an attractive account.
  • Quality goes first, and then quantity.
  • Adding zest.
  • Constant development.
  • Conclusion.

Instagram: How to Make Money on the Instagram Blog

The benefits of Instagram:

• Tools for processing videos and photos.

• Instant reposting to other social networks.

• Communication on interests, comments, likes.

• Search for popular personalities, actors, athletes, scientists, etc.

• Detailed statistics on the profile activity.

• Simple search by hashtags.

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How to create an Instagram blog from scratch

Before creating your blog, decide on the purpose of the project: if you would like to become an influencer, sell products or make money on advertising. Having answered this question, it remains to form the target audience and plan gaining followers on Instagram.

To register an account, come up with a short and catchy name. It should correspond to the theme that the visitor sees on the page. Next, fill out the "About Me" section. All information specified here will be displayed in the profile header. The established limit of 150 characters implies a brief but comprehensive description.

To add life to the text, use emojis helping focus on the important aspects. It is recommended to change the filled-in profile to a business account to get access to statistics. This will let leaving a link to WhatsApp, for example, and the users will be able to contact you directly.

How to design Instagram

• Always break long texts under the posts into paragraphs, otherwise no one will read them.

• Write in plain language, even if the topic is difficult to understand.

• If the text is too long, write it in the editor and post screenshots, the Instagram limit is 2000 characters.

• Make lists with the help of emojis.

• Download a notepad to your smartphone and create posts there, thus it will be easier to format them.

Useful Instagram features

The main options of the social network are simple and convenient to use, however, there are functions that the average user may not know about. For a variety of Instagram experiences, check out the key features to get more followers, likes, and comments.

In order not to miss the post of your favorite blogger, visit their page and tap the button with the three dots. There will be a button “Enable post notifications”. Tapping it, you will always be up to date with the events of this person or company.

Photo editor

In the pursuit of speed, many users lose the quality of their content. After taking a photo, do not rush to post it, it is better to do the editing. Instagram offers a range of filters for changing colors, brightness, contrast, adding shadows, etc.

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Instagram: How to Make Money on the Instagram Blog

Traffic consumption

Since the social network is focused on photos and videos, using the service can lead to an excessive traffic. To avoid this, tap the button “Use less data”, after selecting “Use data on a cellular network”.

Using multiple accounts

If you have several accounts (for example, work and personal ones), you can easily change them, uploading posts and responding to direct. To add a new account, just go to the “Settings” tab and click “Add Account”. To switch between the accounts, you need to tap the icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to create an attractive account

To make a cool profile with good traffic, you need to put a big effort. Filling an account with useful and unique information requires a lot of time and you need to be prepared for this. To create a quality blog, follow our recommendations.

Quality goes first, and then quantity

Do not set an initial goal of attracting a million followers. First of all, you should fill the page with the quality content that will attract an audience in a while. Prepare texts that are easy to read in advance and post them with a certain frequency (determine the time when the user activity is the highest).

Adding zest

Come up with something unusual that you will not find on other pages. For example, enter the “Question and Answer” section, a special greeting for the new followers, post photos in a similar style or the same color scheme. There are a lot of similar pages on Instagram and any creative will be noticed by the audience.

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Constant developing

Filling the page with a quality content and gaining a large audience of followers, the work will not be finished. You will always need to come up with something new and interesting, constantly warming the interest of the audience.

Get engaged in time management, and make a schedule of work on compiling material for the posts. Be disciplined and the visits will constantly grow.


Instagram is a super successful resource that is constantly developing, crowding out its competitors. The mobile application gives its users a lot of opportunities that allow to show the talents to a wide audience. Everyone can do what they like and get rewarded for it.

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