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“Interesting” on Instagram: How to Promote Your Account?

The “Interesting” page on the Instagram social network is very powerful. Large companies, well-known bloggers and ordinary profile owners are trying to have their posts here. In fact, getting into this section is not as difficult as it seems. In this article we will discuss how to do this. It will be enough to make a little effort and wake up famous next morning.


  • Features of the section “Interesting”
  • Transformation of “Popular” into “Interesting”
  • New functions of the section "Interesting"
  • What does one get from the “Interesting” tab?
  • How does the algorithm of “Interesting” work?
  • How to get to Favorites?
  • Conclusion

“Interesting” on Instagram: How to Get into this Section and Promote Your Account?

Features of the section “Interesting”

Previously, the Popular tab was there on the place of “Interesting” on Instagram. It gave an opportunity to get Instagram followers if your post got there. Many account holders in this social network wanted to write on trending and HYPE topics, hoping that they will get noticed. But the “Popular” section published only posts with a huge number of likes. Therefore, only famous bloggers and celebrities could get here - those users who have a large number of followers. For small businesses, the door to “Popular” was closed.

Transformation of “Popular” into “Interesting”

But the owners of Instagram changed the algorithm and transformed “Popular” into “Interesting”. What has changed? Thanks to the improved algorithm, posts that are of interest to specific users began to fall into this section. That is, the feed has become personalized. Someone will find girls in swimsuits, others food photos in this section, topics that are interesting to them. The more interesting is the content, the more people will see it. Can you post on Instagram from PC? It is much more convenient than using a smartphone.

Thanks to getting into the “Interesting” section, your photo or video can increase the number of likes and comments several times. Is this not a good reason to work on your posts for getting into the “Interesting” tab?

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New functions of the section "Interesting"

But the section Interesting does not stand still and is constantly changing. There is a video channel with videos that may interest users. Later the Events video page was added. There various events are live streamed, such as the Oscars, concerts of popular bands. The Instagram team reports that they collect videos for these sections manually. If you manage to create a viral video, it will not go unnoticed. And you can quickly get the most followers on Instagram.

What does one get from the “Interesting” tab?

If your post falls into this section, it will help not only to collect a lot of likes. Much more important are other opportunities given by this tab: attracting new followers, increasing sales and brand promotion. This section allows to show the post not only to your followers, but also to a completely unfamiliar audience. Part of which might be among your future followers.

If you use Instagram to sell your products or services, the “Interesting” tab will help create an effective sales funnel. This can be achieved if each post on your page is specially worked out. But this is the topic for another article.

“Interesting” on Instagram: How to Get into this Section and Promote Your Account?

How does the algorithm of “Interesting” work?

The algorithm, which leads to the publication of posts in the Favorites section, is simple. The first thing that is taken into account is the subject matter of the published content. That is, posts will be shown only to those whose interest they might get.

The second criterion for selecting posts for Favorites is likes and comments. The more of them, the higher is the post in the tab. If it gets there at all.

A simple post selection algorithm for the “Interesting” tab works very efficiently. You can post on Instagram from pc or a smartphone and hope that each next post will attract new followers. The main approach to maintain your account with interest and try to come up with something original and creative.

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How to get to Favorites?

Now let's talk about how to get into this tab? Below we will give a few practical solutions that will help to promote your account. Using them, you can increase your chances for your posts to be regularly published in “Interesting”.

Top 5 tips to get to Instagram Favorites

  1. Content must be original. First of all, only unique posts can be included in “Interesting”. Secondly, only creative posts will be able to get interest of users, and they will tap them to visit your account.
  2. Attract attention. You do not need to be a psychic to publish posts liked by users. Study your target audience. What are their interests? Why do they follow you? Create new posts based on this information.
  3. Publish posts at a convenient time. Do not underestimate this advice. According to statistics collected by various SMM agencies, the best time to add a new post is at 12am, 3pm and 9pm. It is believed that posts at this time bring more likes and are more efficient.
  4. Calls to action. High-quality photos are very good, but without an interesting description, you will not get the proper return. After all, tapping the photo, the user must see something interesting. And if the description will call for action, it will help increase the influx of new followers.
  5. Do not forget about engagement. One of the factors ranking algorithm Instagram takes into account the number of comments to the posts. The more, the better. Ask questions to your audience and do so in order to expand this discussion in the comments. This is a way to success.
  6. Mention brands and famous bloggers. Chances are good that your post will be liked by the tagged ones. This like will be seen by a huge audience and you may gain new followers.
  7. Use hashtags. To attract new users do not forget about hashtags. This is one of the most effective tools for Instagram. Recent studies show that posts with hashtags attract 12% more users' attention. And this is one of the criteria for getting into “Interesting”.


Social networks, originally created for communication, have long been used in commerce. Using the tab "Interesting" you can increase the number of your followers, and therefore potential customers. The Instagram algorithm allows not even the most promoted accounts to stay in this section. So why not use this method to get the effect you want?

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