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Is it Easy to Use Instagram?

Many users seek to increase Instagram followers in their account. They do this in order to improve the level of popularity of the profile, and thus increase profit. After all, Instagram allows not only to share photos and videos, as well as to receive new information, earn and look for the new friends. But new users may not know how to share an Instagram post, how to search for the necessary information and other rules. One can also often see a question from inexperienced bloggers: “Why is the best time to post on Instagram on Saturday?”


  • Registration on Instagram
  • Can the nickname be changed?
  • Privacy of Instagram account
  • Posting photos
  • Tagging other users on photos
  • Reposting someone else's publication
  • Deleting an Instagram account

Is it Easy to Use Instagram?

Registration on Instagram

To get followers on Instagram, one should first go through the registration procedure. It is very easy to create a personal page in the well-known social network. Registration can be done through the application on a smartphone or tablet, as well as through the official website on the computer. A new account can be done by registration via email address, phone number or a Facebook profile. It is also necessary to specify personal data, including nickname and login. At the time of registration, the application will offer to download the profile picture, and later a friend search section will appear, you can skip it.

Can the nickname be changed?

A nickname is a personal profile name used by all Instagram users. A nickname must be written only in Latin letters. It should be unique in the popular network, so when writing it is allowed to use various signs and symbols. And in Russian, you can sign your profile below. If you get tired of the nickname, you can change it in the settings. But any user with open access to the account will be able to see the entire history of changed nicknames.

Privacy of Instagram account

As in other social networks, personal Instagram pages can be hidden from prying eyes. But only personal account holders can apply privacy settings, and those who created a business profile can make information private only by blacklisting certain users. As for the rest, business accounts are open for viewing.
Also Instagram allows to hide information. For example, when publishing a Story, one can limit viewing to certain people. But it must be remembered that to promote a page and make money using Instagram, it is preferable to use a business profile, rather than hiding information from the potential customers.

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Posting photos

To publish a post on your Instagram page, you need to post a photo or video. For the followers to put likes, photos and videos must be taken in excellent quality. Before downloading, the application will offer to edit a photo or a video clip, improving the level of light or contrast. But you can skip this step. You also need to come up with a test to the post, which can be an interesting story. Also, put hashtags that will help to increase the popularity of the account.

Tagging other users on photos

On Instagram, as in other social networks, you can tag users in a photo. These tags help in the development of the account popularity, attracting new followers and gaining likes and comments.

To tag a person in your post, upload a new photo or video. Before posting it, you will see several options on the screen: tag people, tag location, share via other social networks. Tap "tag people" and enter the nickname of the user. It is possible to tag not only followers in the photo, but also any registered Instagram users. But the person can remove the mark at will.

Is it Easy to Use Instagram?

Reposting someone else's publication

On Instagram it is possible to share someone else's post in your news feed. In this case, it will be seen that the repost was made. At the request of the user, it is allowed to leave text to the copied post. Share someone else's post is very easy.

  • One option is a screenshot of the post and uploading it to your profile in a standard way
  • But you can use a special application that posts the original post on another page. At the same time there will appear an icon in the photo that the record was copied
  • If you do not want to install the application for reposts, you can share your favorite post in Stories. This feature is there in every Instagram account

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Deleting an Instagram account

If for any reason the author of the account decided to delete the page, it cannot be done through the application. To delete all posts and information in your profile, go to the official Instagram site. Also at the site, you can edit personal data. After deletion, the information will be deleted completely. At the same time, you will never be able to restore access to your profile. Therefore, make a decision about deleting the Instagram account consciously.

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