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Magic of Tidying Instagram

If you are already an expert on Instagram, and you have no doubts about how to post a video on Instagram, and you make up content plans every day - this is definitely a new level of using social networks. But it can get lost quickly: today, your real Instagram followers put likes, and the next day they can forget about the existence of the account. What should be done in this case? To buy followers on Instagram or continue to develop, despite the lack of activity in the profile? And if there is no money for promotion, you begin to wonder how to get free Instagram followers. Do not despair, it's time to think it over, what is wrong with your account.


  • Tidying
  • Main things
  • Visual component
  • Templates - what is it?
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Planning
  • Acquaintance
  • Conclusion

Magic of Tidying Instagram


Tidying is the terrifying word. Some people cannot force themselves to tidy up their apartment, and here they are offered tidying up an account! But this is a necessary task for those who would like to be engaged in their account promotion seriously, in order not only to just post photos and get maximum fifty likes in return. High-quality preparing will help not only to earn more than one thousand, but to make pleasant and useful contacts through the social network.

Main things

The visual component is crucial for Instagram. No matter how well the posts are written (this is also important), no matter how much time was spent on gaining all the active followers - there is nothing to do without beautiful and exciting photos. It is necessary to remake the profile from the header, that is, from the profile picture and page description. Most often those people who have their own photo are followed (it is about psychology, future followers are start trusting you). Then it is important to correctly tell about yourself in the description. No more than five sentences, try even to make a little joke and, if possible, use emoticons. Try to say about yourself with the help of one noun. Done? Now add an enticing adjective to it. You’re done!

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Visual component

The user taped the profile picture, visited the page and ... did not see anything worthwhile. Because you do not try your best over the visual. The era of mobile photo processing has arrived. Many applications can be at hand with this (some smart people even earn money on editing and filters, so why not to learn it for free?). But the basics are still Lightroom (there is a PC version), PicsArt (a small Photoshop right in the phone) and Snapseed (a simple, but convenient functionality). Stick to the overall processing, and if you have photos that do not fit the profile style, it's time to have a so-called personalized profile. Often it is closed from prying eyes and following approved only for close friends. However, sometimes if the main page is promoted, people would like to see the blogger's personal life, so they are actively looking for “real” photos - the live format helps with this.

Templates - what is it?

There is no need to tell a lot about templates. They became important not that long ago, after the appearance of Highlights, saved Stories. But there is a benefit in the templates, and a significant one. Most often, people will first watch the saved stories, and only then decide whether to follow. And here is your business, to have them in one style or not. To do this, also try PicsArt, the section with stickers. Usually in the "eternal" stories retain some important issues for the followers. Think, if it will be interesting to share this story with someone else in a year?” If yes, save it. And be sure to allow followers to respond to them, because this way the coverage increases, and so will the activity. People like what they answer, share tips with them. After such a return, they are even ready to share their discovery of your page with their friends.

Magic of Tidying Instagram

Analysis of competitors

In any field there are supporters, even if the chosen niche is very narrow. You need to look at several larger accounts: what innovative idea you liked and what should be removed. Looking from the outside always helps the better, even if you have to spend time on the competitors. Well, in general, it is easier to make friends with them and start a general chat. Share recommendations (especially if you take advertising), put likes to each other, and discuss general topics. Stop thinking that competitors are all enemies.

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The content plan is more important for the bloggers, but it won't hurt business accounts either. Imagine that the head of the office asked to schedule a work plan for a certain period. But be as honest as possible. Write the goals (the desired number of followers, future cooperation, etc.), ideas, imagine how many people are willing to invest in the promotion of your account. Well, free promotion is real, of course, but it is more convenient to start with a pleasant number of several thousand followers and at least some kind of asset. The service MyInstaPromotion can help with this. Professionals will help to promote a blog of any topic on Instagram, and your business is only to watch the finished result and enjoy it.


Here we discuss the importance of investing money in a business, and on Instagram there is a weird, but pleasant feature - the person is important, not their image. Now followers are more willing to visit the pages of people they know at least something about, as if they are virtual friends. Whether this is due to the fact that now the majority of population are introverts and prefer the Internet to real life, or just another whim of society – no idea, but you still need to fulfill such strange requests. If your account does not yet have a post-acquaintance with listing interesting facts about yourself, then it’s time to create one. And in the comments be sure to ask your followers to tell about themselves. Activity and possible hitting the top are guaranteed!


After such a magic tidying, any page will become much more attractive for the new followers. One has only to fix some details in the page itself, get the first followers (it is the easiest with the help of MyInstaPromotion) and move on with development.

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