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Mutual PR on Instagram: How It Works

Instagram is a social network that provides many opportunities. The newbie bloggers are always interested in how to get followers on Instagram for free. This will require a lot of effort. It will be necessary to find Instagram collaboration ideas, because mutual PR is one of the best working solutions for on-budget promotion.


• What to start PR from

• Where to find PR

• Checking the blogger

• Next steps

• Possible options

• Barter

• Paid advertising

• Flash mobs

• Newsletters

• Comments

• Live streams

• Conclusion

What to start PR from

With the help of mutual PR, you will be able to tell the general public about yourself. To start Instagram collaboration, make your profile look good. Carefully study all the details, try to look at the situation from a different angle. Consider the following:

1. Description is the most important element that potential followers pay attention to when visiting your page. There should be no grammatical or factual mistakes. The text should accurately and briefly describe your personality, activity. It depends on whether the person will look at your further posts and photos.

2. Communication. Check what contact details are indicated in the profile header.

3. Address. If you work for a company, provide the actual address.

4. Profile picture should be bright and memorable. Choose contrasting shades that immediately set you apart from the crowd. The picture should be directly related to your activities.

Mutual PR on Instagram: How It Works

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Do not forget to pick up original Instagram post ideas. The photo and text of the profile is a showcase for the sale of your goods and services. After putting your account in order, selecting a single Instagram post size, processing photos in the same style, search for the potential partners.

It is recommended to view the pages of your followers. It is important that such bloggers have similar followers. So you can attract more target audience.

Where to find PR

First write down the qualities that interest you. Highlight books, music, art, and other public hobbies. Now you can start searching and studying the necessary accounts. You can search for partners:

1. On Instagram. Earlier, you identified the criteria by which you want to choose partners. Think about what hashtags they can use. Browse the list of popular tags. Sign up for updates to learn the news.

2. Using popular hashtags. Customize the Instagram search engine for yourself.

3. Joining Telegram channels. Telegram has special channels advertising popular Instagram profiles.

4. Epicstars. This service has a list of the most popular bloggers.

Record the results of your research in a document or pivot table. This will allow you to compare potential partners by the selected parameters, which will help to make a further choice.

Checking the blogger

Accounts most followers of which are bots will definitely not work for you. Carefully look not only at the number of followers, but also at the activity under each post. Pay attention to the comments and their nature. Monosyllabic and typical comments can be cheated.

To analyze the profiles of bloggers, use the special online resources. So you will see the number of followers and estimate their activity.

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Next steps

After you have chosen a potential partner for yourself, write them in direct. Describe all conditions of cooperation or mutual PR. It is important to discuss such details:

• in what format mutual advertising will take place - tools and means used for public relations;

• where the post will be in the account - in the feed, story, profile description;

• time of post - it is advisable to agree on who will do the post earlier, it is undesirable to post simultaneously;

• the time of the post in the feed, the timing of removing it;

• selection of pictures and text content for the post.

After agreeing all the details, you can start cooperation. There are several different methods that can help achieve the desired result.

Possible options

Mutual advertising should be interesting, attractive and have a certain focus on the target audience. It’s important to follow some rules so that PR does not look too intrusive and annoying in the feed of your followers.

Mutual PR on Instagram: How It Works


This is a fairly simple way to collaborate. In return for placing an advertising offer, the blogger receives a certain product or service from you. To do this, it’s enough to evaluate the potential advertiser to find out their interests. Write to a blogger, find out possible cooperation options and agree on a deal.

Paid advertising

Popular bloggers value their services, and therefore provide PR for a fee. The cost of such a service varies depends on the popularity of the advertiser. Preliminarily carefully study of this person’s page, activity and orientation, the number of followers, comments and other nuances.

Flash mobs

They present a certain trend. For example, a well-known blogger made a post under some hashtag, and others decided to use this opportunity.


You can send information to as many people as possible with a request to follow your account. Also, various ads and contests are used to attract attention.

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Answer people in comments and show that you are an expert in a particular industry. This will help you attract an active target audience.

Live broadcasts

Come up with live broadcasts. You can start a live broadcast with another blogger, this will become a mutual PR.


Instagram has many opportunities for attracting followers through PR pages. Each method is effective. Use several methods at once to get a good visible result soon.

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