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Opening an Instagram Store

According to a survey conducted in December 2018, more than 17% of users view their Instagram feeds daily (compared to 14% in 2017). This fact makes the site especially attractive for the implementation of various commercial projects and ideas. Below we’ll reveal the secrets of how to use Instagram for business and what to expect from it.


1. Details on creating an Instagram store

1.1. Key benefits

1.2. Possible risks and costs

2. Choosing a niche

3. Solving working issues

3.1. Selection of supplier

3.2. Independent purchases

3.3. Affiliate programs

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Opening an Instagram Store: Tricks and Secrets of a Successful Business

Details on creating an Instagram store

Instagram is one of the most actively developing social networks, offering new options and tools almost daily. A series of marketing and sociological studies allows us to highlight a number of features and characteristics typical for the vast majority of the app users. Among them there are:

• high exposure to the manipulative influences;

• sensitivity and susceptibility to advertising;

• need for regular viewing of posts.

In addition, the audience of the site is solvent, ready to make spontaneous emotional purchases. All this makes using Instagram for business a very competent and justified solution. Moreover, the latest static data confirm that this social network is an excellent platform for starting your business, as it allows to form an impressive customer database in a relatively short period of time.

Key benefits

Before revealing all the secrets of how to use Instagram for business, we suggest that you should get acquainted with the most obvious and significant advantages of this site.

Modern marketers distinguish among the following advantages of the social network:

• No need for large investments. Moreover, certain business concepts do not imply investments at all, since there is no need to pay for hosting, domain, or website development services.

• Simplicity and convenience. In fact, your account is a ready-made showcase. Just take care of the quality of the visual component, and customer attention is guaranteed!

• No borders. Instagram does not have any restraining factors that would slow down your sales and turnovers.

• The ability to demonstrate the product in person. Classic posts or short Stories - choose what you like best and present the product from all angles, showing all its benefits to the potential customers.

• Continuous interaction. Perhaps Instagram is the friendliest platform that allows the seller to establish contact with the buyer without any problems.

• A wide range of tools for promotion. Targeted advertising, sponsored posts from bloggers, and tags in the popular accounts are just a small part of channels that help to quickly promote your business.

In addition, it should be noted that for some time now a specialized internal “Shopping” section has appeared there on Instagram. Demonstrating the goods, it allows to quickly find out their cost and contact the seller for ordering.

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A social network is suitable for those who are interested in how to sell on Instagram without a website. In fact, the app already has all the necessary functionality for running a business, and therefore the creation of additional portals (involving hosting fees, domain and other expenses) is optional.

Possible risks and costs

Of course, the answer to the question of how to how to start an Instagram shop would be incomplete without mentioning the main "pitfalls". By the way, there are not many of them. The first one is the possible difficulties with transportation. As you know, the post offices are not always very progressive, and therefore delivery of the goods to the recipient can cause some difficulties. However, they are easily resolved by making an agreement with a private delivery service.

The second "pitfall" is the risk of being hacked. Instagram is one of the most attractive sites for scammers. Hacking an account and then luring money from the owner is a fairly common practice. Fortunately, the management of the social network takes care of the security of its users, and therefore tries to quickly eliminate such incidents.

Choosing a niche

To start selling products on Instagram, you need to determine the specifics of the business. In other words, decide what exactly you plan to sell. Among the most promising and successful areas there are:

• cosmetics and perfumes;

• courses and business trainings;

• clothes and shoes;

• accessories.

Of course, each niche has its own characteristics and distinctive features that must be taken into account.

Opening an Instagram Store: Tricks and Secrets of a Successful Business

Solving working issues

Another important point is the solution of the issue related to the products sold. Where exactly do you plan to take the goods from? All existing options can be divided into three groups:

• establishing cooperation with suppliers;

• independent purchases;

• affiliate programs.

More details about each option can be found below.

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Selection of supplier

The classic version. You select a specific supplier and sign an agreement with them for the provision of certain items. At the appointed time, the products arrive to the specified address. You only have to pay for the purchase.

Independent purchases

As a part of this option, you can independently visit the base, picking up the necessary goods. It is more time and energy consuming, but at the same time more economical and rational.

Affiliate programs

One of the most promising options. There is no need to be engaged in sales and resales. The main task is traffic redirection. In fact, you are an intermediary who acts as a link between the buyer and the seller.

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