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Popularity on Instagram: Secrets and Tips

Instagram was initially created as a platform for publishing personal photos and videos. But over time, many users began to actively earn money using this social network. Creating content for Instagram is the number one task for a future blogger. You can become a successful account owner without special education, without leaving your home, and even the age does not matter. Modern teenagers also manage to gain a large audience, which helps them get a stable income. But in order to become a successful blogger, you must adhere to certain Instagram rules. After all, the stable high earnings can only be received by those who have an active page with a large number of followers. Likes and followers on Instagram help to increase the rating of the account, as well as making reposts and writing comments.


• Posting on Instagram

• Contests and giveaways on Instagram: a great way to attract followers

• Active communication with followers

• Effective and fast methods for promoting Instagram

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Popularity on Instagram: Secrets and Tips

Posting on Instagram

Maintaining an account on the social network is actually not such a difficult task. You need to create a Instagram post that will attract the attention of followers. The publication must be accompanied by a photo or a video. All photos and videos must be made of excellent quality. Therefore, many bloggers turn to the professional photographers who arrange photo shoots for help. The text for the post should be written not only competently, but also interestingly. To promote a Instagram post, create beforehand. It is recommended to make posts daily, but no more than 2-3 ones per day at equal intervals. In addition, posting time matters. For example, late afternoon, it’s better not to post anything on your Instagram page, as there will be almost no readers. The best time to post on this social network is either morning or lunch time. At this time, Instagram users are especially active in browsing their news feed.

Contests and giveaways on Instagram: a great way to attract followers

Besides the fact that you need to publish interesting posts with beautiful photos, you can use various tricks to attract the new followers. For example, run a Instagram contest. Many bloggers who seek to expand the reach of their followers often organize pranks and contests. It can be absolutely anything you can think of. For example, a contest for the best comment to a particular post or the best photo with a link to the organizer of the contest. The repost contests are also popular. Usually the main condition for participating in such events is following the organizer of the contest. You can also indicate in the conditions that they must repost the publication about the contest at their page. Or you can ask followers to tag their friends in the comments to the post.

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Active communication with followers

Communication with followers is also necessary, as it has a positive effect on increasing the rating of an Instagram account. Communication can take place in comments, Stories, as well as live streams. Followers love when their questions are answered, and there is active communication. Organizing live streams can be carried out absolutely at any time, but it is better to do them in the afternoon. You can shoot an unlimited number of stories, where the settings allow to add various polls and tests. Viewing stories also has a positive effect on increasing the activity of your Instagram account, as well as many comments. Even negative comments from users have a positive effect on increasing activity. Many bloggers start their posts with an appeal to their followers to leave comments, put likes and repost. And a large number of followers would willingly fulfill the requests of their favorite bloggers.

Popularity on Instagram: Secrets and Tips

Effective and fast methods for promoting Instagram

In addition to adhering to the rules above, you can quickly promote your account on this social network in other ways. For example, use the free app for cheating followers and likes. You can also turn to famous bloggers and ask them to place an advertising post on their page for money. Someone sends out invitations to become a follower to all users in a row, but you must understand that this method can lead to the blocking of your account for spamming. But there is another method for the quick promotion of your Instagram account. This is the help of the specialists at the services engaged in the promotion of social network accounts. For example, the Myinstapromotion service, which has been working for a long time and managed to gain the trust among many bloggers on Instagram and other social networks. The cost of an account promotion service is quite low, and it is available to absolutely any young blogger. In a short time, professionals will be able to increase activity on the user’s page, attracting the attention of live followers to it, rather than of robotic pages.

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Anyone can become a successful Instagram blogger. To do this, you must have a desire to earn money without leaving your home, and also use the above tips for blogging. The main rule is to publish interesting and high-quality posts in your news feed so that the new followers stay among the readers for a long time. But the use of various tricks is not prohibited by the Instagram administration, if this does not contradict to the rules of the service.

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