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Promotion of a Fashion Blogger

Fashion industry bloggers are an explosive mixture of a journalism, style, fashion experts, image makers, photographers. These are titanic labors: to make the right photo, combine it, write a competent post. Let us consider in more detail who the "fashion bloggers" are and how to learn their occupation


1. More attention to the activities of fashion bloggers

2. What income depends on

3. How to promote a fashion blog

• Choosing a concise and catchy name

• No standard subjects!

• Proper design

• High quality photos of looks

4. Account promotion

5. Conclusion

Promotion of a Fashion Blogger

More attention to the activities of fashion bloggers

Fashion blog Instagram is a fashion trend that has emerged thanks to the quick development of innovative technologies. Connoisseurs of famous brands and unusual style mixes started to actively post their notes, photos and life hacks à la “How to create a trendy look in 5 minutes”. The appearance of the social network Instagram in 2012 was the beginning of the creation of groups, publics for stylists: from "dummies" to popular names.

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Bloggers are a connecting link between the global brands and everyone who wants to look well. Articles should be as useful as possible: what is compatible and not compatible in clothing, reviews of fashion shows, comments, demonstration of new trending products. It is important to stay on the wave - attend parties, shows, events, communicate with designers. If this is not possible, make the highest quality analysis of information on the Internet and present it on your page.

What income depends on

First of all, most likes on Instagram can be earned on your own name and the trust of followers. You can earn on many things:

• paid master classes, marathons, courses;

• posts, books, articles under your name;

• your own line of goods;

• consultations on style and its change;

• cooperation with brands - affiliate marketing.

The principle is simple: the brand representatives pay you a percentage for advertising and attracting consumers. You can write sponsored paid posts giving recommendations for the brands. Advertising content is a great move. There are always topics for writing. In order for the business to move forward actively, about 10 thousand followers are needed. The audience must be active - to buy Instagram followers and likes is not the best way to become famous. In addition, remember about the competition - good earnings are not easy to get.

How to promote a fashion blog

If you decide to try yourself as a fashion blogger, you need to learn a lot of rules. Do not forget about the great competition - if you will not do it, someone else will do it. This is an iron rule that works in 99 cases out of 100. So, what do you need to know about creating and promoting your Instagram account?

Choosing a concise and catchy name

You need to convey the meaning of your work - the headline is the key to getting acquainted with the blog. Forget about clichés like “style”, “fashion”, numbers and underscores in the profile header merge into one line. Find an individual, original version of the nickname - this is your face and brand! Associating the name of the blog with your name is a risky method that requires expressing subjectively and concisely.

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No standard subjects!

The key to a readable blog is interesting texts and a cool subject. It’s hard to remember what no one has written about (and if this could happen) but adding a bit from yourself is a great idea. For example, it can be teenager fashion and its changes, a win-win option: criticism or praise for the past fashion shows. Perhaps, you were a born as a critic who will definitely notice all the details and nuances of the looks. Authors of slightly satirical, but at the same time, beautiful posts occupy a special place in the heart of followers. Creating your best hashtags Instagram is an excellent strategic move.

Content will be of interest to the public only if the author is an individual, and their texts are filled with deep content. It is important to determine the topic for yourself and the keys to its disclosure for the target audience. Do not fall to the stereotypical thinking - stand out, write originally and creatively.

Promotion of a Fashion Blogger

Proper design

Make an interesting and colorful microblog design. The unspoken rule: colorfulness should not distract the eye from content. The best option is minimalism: it is enough to highlight personal information about yourself and the block with the frequently asked questions. Simplicity is a sign of professionalism.

High quality photos of looks

No matter if you are a beginner blogger or a “veteran” of the fashion industry: your photos should be of high-quality, bright and clear. It is recommended to think over many locations, looks and clothes: every detail can become decisive in this profession. You can collaborate with the newbie photographers and stylists who care about their experience and portfolio. In return, you will provide them advertising: a link and mentioning of their name under the post.

Do not forget signing a model release: the photographer uses the footage for the portfolio for the commercial purposes. Licensing conditions, the number of images, their parameters - all these are discussed before shooting. As a result, edited, retouched photographs should be on hand. The approximate amount is 20 pieces. All sources remain with the professional. If you use a non-professional, study the received material carefully not to advertise a “known unknown”.

To kill two birds with one stone, highlight your name and make an advertisement, you can agree with a representative of the brand about shooting in the brand’s clothes. You get clothes and a link to the page, they get advertising in the great look and photos on the social networks.

Account promotion

To promote your microblog to the masses, you need more than patience. If you want to speed up the process, use a few good ways. It is very convenient that they can be used simultaneously:

1. increase the number of followers: invite them from different social networks;

2. ask friends and acquaintances to repost, use beginner or advanced bloggers to exchange links;

3. write comments, make reposts, express your opinion about what is happening on pages with similar topics.

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Promote your brainchild through advertising - this becomes relevant when having 8-10 thousand followers. If you want to get seriously engaged in your channel or profile, get advice from a marketer.


In order not only to earn money, but also to continue getting interest from your audience, it is important to maintain your personality. Do not “bend” under the advertisers who will start following you after crossing the line of 10,000 readers. Add a bit of creativity and individuality to each post, do not write standard clichés.

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