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Shadow Ban on Instagram: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Social networks turned from a classic tool for messaging, sharing photos and videos managed into unique platforms for promotion and advertising. And the rule here is quite simple - the more activity, the better. Unfortunately, the new internal algorithms can hide an account from a common feed, making its entries invisible to most users. We tell whats an Instagram shadow ban and how to get rid of it.


1. What is it?

1.1. How to check it?

1.2. How long does it take?

2. Precautions

Shadow Ban on Instagram: What It Is and How to Avoid It

What it is?

Shadow ban (or ShadowBan) is an internal Instagram content filter. Its main goal is to clear spam from the feed by blocking users who violate the established rules and conditions of using the social network. As a rule, accounts using illegal cheating services, mass-following, mass-liking, and other automatic actions fall under penalties.

ShadowBan blocks the delivery of content that violates the rules of the user by:

• hashtags;

• tagging other profiles;

• geolocation tags.

In other words, the filter affects all free channels of promotion within the social network. It results in the drop of reach and involvement, inability to attract new users to the page.

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How to check it?

Having heard about the new internal content filter for the first time, many users were seriously worried about the fate of their accounts. What is noteworthy, the Instagram management did not announce the introduction of ShadowBan, which only fueled gossip and rumors. Despite the lack of an official information, the process designed to stop mass-liking and mass-following, to overcome spam, has been launched. The shadow ban, which seemed impossible a couple of years ago, is in its full swing, terrifying most audience of the social network.

Among the key tasks of the filter, there are:

• protection against the low-quality and false information;

• prevention of illegal methods of promotion and advertising;

• hiding spam in the news feed.

Note that a shadow ban is not some obvious state. At the beginning is rather difficult to notice it due to the absence of any obvious signs and symptoms. As a rule, the owner of the account learns about blocking in some time, having discovered the absence of active followers, a sharp decrease in the number of likes and views. Of course, the old followers, following the account, do not disappear, but the new ones are not added.

There is no specialized service that would allow checking the page for the presence of a shadow ban. However, you can conduct a thorough analysis of your profile yourself, paying attention to the following details:

• number of likes (with a shadow bath it gets noticeably reduced);

• new followers (the audience remains stable or decreases);

• “gray” methods of promotion (if previously you resorted to using illegal and low-quality programs for mass-liking and mass-following actively, it is most likely you are already in the shadow ban).

It is worth noting that the presence of all these "symptoms" is far from a guarantee of blocking. And, perhaps, the drop in activity is due to some different factors.

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Shadow Ban on Instagram: What It Is and How to Avoid It

How long does it take?

Since Instagram management has still not announced the introduction of ShadowBan, reliable information about its timing is extremely difficult to find. Most experts recommend searching for information at specialized forums and platforms where users who have already encountered this problem share their impressions and feelings.

After analyzing most records, we can say that the Instagram shadow ban duration is not a constant value. Someone had the block removed in a couple of days, while it took several weeks from the others.

The main advice is to temporarily give up mass liking, logout the app for a couple of days. This will stabilize the internal activity, speed up the unblocking process.


In the indicated context, the question is particularly relevant: how to avoid Instagram shadow ban? A selection of useful tips and tricks is below:

1. Do not use “forbidden” hashtags (their detailed list is regularly updated by the marketers and can be found on the network).

2. Do not use a set of identical hashtags for a long period of time.

3. Do not send messages that can be equated to spam, thereby not incurring complaints from other users.

4. Observe the established daily limits for likes / comments / follows (it is noteworthy that there is no reliable information about current restrictions available).

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5. Take part in like-times and PR-games with the extreme caution.

6. Use no more than thirty hashtags in one post.

Important: many users are worried with the question of whether it is possible to use cheat services without incurring penalties, such as ShadowBan. Yes, of course! However, you should be extremely careful, win likes and followers gradually not to arouse suspicion. In addition, you should use only trusted services, for example Myinstapromotion.

If the blocking has already taken place, it is recommended to disconnect from the cheating services for some time and exit the app for 48 hours. After the specified time, you can buy likes, followers, etc. again.

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