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SMM Trends on Instagram: How to Get the Ride

Do you dream of finding your target audience, increasing recognition, reach and engagement? It is impossible to do this without knowing current trends. In this article, we will share useful tips and tricks from leading SMM-specialists, tell about popular blogging directions!


1. What's new?

1.1. Branded content and ambassadors

1.2. Video content

1.3. Developing Stories

1.4. Shoppable tags

2. Millionaire bloggers or micro influencers?

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SMM Trends on Instagram: How to Get the Ride

What's new?

The years 2018-2019 turned out to be especially significant for Instagram, since almost simultaneously a number of innovations were introduced: IGTV, additional options for Stories, product tags and much more. Why would you need to follow all these? There are at least two reasons. First, you will continue staying inside the information flow, which will allow you to navigate in the current trends and directions. The second - you can use the coolest and most popular tricks in the management of the account.

What specific trends should an SMM specialist consider in their work?

• adding Instagram shop tags;

• popularization of video content - IGTV;

• the emergence of Instagram brand ambassador;

• mass viewing: view Instagram Stories.

In addition, the importance of micro influencers Instagram should not be underestimated. According to the latest statistics, it is they who are able to more effectively influence the audience. More details about each of the trends are described below!

Branded content and ambassadors

Large brands and companies are increasingly refusing to cooperate with the models from classic agencies in favor of independent opinion leaders from the social networks. Why is this happening? There are several explanations:

• allows to increase recognition;

• increases the degree of trust of the target audience;

• helps to be inside the current information lines.

Among the most successful examples of such cooperation is the collaboration of Marc Jacobs and Kaia Gerber. Thanks to her participation in the perfume advertising campaign, the attendance of accounts and brand pages on social networks increased by 36%!

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Branded content also shows itself well - tagging an account that has ordered an ad in the right corner on top of the post. Scrolling the feed and seeing such posts, a person automatically taps on the link and gets to the brand page. As a result, increased coverage, engagement and, of course, recognition.

However, you should not think that branded content is a magic tool that allows to collect a million followers and increase sales in one second. With the wrong approach, it can give a diametrically opposite effect, fundamentally undermining the credibility.

Video content

When the IGTV service was only at the development stage, it was assumed that it could become a worthy alternative to YouTube. For quite objective reasons, this did not happen, but the innovation still managed to achieve noticeable success. For example, a separate niche for bloggers specializing in creating exceptionally such content has become apparent.

In addition, we must not forget that the video format is becoming more and more popular every year. And, therefore, IGTV has a very good growth and development potential. Who knows, maybe in a couple of months the service will become one of the main marketing tools, without which it would be impossible to imagine promotion.

Developing Stories

The debate about the Instagram’s smart feed has not abated since was introduced. Most brands and companies do not like the odd and incomprehensible algorithms that determine the order of demonstration of posts. By the way, users also sometimes get tired of not very logical ranking of content. Hence the new trend arises - the growing popularity of Stories.

According to the latest analytical data, users view short disappearing stories much more often than classic photos and videos from the feed. Firstly, it is more convenient - you just need to click on the orange circle, and then the records replace each other automatically. Secondly, it’s more interesting - most often published Stories are not perfect and edited, but “live” content. In addition, the ability to conduct live streams, surveys and other activities only increase the popularity of the service.

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SMM Trends on Instagram: How to Get the Ride

Shoppable tags

Tagging is one of the most significant and revolutionary innovations in the entire history of the app. Unfortunately, today it is available exclusively for foreign accounts. Among the obvious benefits are:

• increasing outreach and engagement;

• increasing brand confidence;

• simplicity and ease of transition;

• motivation to make a purchase.

Despite the fact that the tags are not yet officially available all over the world, many accounts manage to add them through various tricks and manipulations. We would highly recommend not doing this, since the Instagram management is famous for its ruthlessness and determination. And therefore, when they learn about your "cheat" (be sure this will happen), the account will be blocked forever.

All that remains to be done in this situation is to wait until the service becomes officially available for the business accounts worldwide. We can predict that this will happen very soon!

Millionaire bloggers or micro influencers?

This may seem odd, but often advertising in an account with a 30,000 audience is much more effective than on the page of a millionaire blogger. The thing is that users have become more selective and distrustful. Any post-recommendation in the account of a millionaire is perceived by them as an explicit advertisement, and sometimes even causes disapproval.

As for the micro influencers, they, as a rule, are more attentive to their followers and are in constant interaction with them. This helps to develop warm friendship, which is especially important during advertising. Of course, ordering ads in such an account is not easy, as its owner must be sure in the product they recommend.

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