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Stories or Posts: What is Better for Posting on Instagram

For a long time, Instagram has been a popular app. It is used by many users around the world. It is very easy to create a Instagram post: just select a high-quality and suitable photo, write the text and post it on your page. Or you can publish a story. This can be a short video, with the duration of 15 seconds. You can also post photos to stories. Each user independently chooses what to post on Instagram. This can be photos and videos from personal life or advertising posts. With the help of Instagram, many users earn successfully. But for this it is important to promote your account.


• What is the difference between a story and a standard post?

• What you need to know about posts in the news feed

• Stories as a convenient and popular Instagram feature

• Live streaming as a kind of stories

• Holding contests on Instagram

• Other ways to promote an Instagram account

Stories or Posts: What is Better for Posting on Instagram

What is the difference between a story and a standard post?

A story differs from a regular post because it is displayed in the account only within 24 hours after publication. But you can set it in the settings so that the story stays on the profile page forever. As statistics show, Instagram stories are viewed more often than standard posts. You can create several stories a day, which helps to quickly promote a Instagram post. And if you know how to add swipe up on Instagram story, you can advertise online stores and other web resources in short videos. The link in the story will be active, and users can immediately go to the specified address. And in standard posts you cannot attach active links. Another advantage of Instagram stories is that they do not clog the news feed. Any follower independently decides whether they need to watch the story or whether to skip this information.

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What you need to know about posts in the news feed

Unlike stories, it is recommended not to litter the news feed with standard posts. Therefore, many successful bloggers publish no more than 2-3 posts per day, observing equal intervals of time. If the account owner will post every hour, followers can get tired of this activity and unfollow their page.

In addition, when publishing a standard post, it is important to choose the right photo, as well as to write interesting text. Not all followers like reading long texts, so it is important to intrigue users from the first lines. Standard posts require attention and effort from the author. And in the story you can publish any information, not even the most important one. Some bloggers make readers view their posts in the news feed through the stories in order to increase the number of likes and comments.

Stories as a convenient and popular Instagram feature

Of course, standard posts should be there in the profile of any successful Instagram author. Indeed, in addition to views of stories, it is important to gain a large number of likes, comments and reposts. But do not forget about stories, as this is a great tool for promoting your account.

You can highlight the benefits of Instagram stories:

• advertising or announcing a standard post in the news feed;

• the ability to attach an active link;

• the ability to create surveys and quizzes, because users like to communicate with bloggers and conduct dialogue with them;

• recording of stories takes minimum time, unlike regular posts;

• attracting new followers;

• using convenient tools for editing stories: filters, masks, text, smiles;

• live streaming and contests in stories.

Stories or Posts: What is Better for Posting on Instagram

Live streaming as a kind of stories

Live streaming is similar to stories, but it can last up to 60 minutes. Also you can continue recording and publishing some live streams. They are stored in the profile for a day, and then are automatically hidden from prying eyes. The advantage of live streams is that you can conduct a dialogue with followers and answer their questions in real time. It is convenient to conduct a prize contest in various giveaway contests through live streams. Followers will not doubt the authenticity of the contest results, which means they will remain your online readers and will take part in other contests.

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Holding contests on Instagram

Contests on Instagram are a good chance for the followers to win prizes, and for the account holders they are an excellent opportunity to promote their accounts. In order to attract the attention of new followers, account holders announce the giveaway start in stories. And through the live streaming it’s convenient to choose a winner. During the contest it is important to comply with the conditions not only to the participants, but also to the organizers. To take part and compete for the prize, Instagrammers need to repost the post with the terms of the contest, write a certain number of comments or rate the post. But often it’s enough to fulfill only the first condition to become a member of the giveaway. Due to the simple conditions of the contest, many users willingly take part in such events and make reposts. The number of followers is growing, which means that the level of earnings of the account holder is growing.

Other ways to promote an Instagram account

In addition to the posts, stories, and giveaways, there are other ways to promote your Instagram account. For example, services specializing on promotion of social network accounts. Myinstapromotion is one of such services, professionals here will quickly help you promote your personal Instagram page. The cost is very affordable, and the number of followers will please any blogger.

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Each Instagram user independently chooses the methods of promotion. It is important to use all the features of the social network in order to increase your rating. Therefore, publish both standard posts and stories in your account.

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