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Successful Business Blog on Instagram

Today, developing a business happens not only in real life, but also on the Internet. This will expand the search for the new customers and partners. The main thing is to get more Instagram followers and likes. This can be done using not only your own resources, but also the specialized services that will help the blog enter the best business Instagram accounts.


• What is worth working on?

• Description and status

• Creating interest

• Advertising is important

• How fast can you develop a business blog from scratch?

Successful Business Blog on Instagram

What is worth working on?

A few years ago, Instagram was more like an album with family photos. Users shared events from their lives with each other without bothering to edit a picture or write long texts. Today, such content is not of interest, and in the process of buying likes on Instagram, carefully consider the content plan and selecting photos so that they match each other, creating a picture pleasant for the user.

Thinking over the content

Despite the fact that Instagram is more focused on the visual content (photos, videos), the text should not be neglected. Usually, users pay attention not only to the number of followers, but also at the description in the profile header (bio). It is important to clearly state your activity, indicate the method of communication or leave a tag by which you can read information about the company, services, prices. Instagram bio for business helps to attract attention if it has an unusual slogan. It is also good to place temporary promotions and special offers there.

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The regularity of posts is one of the important rules for maintaining a business blog. It is worth alternating topics so that users are not tired of constant advertising or a series of instructive posts. To do this, it is recommended to think over a plan in advance and publish content in accordance with it. It may include the following posts about:

• features of the business the entrepreneur is engaged in;

• discounts, special offers;

• useful tips on the activity (for example, if the author has their own beauty studio, you can write about how to choose a good hairdresser);

• interesting facts and news related to the business.

It is important to remember that user activity is formed depending on time and day of the week. So, over the weekends, people least of all want to perceive complicated information, but they are ready for this closer to noon on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Using all Instagram features

You should not be limited only by publication of posts. Today there are more tools available such as stories, live streams, surveys. They allow to expand the scope of influence on users. Someone does not read long texts and skips posts. But on the other hand, such a person watches the author with interest. Other people’s trust is formed due to the feeling that the blogger is somewhere nearby, and here live streams will come to the rescue.

Even a business blog has a space for the personal information. Today, the brand trust is, first of all, interest in the person who represents it. Therefore, you can tell the followers about your workdays and even show what a successful entrepreneur has for breakfast in order to work productively with the clients during the day.

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Successful Business Blog on Instagram

Advertising is important

The more the blog is mentioned, the higher is interest to the main promotion rules. For example, it is actively used by the music producers, agreeing on the rotation of certain songs on radio stations or music channels.

Advertising can be purchased on Instagram itself, and it will be displayed between posts when a person views the feed. The recommendations of famous bloggers also work well. You can negotiate advertising with them on a paid basis or by barter (advertising in exchange for a product or service, discount).

Less popular is mutual PR. With the right choice of bloggers, you can find your target audience, which will replenish the ranks of followers of a business blog. For example, if the content is about making sugar-free cakes using paper packaging rather than plastic, you can advertise the service with the fitness bloggers or people writing about environment and zero-waste. 

Do not neglect the advertising of your account on other social networks to tell more people about it. You can post links on other resources (sites, forums). This is usually done for free, simply by tracking topics, and also agree on a paid publication. This work can be carried out independently or entrusted to an assistant, since it is very tiring and voluminous. However, this method will work for the successful promotion of the blog in the long term.

How fast can you develop a business blog from scratch?

Developing an Instagram account is now more difficult than 3-4 years ago, because new blogs appear every day. In order for the users to notice the blog, a lot of work needs to be done to develop it:

• regular posts;

• constant interaction with the audience via Stories, livestreaming, contests;

• advertising an account by posting links to it on other social networks, ordering advertising from bloggers or mutual PR.

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Special services will help speed up the process, allowing to recruit more real followers, increase reach and quickly put your blog on the list of popular business accounts. The Myinstapromotion service works in the direction helping you purchase views, likes and followers for various social networks. There is an opportunity to choose followers according to their interests, age, location, they will actively show interest in the blog and will become regular customers in the future.

Today, spontaneity does not work. And here, a competent approach to the development of a business blog will definitely give a good result. This is still possible on Instagram!

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