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The Best Time for Posting on Instagram

Instagram is a unique social platform that is rapidly increasing its audience. It is used for various purposes (from the banal exchange of photos and videos to selling of goods and services), it offers a lot of opportunities for promotion. According to the latest data from VTsIOM, more than 14% of Russian Internet users log in to the application for posting daily. Hence the quite reasonable question will be: “What is the best time to post on Instagram?”


  • Instagram algorithms
  • The best time for posts
  • How to make your own schedule
  • Frequency of posts

The Best Time for Posting on Instagram

Instagram algorithms

The question of the Instagram algorithms keeps marketers since the middle of 2016 – since the service was launched. Called upon to filter user content and uninteresting posts, it has significantly altered the news feed, removing a good half of the posts from it. This provoked excitement of heated debates and discussions on how to post to Instagram today.

For a long time, the management of the social network kept the principles of the algorithm in secret, but in 2018 the main ones were made public. So, what are the rules for ranking content on Instagram?

  • Interest. Now the application tries to offer the posts similar in topic to those you have paid attention to earlier. In other words, if you had the habit of visiting the pages of fashion bloggers and stylists, the system will recommend posts and accounts with similar subject.
  • Time. The application aims to show only new and relevant entries. This circumstance makes bloggers to take a more responsible approach to the creation of a schedule and a content plan.
  • Relationship. Instagram does not want you to skip the post of a close friend or a family member, and therefore it always shows records of the accounts you interact with (exchange likes, comments and messages) in the top most often.

For a long time, it was believed that a huge number of free Instagram followers instantly would “pull” the profile down, limiting its ability to hit the top. However, the official representatives of the application stated that the algorithm does not take into account the scale of your audience when ranking. Thus, you can still buy real Instagram followers to raise the visual status and promote your page. For these purposes, it is recommended to use services specializing in the account promotion, for example, MyInstaPromotion.

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The best time for posts

Traditionally, the best time for posting is:

  • Morning hours. Most users start their day from reading news on social networks, charging with new information.
  • Mid-day, when the lunch break begins. A fresh post is perceived as a kind of fun that allows to relieve working stress, relax. Try to prepare easy entertainment content posts with no social background for this time.
  • Evening. At this time, people are returning from work and can check the feed updates.

Experiment with the time intervals to find the optimal time.

How to make your own schedule

The first and key step is to analyze the target audience. See who is following you, considering the following factors:

  • age;
  • main region of residence;
  • social status.

The Best Time for Posting on Instagram

Speaking of age range, we can distinguish three categories of users: teenagers, young people or students, adults. If the first and second ones are active throughout the day, then adults usually visit the application in the morning and evening when they are free from work.

Location is another important factor. If the majority of your followers live in Murmansk, and you, say, in Moscow, of course, your time zones will not be the same. From here there will arise problems with ranking of publications in the feed. The best option is to adapt to your audience and post records in a time convenient for them. It is noteworthy that this rule is also relevant at the time of the holidays, when you fly to another country, changing the time zone.

Social status is something that determines the activity and leisure of a person. For example, an unemployed student will spend much more time in the app than his mother on maternity leave. If the first one can track the post at any time, the second one is likely to take the phone in hand when the kid falls asleep.

Taking into account all these factors, you can create a competent schedule that will allow to bring the account to the top, significantly increasing coverage. For those who experience difficulties with the independent analysis of activity, there are free services and statistics tools.

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Frequency of posts

Basically, it should be noted that time is far from the only criterion that determines whether a profile hits the top. The more important role is assigned to the quality of the author's content, as well as the frequency of posts.

According to the latest sociological and marketing research, accounts that make from two to ten posts per day can maintain engagement at the proper level. In the case of ignoring updates, the number of likes and comments is sharply reduced, the audience begins to decrease.

However, there are some nuances here. If for a business account or an Instagram store, ten posts per day look quite acceptable, then for a personal page it is unacceptable and looks like spam.

Summarizing all the said above, we can conclude that Instagram algorithms are not top-secret tools designed to reduce activity of your profile. On the contrary, they intelligently filter and rank information, separating the most important from the minor, taking care that you do not miss an important entry.

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